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All We Are is Everything

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His home, Albion, screams out in agony, feeling the loss keener than Merlin thought possible, making him vomit up his breakfast. Just as swiftly, the ripple of anger, the Old Religion’s disapproval reaches him as he breaks into a run, smashes through atoms and molecules of mass and rewrites the very essence of time. He ignores all warnings about tipping the natural balance of things nor does he have an inkling of the scientific laws he bends to his will; all he cares about is how could he have failed in this one task.

And despite his blatant refusal to follow nature’s laws, Merlin is too late.

Arthur is dead.

Arthur, who bites into kisses, and is so sure of everything as nothing should be. Arthur, who reaches so deeply inside Merlin that even as powerful, as freakish as magic makes him feel, it cannot keep him from falling helplessly into Arthur’s embrace, a powerful force of its own that roots Merlin in this world, like he belongs here and here alone.

He knows no purpose but to serve, live for and love his King.

He refuses a reality that does not include Arthur.

So in a rage, Merlin recklessly thwarts death and knits the very fabric of fate to fit his wants. He clambers through time and space, hunting down every strand of reality, imprinting it and making certain that in every crook of space and time—in all of existence, there is nowhere that does not recognize his claim upon Arthur.

And the universe demands balance while time protests the invasion. Death schemes with the Old Religion, because they have never liked Merlin’s anomalous presence. And the gods, they watch it all and take sides, fickle as always with their sidelined status.

Too soon, they believe him done rebelling against them.

Merlin is not done though.

He delves into Arthur’s being, shamelessly purging his soul of this world’s taint and urging Lady Avalon, mother of the elements, to aid him. And she does, breathing the same immortal life she has bestowed on her sorcerer champion. Her stipulation, that all that he is, in every rebirth he leads, he must protect the Once and Future King. And Merlin, not caring that he defies divinity with his actions accepts her gift, because his life without Arthur is worthless.

His only thought is for the future he has now rewritten and to figure out how to make it his immediate reality again.