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Fanworld - World of Fiction

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The Explanation

Imagine a world where nothing existed. Not even in the tangible sense. Everything on this planet is made up. Some names and places may seem to be familiar to you, but they aren’t the same as you imagine them.

This is the World of Fiction, or Fanworld if you will.

Not a single person, creature, being, place, or idea exists outside of it. There is not one real element to it. Everyone and everything is fictional. There’s no way for you to visit Fanworld since it isn’t real. There’s no way for you to communicate with those living on Fanworld because they don’t exist. They aren’t real. Every person on this specific fictional planet is fictional.

These aren’t people I made up. These aren’t my characters. These are fictional characters but they aren’t mine. They belong to someone else. Not a single one of these characters are mine. They already existed without my making them. Some of them I haven’t even encountered. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there though. I just haven’t discovered them yet. This whole planet is full of them – the fictional characters. Only they live here, not existing in any way. There are no real people here. It’s fiction after all.

They do have access to real things though. The National Inquirer, ESPN, McDonalds, the World Wide Web all exist here. Not that they exist. They’re still fiction here but the fictional people here have access to them. That's because they’re just about as real as they are which is not at all because they don’t exist since they’re fiction.

The fictional people couldn’t be their true selves if they didn’t have their worlds with them of course. The whole entirety of Fanworld is just a blender mix of fictional worlds and lands on one single ever expanding planet. There is the regular Earth, but then there is also Pandora just a bit past Gallifrey. Of course we can’t forget Tatooine just to the south of that where it sits a bit before Nirn but not after Krypton. There’s also Middle Earth which is a lot closer to the regular Earth section of the planet than Pandora. But Middle Earth is closer to Pandora than Oz is because Oz is on the other side of the planet so it wouldn’t be anywhere close to Pandora.

The thing that you're assuming is that everyone will be the same as they are in their original fictional universes. You should be aware that you are completely wrong. Most the people on this planet are nothing like their true fictional counterparts.

I’ll give you a simple example that is  quite easy to understand. The story Twilight features a girl named Bella Swan who lives in the dreary town of Forks, Oregon. She falls head over heels for this boy named Edward Cullen who turns out to be a vampire and their love can just never be.

Here on Fanworld, people could care less about the fact he’s a vampire and that they love each other - if they did love each other. It turns out that here on Fanworld, Edward was a bloodthirsty vampire who killed Bella’s father. Edward then got what was coming for him and Bella became the West Coast’s most infamous vampire hunter.

Quite a bit different from the original story. That’s not the only example of a story that didn’t follow its intended path. Plenty of Fanworld inhabitants changed their courses. It’s not uncommon. Some of the heroes become villains. Villains become heroes. Monsters become, well, monsters tend to stay on their course. They are monsters after all.

It’s hard for monsters to change themselves. It’s almost like they’re forced into that role. Granted, a few have changed to be better. Only a handful. Maybe less. They  don’t like to change. To be honest, they all just kind of like being monsters. Maybe it’s some kind of animal instinct. Or maybe they just have a high self-esteem.

And when I say monsters I don’t just mean something like a chimera or a minotaur or a multi-bear. I’m also including those from B-movies, Creepypastas, and things like that. This even includes the giant ants from the movie Them!.

Now that I think about it this also includes Sharknado. Funny how inclusive this world is.

There’s a select group to focus on right now. I won’t deny that other groups exist, but this group is just one of many out there. It has its own story as the others do. The difference is the size and reason for the group to be together.

Of course, why tell you about them when it’s much easier to show you.

Welcome to Fanworld.

And welcome to the Team.