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Vitriol of Lovers Challenged // Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

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The hipsteresque blonde scoffs, somehow managing great scorn even after having made them both smoothies. Apparently Delphine's was "a significantly healthier and tastier version of a chill pill." She'd been offended, but it did taste quite good after all, and it was helpful to have something with which to fiddle.

"You don't honestly think you can just waltz in here and order me to stand down, do you? This isn't high school, sweetie. Relationships don't work like that. And last time I heard, you were the one who called it off, and Cosima was the one moving on. If you actually care about her like you're telling me you do, leave her be."

"I am not asking as her ex, I am -"

"asking as the leader of the mysterious corporation no one will tell me any details about, yeah, I know. Doesn't help your case one bit. You have no tact."

"You'd think I had more tact if you had more respect."

"I'd have more respect if you'd earned it."

Delphine can't help but gasp - it seemed they both could hold water as bitches backed into corners, a comparison she'd long since made about herself but one she'd not expected to apply to this spiritually-focused, hemp-wearing flirt.

"Surely, there is some way to assure you that I have the best of intentions-"

"None of which are your style, Doctor."

Shay plucks the mason jar straight from Delphine's fingers and swirls back into her kitchen.

"...Perhaps you are simply underestimating me."