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Today, the human race dominates most of Earth’s land, but the planet still holds many secrets that the supposed “superior race” of human beings may never know. Modern scientists say that there are countless numbers of species still waiting to be discovered by man, but it would simply be impossible to ever really discover all of them, even if one spent their entire lives searching.

But these creatures aren’t just lurking in the pitch darkness of the bottomless depths of the ocean or high in the trees of the rain forest. Some could be living right next door. “Werewolves”, as they are most commonly referred as, have lived for centuries right under human's noses, hiding between the fictional pages of fictional stories and legends. In fact, there are tribes of werewolves in every continent in the world and every state in America. They are experts at keeping a low profile and blending in with their lesser evolved cousins. In the beginning, these werewolves lived in the dense forests of the Earth as savages and were feared by all mankind and hunted nearly to extinction. It is because of this that modern werewolves have come out of the wilderness to wear sheep’s clothing. Since then, their kind has become nothing but a myth to humans.

Werewolves are identical to humans physically when they are not in wolf form, but their biological makeup is very different. On a full moon, they shift into their true form because the pull to do so is too strong to resist, but they can also change at will at any time. When they do, they are hard to tell apart from the grey wolf species that once heavily populated America. In these modern times, they live normal human lives. Or at least, they try to. However, one thing has never changed since the beginning. Werewolves always form tight-knit communities of related and non-related wolves that show similar structure to the pack of a “real" wolf. Yet their children go to school with humans, play sports with humans, and are encouraged to blend in as much as possible.

Werewolves mate for life, and while humans have taboos against it, they can be mated with either a werewolf of the same sex or of the opposite sex. Mating and reproducing is a very important part of a wolf tribe's culture. A mature male mated with a mature female will always produce one or more werewolf pups, but some special male werewolves may also bear children. It is a rare, genetic gift, and these males are often prized, coveted, and valued greatly within a tribe.

Those fertile males and all mature females go into season, or in heat, when they reach puberty. Males within a tribe may compete for these fertile wolves, but only the mate that fate has given that wolf will win him/her over and reproduce with them. Often times, a wolf’s smell will be irresistible to their mate, especially while that fertile wolf is in heat. Many werewolves also believe in “imprinting”, or the involuntary act in which wolves find their one and only soul mate. After they are bonded through imprinting, they rarely part. Typically, if a wolf dies, a mate will die with them. The greatest taboo amongst a werewolf’s kind is to mate with an individual that is human. It is equally as taboo to mate with a wolf from another tribe. It is seen as a blatant betrayal to a wolf's tribe.

The pack of Lima, Ohio, is led by alpha male Burt Hummel. He is a kind, generous, loving leader who prefers to lead with respect and mercy instead of fear. He lost his mate when their pup was only six years old, and instead of following her into death, he stayed strong for the sake of his young son. He remarried to Carol, another she-wolf from his pack with whom he fell in love, and she now leads beside him as a loyal alpha female.

Everyone from the Lima pack knew the moment Kurt Hummel was born that he had a very special gift. The ability for males to be fertile runs on Kurt’s mother’s side, and his gift along with his high stature makes him very valuable to other males in his pack. Kurt’s mother, when she was his age, was also very valuable because she was known as a carrier and was guaranteed to bear a fertile son.

But Kurt, now sixteen, just wished for the life of a normal human teenager. He wanted a life that didn't involve turning into a wolf every full moon and dealing with the secrecy of his true identity. He wanted to fit in with his human friends and have human relationships. He had dreams of the big stage and Broadway and places far, far away from Lima, Ohio.

But very soon, just as he had dreamed his entire life, his life would change.


Chapter One


Kurt sighed and watched as his father's second-in-command come strutting down the hallway of McKinley as if he owned it. He just plain wasn’t in the mood for this. God, the man irked him, but his dad had asked him to be nice, so for his sake, he would play along. At least, he would try to.

On top of it all, he hadn't been feeling well this morning. It was going to be difficult to get along with anyone, especially Sean Davis. The man had been creeping him out lately more than usual by hanging around Burt's shop and even his home. "Sean, what are you doing here?" he asked irritably as he shut his locker. He was already running late for Glee and he didn't need this right now. "Nothing’s wrong with my dad, right?"

Sean strutted over to lean against the wall of lockers casually as if he belonged there. The truth was, however, that he stood out like a sore thumb in these halls even more than Kurt did. He was what some people might call 'conventionally handsome', with wavy, dirty blonde hair that was always perfectly groomed and a muscular body to match under his expensive leather jacket. But Kurt knew he wasn't as badass as he tried to look.

