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Watchmen Drabbles

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Nite Owl first discloses his name on the night Rorschach shows up with a flower on his suit jacket.

Tucked into a buttonhole, the white bloom picks up the pale lines of the suit, amplifying them, solidifying the lean human form in sharp pinstripes. It strikes Dan then that Rorschach is a person— not an idea wrapped in a costume, but a man, a man who wears a suit and a mask and a flower in a buttonhole. It's not a thought that's hit him with such clarity before.

“Uh,” Dan says. “I like the flower.”

Just the barest grunt of a response as Rorschach brushes past him and climbs into the Owlship.

Later that night the ship hovers in the clouds, Nite Owl at the steering column and Rorschach beside him talking through a case. The flower is still peeking out from the buttonhole. Dan finds himself constantly drawn back to the thing, small and pale and mystifying. Rorschach’s never done something like wear a flower on his jacket before.

There’s a pause in Rorschach's talking.

“You can call me Dan,” Nite Owl says then. “That’s my name. Daniel Dreiberg.”

Rorschach looks at him sidelong, nods, turns back to the window. The ship drift away from the cloud cover.

Dan ducks his head. “I really like the flower.”

“Thank you,” Rorschach says.