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Space Man

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The day Dave comes home from Mars, he gets a call from his sister.

Well, okay, not actually his sister. Not in this universe. But he and Rose remember things that never happened, in a place that doesn't exist. And once upon a time, they were siblings.

So when he answers his cell, he greets her with the most sickly-sweet "Rosie! Darling! It's been too long, how are you?"

"We've adopted," she gushes, entirely genuine, and entirely ignoring his bullshit. He stops said bullshit immediately and finds himself feeling pretty fucking genuine as well.

"Oh my god that is awesome," he says, shedding his NASA-issue jumpsuit while juggling the phone from shoulder to shoulder. "What'd you name it? Him, her, hir."

She giggles. She actually fucking giggles. "It's a boy. Dave. Dave you will never guess... Oh my gosh," she babbles, her voice fading out near the end. He hears a little static and noises like the phone is being bumped around.

"Dave, this is Kanaya."

He's got one eyebrow raised, but there is a warm smile on his face as he shakes his head at his friends. "Hey Kan. What's the story, since Rose seems pretty caught up in the breedfester throes over there."

Kanaya giggles too. So much giggling today! He is not at all surprised. They have been talking about kids for a while now, and they have been vomit-inducingly happy since they met when Rose was in college. "I see what you did there Mr. Strider. But anyway," and here he can practically hear her wave her hand in dismissal, "the boy is a sort of curiosity. We adopted him from a very reputable agency, and we met the woman giving him up multiple times throughout the pregnancy. He and the mother are both in impeccable health and seem quite happy. What Rose was trying to tell you, however, threw us both for a loop. It seems... Well, it seems that the child is John."

Dave freezes mid-toothbrushing. Suddenly his just-got-planetside routine seems irrelevant. Calmly, and with a sense of extreme pressure just underneath that calm, he rinses his toothbrush, rinses his mouth, sets the brush in its holder, and exits the bathroom of his small apartment. He had meant to sit down on the edge of the bed, but he ends up just sort of slumping on the floor.

He opens his mouth. Closes it. Feels the calm start to give way to the bubbling emotions. "We found John?" He can't seem to form any more words than that.

Both women have been in near-hysterics on the other end of the line. Rose makes a noise much like a squeal and shouts, "Yes! We found him! He's our son Dave Dave John is my son!" Dave assumes he is on speaker and that Rose has been doing that thing where she shifts from foot to foot and spins in circles. He's only seen her do it twice, and she tends to migrate around a room while doing it.

(The first time was when they met in person after finding each other on the web. The second was when she was in college, and she found out who was designing all the hottest trends of the season.)

All the energy sort of goes out of him in a rush of breath, and he feels kind of floaty. He laughs, incredulous. "We found John. Oh my god, fuck, oh wow."

Kanaya gives a chuckle, presumably at her wife, and tells Dave, "You must come over, of course."

He immediately gets to his feet and heads for his chest of drawers. "Of course. No shit. Yeah. I mean, I'll be there in fifteen." He's already throwing clean underwear, socks, tee shirt, old jeans onto his bed and wiggling out of his briefs.

From the other end he hears, nearly simultaneously, Kanaya saying "Dave it takes twenty-five minutes to get here and you know it," and Rose yelling, "Make it ten!"

He gets there in ten.