Kurt didn't know this, but it had been suggested since his birth sixteen years ago that Sean may one day take him as his mate when the right time came. The pack knew that a wolf’s true mate can never be chosen by another, but it was assumed that they would one day make a perfect match and secure the future of the pack.

Sean’s silent claim on him did not stop all the other teenage boys from coveting Kurt, but he was confident that there would be no competition. He was older, after all, in his mid-twenties, and he knew that the other boys Kurt's age were nothing but inexperienced, oversexed puppies. So, recently, Sean had taken on the task of watching over Kurt more than ever. The young wolf hadn't gone into season yet, but he would soon, and he made sure he was poised for the moment he did. Then, maybe Kurt would realize who he belonged to and they could be together.

Sean also knew that Kurt had problems being bullied by humans at school. He had tried to hide it from the pack, but once Burt found out and got involved, word got around fast. All the pack boys, Sean included, made a pact to protect him as best they could during school hours.

"No, of course not, I just thought I'd come see you and ask how your school day went," Sean shrugged.

"It would be better if they turned the air conditioning," Kurt huffed, using a piece of paper to fan himself. "I should get going, I have Glee today."

Sean thought that was a little strange. It was autumn and the hallway wasn't all that warm. Maybe he was hot for me, he thought to himself hopefully. "You don't need to go to Glee club. Why don't you skip it just this once and go running with me? It's such a beautiful day out," he tried to suggest casually. There was nothing more exhilarating than changing into wolf form and running through the local forest. It was something they all did as a pack on full moons, but it was perfect to relieve stress on any day. "No one's been messing with you today, have they? You know, bullying you?"

As nice as running would be, Kurt preferred Glee club, especially with its better company. "I'm not skipping and missing a chance to take Rachel Berry down a peg or two," he insisted, "And I'll tell you like I told my dad. No one is messing with me.”

Sean hoped that Kurt was just playing hard to get. "Alright. Maybe later, then?" he asked hopefully. He had never met another of their kind that preferred human activities like a Glee club over an afternoon run in the woods, but Kurt's unique personality was just another one of his attractive traits.

"Maybe, but I'll probably be busy later," Kurt said dismissively, but instantly felt bad for being so short with him. "Want to walk me to Glee?" he asked.

Sean seemed to light up despite the rejection he took hard. There was not a single wolf that wouldn't kill to share his bed, except for Kurt Hummel, the pack leader's son. He knew, however, that fighting so hard for his affections would all be worth it once he had the boy throwing himself at him.

"I'd love to," he smiled charmingly.


Noah Puckerman was having an awful day. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that he was having an awful month. For some reason, he had been feeling very strange lately. He’d been more irritated than usual and even the slightest thing could set him off. He was also insatiably hungry, much to the dismay of the cafeteria ladies who gave him strange looks and had to put him on a strict limit every day at lunch. Instead of gaining weight, however, it seemed like his muscles got even bigger. If it became more noticeable, he knew Coach Beiste was going to start accusing him of juicing. But truthfully, he had no idea why he felt the way he did.

Kurt stopped in front of the door to the choir room and suddenly felt awkward. "Well, thanks for stopping by," he said, not knowing what else to say or do.

Sean smiled sweetly. "You know I'm always here for you," he told him, hoping to stress his point that he would always be there to take care of him. To father his pups, to eventually lead the pack...

"Uh... right," Kurt said, but left it at that as he turned away to push through the doors. There was a seat open for him beside Mercedes and he took it even if it meant Noah Puckerman would be seated next to him on his other side.

Puck thought nothing of it when Kurt sat beside him. He was too busy staring at Quinn. She had recently quit Cheerio's and had been wearing all of her own clothes, which in his opinion actually made her look even sexier.

Mercedes gave her friend a smile, but when she noticed Sean lingering by the door, she gave him a strange look. "That boy still stalking you? Hell, he's not even a boy at all, he's way too old for you," she tisked.

"I told you, he's just a friend of my dad's," Kurt said, but even he sounded unsure. He sighed and fanned himself with his hand, trying desperately to cool down, but the overheated feeling seemed to intensify after sitting down.

"Which makes it even creepier..." Mercedes snorted, but when she saw her friend's face heat up and his hand frantically fanning himself, she frowned with concern. "Kurt, it's so not hot in here... are you feeling okay?"

Puck didn’t know about Kurt, but he certainly wasn't feeling all that great. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably and impatiently as if he really didn’t know what to do with himself. He was too damn tall for these chairs, and there was something strange in the air that he couldn't ignore. He didn’t know what it was, but to him it smelled deliciously like pure sex and desire and it was making him sweat bullets. It was also giving him a huge boner. He realized then that there was no way he was going to get through Glee club today. Was it someone's perfume? It didn't smell like the girly shit that Quinn used to bathe in. It was neither masculine nor feminine and came off in radiating waves, and it was as if his body knew how to respond even when his mind did not.

