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The Best Men, a Supernatural/Bridesmaids AU.

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Life for Sam and Dean Winchester changed rather dramatically after the ‘End Of the World‘.

Or rather, what would have been a mega smack down between the armies of His Holy Father’s Glittery Garden in the Sky versus the mangled and blacked souls of His Dark Majesty, The Morning Star. The abrupt and rather surprising postponing of said apocalypse was much due to Sam’s and Adam’s graceful swan dive into Hell.

Not of course before Sam gained control of his body for brief minutes and harnessed enough power to banished all demons to Hell that were still roaming Earth. He had the devil in him and damn it, he was gonna use it to his advantage. It was his party and he could cry if he wanted to. Although there was less crying and more kick-ass smiting.

There was some crying, of course. This is Supernatural after allAsk Dean, he was there.

Of course, there could be no ‘Life for Sam and Dean’ if Sam was kicking around in Hell. Dean wouldn't have that. Five years, over thirty different kinds of bloody demise, a pretty rational fear of dogs, as well as a stint in Hell... it was not going to go to waste. The world was finally safe and God damn it, he was not going to enjoy it if Sam wasn’t in it.

Which is why being friends with Angel of the Lord, Castiel, was so handy-dandy. A couple chick flick moments later that consisted of Dean getting belligerently drunk, mixed with a bit of begging him to save Sam and Cas was in. It didn’t take much from Dean to get Cas to do anything, really. It only took a couple tears, heart wrenching emotional man-pain, and prolonged-drunken-man-hugs-that-were-not-cuddling to convince Cas.

Against Dean’s knowledge, Holy Tax Accountant sold his grace to Crowley to help him open the cage and retrieve the brother. Giving Bobby’s legs back obviously gained Crowley favour in Sam’s eye, because it was surprisingly easy to grab the demon out of Hell after his banishment there. He was the King of the place where the big boss was locked in a cage. Leadership had it’s in and out privileges, it seemed.

Castiel, upon arrival in His Dark Prince’s abode, was surprised to find Hell completely renovated. Sure, the lighting was a bit dim and the floors could use some washing, but Crowley had really fixed up the place. It was not at all how Cas remembered it. He had remembered more fire, torture and the sound of eternal damnation (which sounded a lot like blood-curdling screaming, flesh being torn, and Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ backwards and on repeat). To his chagrin, the Devil Hole Box had also been revamped.

After watching Crowley enter a code into the door key pad, unlatch some bolt locks and unravel some chains, he pushed open a door at the end of one of Hell’s long and narrow hallways to find Sam, Adam, Lucifer, and Michael looking pissy around a table of Monopoly. Well, it made sense. That game never seems to finish. How fitting that it would become a eternal punishment in Hell. It was a punishment on Earth.

Needless to say, when Castiel showed up with Sam and Adam - a two for one deal, as per usual with the Winchester family - he was extremely unhappy about losing his grace. Mortality better be friggin’ worth the trouble - or lack therof.

Anyway, this is the story of Sam and Dean Winchester. And Cas, sans angelic powers. And Bobby, with functional and nicely shaped legs. And lots of alcohol -- maybe too much. White wine, specifically.

Oh yes, and a there was a wedding.