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Juliette was dead.


Adalind did her best to keep the profound relief off of her face when Trubel brought them the news. Monroe and Rosalee avoided looking at her, lost in their own grief and pain. Bud was sadly shaking his head and looking at the floor. Adalind was surprised to feel a wave of affection for the Eisbiber. Despite his awkward oddities, the man had taken her into his home and kept her safe and comfortable.


Everything that had happened to Juliette was regretful, and Adalind did feel slight remorse at her part in it. Still, after living in constant fear for her life the past few days, the idea that she might actually sleep peacefully tonight was very appealing.


Adalind didn't think that Nick would kill her now. She knew he felt a connection to their child, and was glad that she had been able to push past her fear and hold his hand to her belly when they were in the precinct. How long had passed since then? Two days? It felt like two years...


The relief gave way to sadness as she remembered that her daughter had slipped away again. It was okay though. Diana was not in any immediate danger, and though Adalind missed her terribly, she would get her back eventually. Right now she had to focus on keeping herself and her unborn baby safe. And the best way to do that was to stick with Nick and his friends.


In theory, her son should be safe. The royal family would not want this baby and neither would the resistance. The fact that he was the son of the Grimm would cause other complications though. She only hoped Nick was more up to the challenge of fighting for their child than Sean had been. She had a pretty good feeling that he was.


Mind settled, she was suddenly hit by a dizzying wave of exhaustion. She slowly got to her feet.


“If you don't need me for anything else tonight, I'd like to go to sleep now,” she said, absently rubbing a hand across her belly.


No one said anything, but Bud gestured for her to go on to bed.


Once the bedroom door was safely shut behind her, she allowed herself a sigh of relief and a small smile.


“Well baby, it looks like we just might make it after all,” she murmured as she climbed into bed.


Adalind was asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.




When Adalind awoke the next morning, she felt refreshed and rejuvenated. She allowed herself a few minutes to relax and luxuriate in her new-found security. Eventually she made herself get up and shower. She took a little extra time getting herself ready for the day, bracing herself for the challenges ahead. Fortunately Juliette had been the greatest challenge and she was very glad that it had been taken care of for her.


Once she was dressed and ready, she packed up her belongings and took them to the front door. Then she made her way to the kitchen where Bud, Rosalee and Monroe sat silently, drinking coffee.


Adalind schooled her expression to one of reverence and slipped passed them to grab a plate of eggs and biscuits that Bud had left for her on the stove.


“How's Nick?” she asked them, getting a bottle of orange juice out of the refrigerator.


The trio at the table startled slightly at the sound of her voice.


“He's... Nick,” Monroe answered, sounding defeated.


Adalind frowned and seated herself at the table with her breakfast.


“Is he at home?” She asked.


Rosalee shook her head. “No, he's at the spice shop. Once they took Juliette's body to the morgue, he asked if he could just spend the night there. We tried to get him to stay with us, but he wanted to be alone.”


Adalind slowly chewed her food as she thought about her next move.


“It's been nice, having you here Adalind... and, I mean of course you're welcome to stay, but my family will be home this evening and I'm afraid we won't have as much room...” Bud told her, shifting uncomfortably.


She gave him genuine smile. “That's alright, Bud. I really appreciate your hospitality. I hope I can one day repay you for keeping me and my baby safe.”


The man blushed and waved away her thanks.


Rosalee sent her a fond look, which was odd. “Adalind, you are welcome to stay with us if you'd like. Also, Captain Renard wanted you to know that he has a room if you need it too.”


Adalind looked down at her now empty plate and cleared her throat. “Thanks. I'm not sure... I mean, I'm sorry, but I don't really trust you two or him. Not after what happened with Diana,” she tried, but couldn't quite keep the accusation out of her voice.


Rosalee's eyes narrowed and she opened her mouth to once again defend their actions involving Diana but Adalind cut her off. “Look, I get it. You thought you were doing the right thing. Even now you think it was what was best for Diana. I understand that, but what happens if you decide the best thing for my son is to be away from me?”


Again, Rosalee began to protest, but again Adalind wouldn't let her speak. “I want to trust you. I need to, really. I don't have anyone else. But it's not easy. Let me talk to Nick before I make a decision,” Adalind said, firmly.


Rosalee held her gaze for a long moment before nodding. “Monroe and I were going to the shop anyway. You can ride with us.”