Just then, Mr. Shue rushed into the room. "Sorry I'm late, kids," he began, and Puck instantly stood up.

"Uh… gotta piss," he announced awkwardly before he walked out of the room as if that's all he really had to do.

Kurt gave him a strange look as he watched him go and turned back to Mercedes to whisper, "No, I've just been feeling off all day and its gotten worse. I think I'll just go splash some water on my face." And with that, he stood up and walked out, disturbing the room far less than Puck had.

In the bathroom, the cold water on his face didn’t help. Kurt leaned heavily on the sink and stared at his reflection in the mirror. His cheeks were flushed and his breathing was heavy, almost like he felt right before he shifted. With that thought, his eye color flickered back and forth between the usual deep blue hue to a much lighter, ice blue. "Get a grip. You can control this," he told his reflection.

Puck tried to remain perfectly still. He had hid himself in one of the stalls in the empty bathroom after leaving Glee and had slid a clumsy hand down the front of his jeans to try to find some relief as soon as possible from the world's worst hard on, but he only got a few strokes in before he heard someone come in through the door. He cursed under his breath and decided just to wait for whoever it was to leave, but they never did.

Instead, Puck inhaled what smelled like pure sex and arousal and pleasure, and this time, it was even stronger. He took his hand from around his cock, took a deep breath, and opened the stall door. He didn’t expect to see Kurt standing over the sink, looking flushed and beautiful in front of the mirror. At first, he could only stare. "Don't you usually use the little girls room?" he teased, but his heart wasn't in it.

Kurt jerked around to say something smart but his voice stuck in his throat at the sight of the other boy. He swallowed hard and stared openly at the bulge in Puck's pants. "Take your pants off," he ordered in a low voice that hinted at a growl.

Puck stared in open mouthed shock. Suddenly, his jeans were way too tight, and taking off his pants was exactly what he wanted to do. He panted heavily as he stared in awe at Kurt as he demanded. "What?" he asked lamely.

All Kurt could think about was sex, and to him, Puck embodied the pure essence of it in that moment. Suddenly, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, he was in front of Puck and practically ripping the other boy’s flimsy shirt off. "I said take your pants off and fuck me before I decide to fuck you," he demanded huskily as he licked up the side of Puck's neck, tasting his salty, masculine sweat on his tongue.

That was finally what triggered something inside of Puck that snapped like a rubber band, and suddenly, it was like he had become possessed. Something deeply primal took over his entire body when he grabbed Kurt around his slim waist and thrust him into the stall where he had just been planning on touching himself. He shoved the intoxicating boy up against the wall, face first, and quickly covered his body with his own. His fingers could barely work right as they stumbled to free his own ready cock from his jeans.

Kurt had his own jeans and boxer-briefs quickly pushed down his thighs, and when he realized Puck was taking too long, he thrust back against him demandingly. "If you don't hurry up, I'll just find someone else," he threatened. That was when Puck let out an animalistic growl that surprised them both as he took his own swollen cock and wasted no time before pressing the blunt, wet tip between Kurt's cheeks. He was too desperate and too gone to think about what he was doing before he grabbed onto his hips and guided the tip of himself inside.

He should have expected resistance or for Kurt to scream in pain, but instead, he was wet and ready and the tight heat around his cock was unbearable. He buried his face in Kurt's neck, smelling his hypnotizing scent stronger than ever there. It was enough to encourage him to thrust all the way until he was balls deep inside of his tightness.

Later, Kurt would kick himself for letting go of control like this. He would hate himself for losing his virginity in a dirty high school boy's bathroom to his ex-bully. His human ex-bully. But right now, nothing had ever felt more perfect. It hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt that he welcomed, and the noises Puck was making against the thirsty shell of his ear just made him even harder.

Kurt pulled away and pushed back, fucking himself on Puck's cock to show he was ready. He had never been more ready for anything in his life. Puck panted heavily, inhaling his smell as he began to thrust into his tight but yielding body roughly. His hands on his hips were hard enough to bruise as he pounded him against the stall wall as if his life depended on it. He growled again against his neck, the vibration echoing through Kurt's tremouring body as he grabbed the smaller boy's hair and tilted his head to expose more of his pale neck.

If Kurt didn't know better, he'd swear that Puck was his kind just by the way he fucked. When he pulled his hair, he tensed up, not so ready to bear his neck to another, but he couldn’t fight how much his body cried out to submit and he allowed it readily. Kurt relaxed into a moan and reached behind himself to hold onto the nape of Puck's neck.

