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Fight me.

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"Oh but he's so quiet and reserved, I'm sure he wouldn't do more than just play around. He's a nice dude." Sounds of agreement were coming from the couch.

Oh fuck off. Yoongi felt like kicking the couch over right there. Why were they whispering about him when he was a few meters away in the first place? Were they testing him? Maybe he was getting delusional, but his emotions were out of control and once his easily irritated side got triggered, it was hard to ignore those feelings and they only got worse.

Normally he'd get rid of that by pulling tricks on the others, the fun making him forget his bad mood, but now they were sitting away from him (excluding him?) while gossipping in his precense. One more thing and I'll snap, he thought, though he was well aware that moment could come any moment now.

"Ssht! Hyung, he can hear us!" Fingers were pointed in Yoongi's direction, as if that was even remotely secretive. "Ooh watch out, he's getting angry now- look at his face!" Three guys were sitting on the couch, hiding their faces and giggling... too loudly in his opinion. He frowned and stared at them, because he couldn't concentrate on his work anymore. Though they were pretending to be 'caught' in the middle of their conversation, all three turned around occasionally to take a quick glance and be even more amused by Yoongi's reaction. Hoseok gave a short "pfft", Taehyung was laughing with eyes closed and low casual laughter and Jimin looked back in between his bizarre sounding snickers. Jimin showed the annoyed one a big smile on his now reddened face. Oh, how Yoongi would love to punch it.

He was pretty much done at that point. He closed his laptop - on which he tried to edit lyrics of a new song, but with no succes - and left the room. Yoongi made sure to not stomp his feet, but slam the door shut instead. Maybe that'll convince them to leave him alone.

"Fuck," he cursed as he accidently toppled over the trashcan in his bed room. The lights needed to be turned on so he slammed his hand in a direction he thought was right. His aim was indeed correct and he hated it. His former slight headache became severely worse when unintentionally looking at the ligh bulb and he thought lying in bed would be a better idea. Okay, a pillow over his head could help maybe. No, nope, okay, that just made him want to tear the feathers out so he threw it away with a thud. The sound was too soft and he really felt like punching something before he broke the place down. Why was he like this? He didnt know; he just wanted it to stop.

He groaned in frustration and sat up. He reached over to his nightstand to pick up his notebook and a pen, thinking he could continue where he left off with the lyrics. For a couple of seconds he hovered the tip above the paper, unsure of what to write down. Then he just decided to write down his greatest desire at that moment. He mentally planned a list and titled it 'To fight'. There. It looked much neater and more accomplishable on paper. He then wrote down the names of the other group members, starting with Jimin. Just to be sure he underlined it. And made the letters thicker. After that he scribbled the names of idol friends, non-idol friends, the manager of course, old friends, acquaintances and after the list was over 50 lines long he felt pretty satisfied. Now only the execution of the plan and--

Someone knocked on the door. Shit. He quickly bladdered through the pages until he was at a different, less personal and embarrassing one. "What is it," he asked whomever was behind the door.

Shuffling of feet was heard from the other side. "It's us, hyung." The door squeeked open slowly and Yoongi jumped up. His anger wasn't even back, it simply showed again.

"HOW many times do I need to tell you dipshits to ask before you enter my room? Hm?" He was facing three boys who looked surprisingly uncaring. Taehyung was holding onto the back of Hoseok's shirt lightly and he himself was holding onto a couple of Jimin's fingers, but they seemed more curious than hesitant or anxious about what was going to be said. The looks on their faces said "relaxed" and to fuel his bad mood, Jimin stepped inside and giggled again. "Ah come on hyung, no need to be so angry..." Yoongi heard himself make grunting noise and clenched his teeth the moment he felt the boy drape an arm around him. "Besides, we were about to apologise" he laughed. The other two scooted closer and agreed. This setting began to feel extremely uncomfortable now and if they kept getting closer like this, then. He. He needed some fresh air.

"We... really shouldn't have chatted like that around you." Hoseok began. He still had that grin on his face and 'oh my god make it stop' was all that came to mind for Yoongi. Taehyung wrapped his arms around the two dancers and gave the eldest in the room a little apologetic smile. "We're so sorry, hyung. We've been poking fun at you for days, while you were more busy than us." Jimin thought so too and added "Can you pleeaaase forgive us?"

"I..." Yoongi was in conflict; should he kick their fake sorry asses or should he just leave it be and move on? The three pulled each other closer, and Yoongi more in, until his arms were pressed to the sides his face. The singer saw something and grinned. "Yoongi-hyung, what's that in your hand??!!" Said person's eyes grew wide. Several arms were going after the notebook, though he was fairly sure they were just pretending to try, considering they failed while it was in their reach. He couldn't see who was standing where and suddenly it was getting harder to breathe. He snapped.

"Out- Get out!" he yelled. He pushed the arms away and the owners of them as well. They left the room laughing, but fell silent as Yoongi followed them. Big eyes were staring at him in confusion. "Hyung. Why are you here?" Taehyung asked. "I thought you wanted us gone", Hoseok said. The elder gave him a dry smile. "I want to take this outside." The three gave each other looks. "O-outside?" Hoseok asked. "Yup, you heard me", Yoongi said as he put on his shoes and stood up. "I need this to be settled. Fight me."