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Rules Lawyer Sherlock Is a Terrible Munchkin

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"Sherlock, for the last time, I'm not letting you raise your intelligence to 18 and lower your charisma to 3. It's just not feasible."

"I don't see why not. All the other attributes are useful in one way or another. The only attribute that is useless is charisma, as it determines nothing significant. Since I have only a limited number of character points, it would be a waste to allocate any to it."

"It's not useless, Sherlock. As I tried explaining before, the way you interact with NPCs is determined by your charisma. Look at John's character, for example. His charisma is 17, which means that he's a natural leader, and that people trust him and like him the first moment they meet him."

"Irrelevant. My research indicates that most of the so-called 'adventures' are spent roaming the dungeons, where there are no locals, or 'NPCs', as you like to call them. Besides, I thought the idea was that as a party we have different strengths and work as a team. If John has a high charisma, he can deal with the locals and the tedious interaction business, while I concentrate on winning the game for us."

"Sherlock, you can't 'win' the game. The idea is to have fun and spend time together, not to find loopholes to exploit."

"I do not see why not. If we kill all the monsters and find all the gold, does not that constitute as winning? And to do that I need as effective character as possible. Hence, intelligence 18, charisma 3."

"No, Sherlock, that's not the point. Let me explain it to you one more time..."

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"If you roll a d20, that means that you have a 5 % chance to succeed in your task. It's dark, Sally is hurt...

"Talassan. Not Sally."

"...She is wounded, the pit walls are slippery and she has no rope. The chances that she manages to climb out of the pit are significantly lower than 5 %. Considering how deep the pit was, she should have fallen and broken her neck instead of getting out."

"Christ, Sherlock, it was a natural 20! Stop playing the devil's advocate! You're supposed to be on our side!"

"Can I just suggest that..."

"No. Shut up, Anderson."