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L'amour Interdit (Forbidden Love)

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I turn to my side and look at my clock: 6am. Its no use to get back to sleep I think to myself. I sit up in my queen size bed and rub my hand across my fair skinned face and look around my room. Its a pretty good size. It has a bathroom, closet, and a huge window that over looks the capitol. But I like the view of the mountains better. The walls are a light blue and I have a desk, small table with chairs, a tv, a small couch, and a projecter that projects any scene I choose. Today I choose the scene of woods. I can almost smeel the fresh soil and dew. An avox girl comes in as I'm about to get up. I give her a small smile. "I would like bew stew and could you get me the reaping videos, please?" I ask. She nods and walks away. I get up and put on black dress pants, black dress shoes, and a midnight blue color dress shirt. I then slick my brown hair back. I stand about 5'11 and have blue eyes and an unusual beard. The avox girl comes back and sets the video and food on my small table. I put the video into my tv and sit down to eat.

Today is the day the tributes for the 71st Hunger Games arrive. I'm the head gamemaker of the Hunger Games which means, I create the arena and chooses the situtations for which the tributes will have to endure. No one from districts 1-3 stick out to me until I reach district 4. I didn't know much about the district except that they specializied in seafood. Also, I knew the last person from that district to win was Finnick Odair. They call the male up. His name is Owen Clarke. Owen can't be more than 14 and has tan skin, green eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He looked terrified. The next was the girl. Her name was Claire Nack. She was 18 and had dark brown hair, the most gourgous brown eyes I had ever seen, and pale skin. She was beautiful, not even that. I can't even describe her. "Claire Nack." I wisphered. Her name felt good on my lips. I couldn't wait to see her at the parade tonight.

I stand next to President Snow at the tribute parade. For some reason this was always my favorite part of the whole games. I don't know why though. The crowd goes wild as districts 1 and 2 come through but I only want to see one chairiot. And then I do. Claire is wearing a crown made of pearls and her dress is a strapless ocean blue dress that comes 3 or 4 inches above her knees. There is a white fishing net that covers her as well. She looks beautiful. I couldn't help but stare. I give her a slight nod not knowing if she saw me or not.

I run into the banquet late as always. I quickly search the room trying to find Claire. Everyone wants to talk to me for some reason. Probably about the arena. Its then I find her. Shes talking to Finnick. He looks up at me and gives a slight smile. "Seneca, how are you?" he asks friendly. I smile back. "Good and you?" I ask. "Very good. Oh, Claire this is head gamemaker Seneca Crane. Seneca this is Claire Nack, our female tribute from district 4." explains Finnick. I extend my hand to Claire and she shakes it, her hand small in mine. She is about 5'5 maybe 5'6. Shes wearing the same dress but this time her hair is in a donut bun and she is wearing blue flats. No pearls or nets. "Nice to meet you." she says poiltly. "You too. Claire, would you like to dance?" I ask nervously. I see her eyes light up just a bit. "Sure!" She exclaims. I take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. One of my hands finds its way to her slender waist the other holds her hand.

"So, your from district 4." I say. She looks up at me. "Yes, but we also do work with the horses. Actually, we supply the horses for the parade." she explains. I hang onto every word she says. I don't really know what to say to her. "I'm sorry you have to be in games." I whisper. She bites her lip. "Yeah, me too. But maybe I have a chance." she replies. Theres a few minutes of silence and of course I say the first thing that pops into my head. "You look beautiful." I said. She blushes and gives a slight smile. "Oh, thank you. Your not to bad yourself." she says. I almost melt. We dance for almost an hour but I've enjoyed every minute of it. We talk about our families, the things we like to do, our favorite things. I feel like I've know her for years.

But I know it has to come to end. We stop laughing after I tell her a terriable joke. Claire looks up at me with a big smile. I control my urge to touch her jawline and kiss her. "Well, I'm sure you need to get to bed that way you'll be rested for training tomorrow." I say. She nods. "Yeah, your right." she says. My hand drops from her waist and hand. She begins to walk off but I gently grab her arm. Claire turns around to face me. "Why don't I walk you to your room?" I ask. She smiles. "Of course!" she exclaims. I led her to the elivator and press the number 4. Each district has their own floor. The elivator door opens and I allow her to go out first and then I follow her to her room's door.

We stop at her door. "I had fun tonight Seneca." Claire says. I love the way she says my name. "I'm glad you did. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning." I say. "OK!" she exclaims. I nod and we stand their in silence. She then fills the gap in between us. She puts my hand around her waist. I know I shouldn't kiss her but I want to. Its dangrous and I could killed for it but I can't resist her. I close my eyes and I let our lips touch. Claire puts her arms around my neck. Her lips are soft and warm agasint. The kiss is perfect. I know I should stop it but I can't. We kiss for an enteriantly but I stop it. "Claire..." I whisper. She looks up at me. " We shouldn't do this. Its agasint the rules." I say. "Who says its not right! Who cares what they say! I love you and thats all that matters." she yells at bit.

I'm taken back by her rebellious side. I close my eyes and shake my head. Shes right though. "If you want this to work your going to have to follow my rules." I say. She nods and holds my hand tightly. "I'm not going to favor you in training or in the games. You can't get mad at me for anything concerning your training. Just act like I'm head gamemaker. Also, I won't tell you about the arena. Got it?" I ask. "Yes!" she exclaims. "Now, go to sleep. I'll see you at training." I say. She nods and I lean down and kiss her again. I then turn around to go back to my room. I run into Finnick on the way out. "Seneca? What are you doing here?" he asks. "Oh, I was just walking Claire to her room." I replie. He stares at me for a moment and nods. "Ok." Finnick says. I nod and walk out the door. "Seneca, just don't hurt her." he says. I look at him and nod again.