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    For as long as they have known, the Xavier twins – Charlie and Matty – have only really had each other. Their world has always been a world of two and only two. That is, until an incident in their 16th year sends them to different sides of the globe with no means of contact.

    Since then, Matt has come out to Charles as Raven, Charles has matriculated at art school, and Raven has found work as a professional brassiere fitter. From calls that are far and few between, Charles gathers that Raven is quite happy with her job in the other side of the country. Charles has found, and lives with, a dreamy German exchange student called Erik Lehnsherr.

    Things aren't perfect, but they're not too bad, considering what Charles has been through. One day, however, all of that comes crashing down when Raven decides to turn up at their apartment out of nowhere, asking Charles to let her stay for three months.

    A story told in flashbacks, fights, and hugs.

    Written as a fill for a kink meme prompt, which is in turn based on Red Without Blue (2007).