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Title: Enthusiastic
Verse: G1
Series: none
Rating: M
Warnings: mech-preg. sparklings.
Pairings/Characters: First Aid/Skyfire
Notes: Not Mine!
Summary: First Aid is pleased. Very, very pleased.
Prompt: First Aid/Skyfire: so cute for TF-Rare Pairings .

First Aid cooed. That was the only word for it in Skyfire’s processor. It was adorable, but then everything about his diminutive mate was. “I don’t think the bitlet can hear you, yet, brightspark.”

First Aid scrambled up on him, clinging to his armour, still cooing. “Maybe he can. Ratchet says he’s reached the stage of gestation where he’s starting to respond to outside stimuli. Maybe, just maybe, that means he can hear me. And he knows how much I love him. I just can’t wait. I really do love him already.”

Skyfire could only chuckle at his bondmate’s enthusiasm. “Mark me, brightspark, even if he can’t hear you he knows you love him.”