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Lost cause (but I still keep trying)

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- We should date. -
Theon looks at him like he crazy: is half naked, wandering in the kitchen like a lost soul and Robb can't help but staring at his body, fascinated by it.
- What?-
- I think we should date. -
- Are you fucking drunk or what?-
- I'm not drunk or anything! I just... I was just thinking about it. We get along well, the sex is great, maybe we should give it a shot. -
- You're not drunk. You're out of your fucking mind. -
- Stop it, be serious!-
- I am, you're crazy. There's no way this is going to work. -
- Why?!-
- Because we are too different. You're a fucking princess and I'm the court jest. -
- This must be the most poetic rejection of all time, jerk. -
- Fuck off. -
Theon lights a cigarette and tries not to meet Robb's eyes.
- Opposite attracts. -
- That's magnets. We're people. -
- You like me. -
- Doesn't mean I wanna marry you and spent the rest of my life with you, princess. -
- That's not what I said!-
- Today you want to date, in a month you'll want a ring on your finger. -
Robb takes a deep breath and gets closer to him, until Theon is trapped between his body and the counter.
- I really like you. You know that. I'm tired of this whole “friends with benefits” bullshit. I want more. -
Theon breathes smoke on his lips, his face is emotionless and stern.
- Then go find a fucking girlfriend. -
- I want you. -
- Too bad then . -
Theon gets out of the room and leave him there, alone.

- I'm scared. -
They're in bed together, Theon's breath is hot against his naked skin.
- I'm scared you'll leave me too. I'm scared in a month or so you'll not want me anymore and you'll just go away and break my heart. I've done all this before. It ended in shit. -
- I'd never do that. Never, you know that. -
- I heard this before. -
- I'm not a liar. -
- I know, but... I'm not sure I can do this. Not now. -
Robb caresses his back, kisses him, holds him close.
- I can wait. -
Theon sighs and kisses him again.