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It's a Match!

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Some things can't be undone.

It's not a matter of theory but more of a matter of fact.

Maybe that's why the blonde haired, blue eyed Hexenbiest chose to take her love life to the Internet rather than doing it the old fashion way.

After telling her mother she had finally found someone worth seeing and things were getting serious, Adalind was between a rock and a very hard place. It's not like she couldn't just hex someone into being the love of her life, but her mother would spot it before she could even pull into her mother's driveway.

Plus, all the dirty work she'd have to do just to make the potion felt like too much effort. Though she was a witch, it didn't mean she loved to spend her time pricking her fingers for blood and slaving over a damn cauldron.

So, online dating it was.

To be honest, it was hit or miss most of the time. The site she used, DateMatch, was legit and was always being advertised on TV. She would've gone to a Wessen specialty dating site but those sites were filled with fetish junkies and the world already wasn't too keen on having Hexenbiests around for her to take any chances.

Her life wasn't something that she would wish on anyone to be honest.

Either way, she was stuck with what she got.

Hence why, she was currently scrolling through messages from random guys wishing to start conversation with her. There were doctors, lawyers and even architects messaging her but there was only one person she really wished to talk to.

She took a sip of her red wine before setting it back down in front of her on the coffee table. She hadn't changed out of her usual slacks and blazer from work, too excited from the potential message from her current suitor.

Known online as GrimCopper on DateMatch, Nick had managed to steal her heart from time to time with noteworthy dialogue and stupid jokes. With witty responses to her stupid questions to deep conversation over the woes life had thrown at them, there was an undeniable connection.

She glanced at her computer screen one last time before shutting it down and making her way upstairs. Their last conversation playing through her mind as her night winded down.


GrimCopper: Tough day. Make me smile, please?

BewitchedLawyer: I'm sorry. What happened?

GrimCopper: Troubling day at work. Tough case.

BewitchedLawyer: I know how you feel. Some cases just leave me feeling heartless.

GrimCopper: The fact that your response to my message alone brought a smile to my face tells me that you're not heartless. We're both in jobs that require us to make certain decisions that might not seem all that great all the time. But sometimes it's necessary.

BewitchedLawyer: Yeah, that's true. Wait…I made you smile by answering?

GrimCopper: Yeah…you did. And one day I hope you can see this smile in person.

Adalind couldn't help but smile widely but caught herself before any of her colleagues could notice. As a junior partner at a major law firm in Portland it was required for her to stay late to work on important cases. They were so close to winning this one but with all the stress looming around the firm, it was hard for her to keep her emotions and powers in check. Talking to Nick was a very much needed and calming distraction.

BewitchedLawyer: I hope I do too.

Everything else that came to mind seemed childish or goofy, so the answer she provided seemed to suffice.

GrimCopper: Are you free anytime this week? There's a coffee shop downtown that I heard has great soufflés.

Adalind cringed at the fact that she was going to have to turn him down. This case was too big to take a break from.

BewitchedLawyer: That would honestly be great. But I really can't this week. Work is too complicated right now to take a break. I won't have any free time until the end of next week…

It took a moment for him to respond and Adalind felt herself slipping as she worried that he was taking her rejection for more than it actually was. Right when she was about to message him back, his response popped up.

GrimCopper: Don't worry. I know how it is. Kick ass on that case of yours. I'll be right here waiting.

This time she hadn't bothered to hide her smile. She minimized the window and sat back in her chair as she thought about this man.

There's no way he could be real.

A man who is supportive of her career and is proud of her abilities? That's a first.

End of Flashback

It was now the end of next week and she hadn't heard from him in a few days. As she walked up the stairs, she opted to pull out her phone and open the DateMatch app on there.

BewitchedLawyer: Case closed and I have a whole weekend free. Wanna get that coffee or maybe dinner?

She threw her phone down with a smile, happy that she made the first move. She pulled off her work clothes and changed into a big white t-shirt. She grabbed the remote from its place on the night stand and turned the TV to her favorite channel. TV Land showed some pretty good re-runs of some oldies and she was a sucker for The Nanny. Despite her nasally voice, Fran Drescher was a comedic genius in her eyes.

Right as she settled under the covers, her phone vibrated, signaling a notification.

GrimCopper: What a coincidence! So am I. Also, did you win the case?

She laughed and typed up a response.

BewitchedLawyer: So, breakfast tomorrow morning? And yes, we did win.

GrimCopper: Nice! And yeah. I'd love to have breakfast with you. Is ten good for you?

Bewitched Lawyer: Perfect. I haven't gotten the chance to sleep in in a while so that gives me enough time to get some beauty sleep.

GrimCopper: Not that you need it. You're beautiful just the way you are.

Adalind burst out laughing at his corniness before reading his next reply.

GrimCopper: I'm sorry that was super corny.

BewitchedLawyer: Don't worry, it was actually really hilarious. It caught me off guard though. I didn't know grown men still used pickup lines like that.

GrimCopper: Yeah well…it just came out. But I mean it. I'm really excited to finally meet you in person.

BewitchedLawyer: I am too.

Of course her line of work did bring excitement to her life constantly, but it had been a long while since she got excited over a potential love interest. Hook-ups just weren't doing it for her anymore.

The idea of a biological clock wasn't looming over her head, but the idea of always being alone did. She treasured her independence like no other but sometimes having someone to chill and laugh with seemed so inviting. Her girlfriends all had their guys, so going out and hanging with them always meant hearing about their relationships with very little talk about anything else. She wanted someone to talk about or at least someone else she could talk to.

Hopefully Nick could be that.

If not, maybe hexing someone wouldn't be too bad. How hard could it be to find a tall, handsome stranger who is successful, has no family left, and could easily be put under a spell?

As she thought long and hard about it, she realized Nick was her best option.

This had to work one way or another.