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paper tiger in the sun

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Making out with Kaner is seriously more intense than Patrick had expected. First of all, Kaner climbs into his lap with little hesitation, straddling Patrick's thighs, and looping his arms around Patrick's neck. His mouth is hot and enthusiastic and he uses his chin to bump Patrick's head into an angle he finds more agreeable.

Patrick just goes with it, because this is about Kaner and how weird he's been lately, and the crushed look on his face when he'd told Patrick that he'd tried calling Tazer and Tazer hadn't answered and that had never happened before. He puts his hands on Kaner's hips and squeezes, and Kaner kisses him a little harder but doesn't arch into him like Patrick expects. He nips at Patrick's lip instead, then mumbles, "'m sorry."

"It's okay," he says, because he's not sure what Kaner's sorry for, "keep kissing."

Kaner takes that like the permission it is, sliding his hands up to cup Patrick's face. They kiss until Patrick's jaw hurts and his lips start to go numb from the friction. Then Kaner slides his hips forward and Patrick can feel him hard through both their jeans, and Kaner grinds against him for only a second before pulling back.

"We shouldn't," Patrick says, voice firm. "Because while Abby won't care if I make out with you, she totally will care if I fuck somebody who isn't her."

Kaner takes a deep breath. "Can I just - but maybe - for a second -" he forces out, his face twisting into a horribly conflicted expression, and Patrick nods. Kaner pushes against him again and rubs his erection against Sharpy's for another minute, mouthing at his neck while Patrick puts his hands in Kaner's hair and just lets him do what he wants. Because this isn't about Patrick at all. This is about Kaner and what he hadn't realized he'd been missing until right now.

Or so Sharpy figures.

Then Kaner climbs off of him and says, "Back in a minute," and nearly runs to the bathroom down the hall. Patrick assumes he's going to jerk off and probably think about Toews while he does it.

He adjusts himself in his jeans and watches SportsCenter for a while, and by the time Kaner comes back Patrick doesn't feel nearly as turned on. Kaner's flushed and the collar of his t-shirt is damp, but otherwise he looks fairly collected. "Sorry," he says, sitting down, but on the couch instead of Sharpy's lap.

Patrick looks at him in surprise. "For what?"

"For grinding my dick all over you like a teenager. You're my friend, and it wasn't fair," and that's - remarkably adult of Kaner.

"No worries," he replies. "Like I said, makeouts are cool. Just no fucking because, you know, married."

"Deal." Kaner scowls at the football highlights that are running, then bumps Patrick with his arm. "Can we snuggle? Me and Jonny do, sometimes."

"Jeez, and I thought I was married," Patrick replies. Kaner's face falls and he realizes it was entirely the wrong thing to say. "Sorry. Um. Yeah, let's cuddle."

He lifts his arm and Kaner ducks under it, leaning against him. He sort of wants to tell Kaner that it'll all be okay, that he doesn't mind being the replacement Tazer while their Captain is in a funk, and that Kaner could even find somebody to be with that's not Jon if he wanted to. But if this afternoon has been any indication, then Kaner's just barely figuring out that he might want to make out with Jonny like he'd just made out with Patrick.

"It'll be okay, dude," he tells Kaner, squeezing his shoulder.

Kaner looks dubious but doesn't reply, turning his attention back to the television, and they stay that way until Abby comes home with Maddy. She takes one look at them, then passes the baby to Kaner. Patrick watches Kaner duck his head to rub his nose against Maddy's before Abby is dragging him into the kitchen.

"He looks sort of pathetic," she says. "I'm guessing you couldn't fix him." Then she reaches out and presses her fingers to Patrick's mouth, and down the beard burn on his jaw. "Although it is apparent that you tried."

Patrick grins at her, because she's great, and leans in to kiss her quickly. "I tried. And then his feelings for Jonny sort of exploded everywhere and, Abs, I really don't think he knew."

Abby pouts. He shouldn't find it delightful, but he does. She says, "Well. That's both bad and good? So... when Jonathan can handle bright lights again, we can have them both over for dinner? And then lock them in the laundry room."

"Brilliant plan is brilliant," Patrick agrees. He kisses her again. "Want to take him out to dinner and let Maddy throw food at him?"

"Yes, immediately," Abby laughs.

Patrick yells for Kaner, who appears moments later, holding Maddy up on his shoulders. She looks excited, but she also might be trying to eat Kaner's hair. "The baby's got some new moves," Kaner says, "why didn't you tell me?"

"You see her every week," Patrick points out. "And before you say it, she's still not old enough for skates."

Kaner grins. "Yeah, I guess."

Abby picks up Maddy's coat. "Come on, we're going to get burgers and let Maddy squish french fries onto your shirt."

"I can stay here with her if just you guys want to go," Kaner offers immediately, and he looks so earnest about it that Patrick wants to kiss him again just for being so nice. But Abby's having none of Kaner's attempts to be left alone, and pushes his coat at him as well before taking Maddy.

Patrick hooks his arm around Kaner's neck and yanks him in. "You good, man?"

"Yup." Kaner tries to wrestle away for a second, then gives up and hugs Patrick around the waist. "Thanks."

"Just keep calling him, okay?" Patrick murmurs, tugging on Kaner's hair and hugging him back. "He'll pick up eventually."