Puck continued to pound into him from behind until it was too much. He needed to watch him, to see him, to feel him in other ways. He withdrew from the boy suddenly, his cock as hard as ever and bobbing against his stomach as he forced Kurt around until his back collided against the same stall wall. Kurt instantly growled in annoyance, but was silenced when Puck lifted those gorgeous thighs of his up and thrust back into him with one swift movement. This time, they faced one another, and Puck ghosted his lips against his.

Being eye to eye was even more intense, and even though Kurt wanted to look away, he couldn't help but hold the fierce eye contact until Puck's lips touched against his and he did something he would definitely regret later. He kissed Noah Puckerman. He kissed Puck, and time itself seemed to stand still. Puck moaned deeply into his mouth as he began to fuck him even harder and the stall door threatened to come off the hinges. The passionate kiss seemed to last forever as they explored one another hungrily and Puck felt like they had suddenly become one person. He felt like they had collided into one spirit and nothing would ever be the same without him again.

Kurt felt his orgasm creeping up on him and he pulled away from the kiss to bite down hard on Puck's neck as he lost control. His body clamped down on Puck hard as if it were trying to milk the other boy’s seed right out of his cock. Puck cried out when he felt the pleasure and pain delivered from the bite and it brought him over the edge. Two more thrusts later, he shot his load deep inside of him and his body collapsed against his.

It was like a cold bucket of water hit Kurt as soon as Puck came. While Puck was still blissed out, Kurt lifted himself off of his cock and set his feet back onto the ground. He immediately attempted to put his clothes back on, but it was hard to focus when he could feel Puck’s hot come dripping down his thighs and his legs were nothing but jelly. When he was finally dressed again, he looked at the human boy and said, "This never happened. You tell anyone and you will regret it."

Kurt had left Puck pants down in that stall, still feeling the ghost of the other boy's tightness around his softening cock. "What?" he asked in confusion and shock. It had all happened so fast. And now, it was ending so fast. When finally he could move, he clumsily tucked himself inside his jeans and walked out of the stall and in front of Kurt, blocking his way out. "What the hell do you mean?" He couldn’t stop staring at the sight of him: Kurt’s eyes still heavy lidded, his shirt and hair tussled. The smell filling his senses was not as intense, but it was still there, laying on the surface of his clothes and skin and mingled with his own musk.

"What do you think I meant, you Neanderthal!?" Kurt yelled as he started to lose it, "This never happened! Got it?" And with that, he attempted to shove Puck out of his way. He had to get out of this bathroom before he had a breakdown in front of the other boy. He had no idea what just happened or why he had done what he did.

Puck jumped when Kurt practically exploded in a burst of hormones at him. Yet still, he stood his ground, even as he looked helplessly at him through wide, confused eyes. "I... I didn't hurt you... did I?" he realized suddenly. He panicked at the thought. "Fuck, I didn't mean to... fuck..."

"What?" Kurt asked, but Puck's words helped ground him for the moment. "No… I… you didn't hurt me. It's just… we have to pretend like this never happened, okay? It has to be a secret."

Puck tried to make himself understand that. He didn't exactly want the world to know he just fucked Kurt Hummel in the boy's locker room during Glee Club, anyway. "Yeah... sure..." he whispered down to the floor. But there were still so many questions, so many things he didn't understand. "But what the fuck was that?"

"I can't really explain. I was just really horny," Kurt responded truthfully. He blushed at the sound of his own words despite what they had just done. "And I sort of took it out on you, I guess."

Puck still couldn't make any sense of it all, but he was still too dazed to do anything but stare as if he had never seen Kurt before in his life. He wanted so badly to touch him again, but he knew the boy would most likely disapprove. He had just been using him, after all. But he needed to know one more thing. "Have you done this before?" he asked quietly. He wondered if Kurt made a habit of jumping boy's cocks in the bathroom.

The question caught Kurt so off guard that he answered honestly at first before he realized his mistake. "No, of course not... I mean yes," he corrected himself when he realized normal virgins didn't go around giving up their virginity like he had just done. Oh Gaga, he had given his v-card up to Noah Puckerman, along with every Cheerio on the squad. "I mean… I haven't had sex like that before, but I have had sex," he lied. He didn't want Puck to think he was that slutty, but he didn't want him to know he had been a virgin, either.

Puck's knew this had to be some sort of dream, even though the feel of Kurt against him was still too real to deny. "Oh... okay," he whispered lamely, and opened his mouth as if he were going to say something else, but before he could, both boys heard footsteps coming to the door and Kurt bolted out of it faster than Puck had ever seen anyone move before.