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Like a Fine Wine

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Dorian was lost if thought as he idly swirled the wine in his glass. An exaggerated, yet polite cough, brought Dorian out of his daze. Looking up at Vivienne, Dorian blinked slowly before smirking at his friend and neighbor. “Oh, I am sorry dear. You must have been prattling on about something dreadfully boring for me to have gotten as lost as I did,” his reply came smoothly and without bite.

Vivienne took a pointed sip from her glass, ignoring Dorian's statement before continuing as if it had not happened, “Sera participated in what she claims was “Naked Gardening Day” last weekend.”

Dorian chocked on a laugh before taking a sip of his wine. It was a Tevinter wine, not one of the best but it would do for a lazy Monday morning gossip fest with Viv. “Ah yes, now I know why the subject did not interest me,” Dorian said, “From your expression I take it you witness such an occasion.”

Turning her nose up, Vivienne maintained her aura of apathy before she spoke, “I had just happened to glance out my window at the wrong time.”

Humming affirmation sarcastically, Dorian grinned, “And how did you know it was for Naked Gardening Day, exactly?”

Vivienne remained silent for just a bit too long.

Dorian mocked gasped, “You didn't!”

“What ever it is you are thinking Master Pavus you should stop that this instant,” Vivienne reprimanded. Even though a smile tried to break out on her face.

He laughed out loud at her answer. Sera was an oddity on a street of oddities. Dorian counted himself lucky that Vivienne was in this mad house of neighborhood with him or else he would go insane. Though Cullen on the corner was always a nice reprieve as well, visually and mentally. The man could play chess and did not tolerate him cheating.

A loud rumbling came from down the street. Abruptly stopping his laughter, Dorian frowned slightly as he looked for the cause of the noise. Blackwall sometimes drove his hog down the street, but otherwise Skyhold was a quiet neighborhood.

“Oh my,” Vivienne muttered.

Dorian nodded slightly in agreement.

A large group of bikers drove down the street causing uproarious noise. Heads popped into windows as the neighborhood tried to get a look at the biker gang.

Each member of the gang had a matching jacket. On the back was emblazoned “Bull's Chargers” with horns coming out from the sides of the words. All the bikers were decked in leather and all but one was wearing helmets.

The one that did not have a helmet could not possibly wear one, and now Dorian fingered who Bull of Bull's Chargers was. A monstrous Qunari led the pack with horns more suited for a beast of burden than for a person.

Dorian practically melted as he looked at the giant mass of this Bull. His eyes did not stray from the horned figure. He suddenly wished he could see the Qunari in leather pants. Or nothing. Nothing was good too.

The bikes came to stop right out front of his house. There was shouting between the ranks before they shut off the bikes.

Dorian was distracted by the dismounting of the group that he looked away from them and to Vivienne for some idea of what exactly was happening. He would be the first to admit that a handsome man was easy to distract him, but he was at a complete loss.

Vivienne seemed to be as well. Her mouth was slightly open as she looked at the group.

Looking back at the group, Dorian found himself looking at the Bull's chest. Naked chest. He felt himself salivating as he looked at the large Qunari. His mind blanked for a while as it took a detour around the Qunari's tattoos.

A deep chuckle drew Dorian's gaze back up the hulking mass to the face of the Bull. The Qunari was smirking at Dorian as if he knew exactly what he had been thinking. Dorian glared at Bull, he hardly doubted that the Bull knew exactly how depraved he could be.

“Can I help you,” Dorian said sharply. He did not want these vagabonds to thing they could just squat down on his lawn. He only let Sera and Cole play there because he had a soft spot for them.

“I'm sure that you would love that,” Dorian repressed a shiver as he listened to the man, “However, we are lost and it's more important that we find our way.”

Dorian scoffed, “I would assume so. How did you manage to get past the gates?”

The Bull chuckled again, “It's always the pretty ones that you have to watch out for. I'm looking for Cadash. She lives in this neighborhood but she gave us the wrong address.”

“Cadash lives one the other side of the street. Two houses down. The purple monstrosity next to the yellow monstrosity,” Vivienne answered in her prim tone. “And I am Lady de Fer. And you are?”

The Bull stood up straighter as he turned to Vivienne. “Uh,” he said, seemingly at a loss for words.

Dorian felt a spike of some emotion deep within himself. It was not jealousy. It could not be. Obviously.

“Spit it out,” Vivienne demanded nonchalantly.

“I'm the Iron Bull,” the Qunari blurted. He fidgeted as he stood there like a school boy being reprimanded.

Dorian laughed at Bull. Their eyes met after and Dorian felt turning hot all over. He was the first to look away from the burning gaze, he felt his blush on his dark cheeks.

“I am sure that Cadash is expecting you. You wouldn't want her to wait any longer than you've already let her,” Vivienne continued.

Bull nodded at Vivienne, “Ma'am,” he said as a goodbye and walked back to his biker gang.

Dorian had still not looked up from the ground as the Bull walked away. He downed the rest of his wine. He did not need to savor it anymore. Just possibly get drunk and have a nice evening thinking of large Qunari and leather.

Not being able to resist, Dorian took one last look at the Bull's retreating back. Dorian laughed out loud. The Bull wore the most horrendous pants he had ever seen.