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Arthur was in a meeting when his communicator went off. He swore under his breath and made his excuses, sprinting to the roof where his mini-jet waited.


“Already en route!” Merlin’s voice echoed in his ear.

“Great. Gwen?”

“On my way!”


“Present!” Gwaine chimed cheekily. “Morgana again…”

Arthur swore again.

“Come on, Arthur, she’s your sister,” Merlin said.

“Yeah, and she hates me,” he grumbled as the other knights all checked in. He set the jet to autopilot on the GPS location and then stripped down and changed into his armour, zipping on the synthetic material that formed to his skin and grabbed up his sword, feeling the familiar zing of energy as it lay in his hand. 

Merlin snorted over the comms. “Well, at least she doesn’t really want to kill you. She kind of hates my guts.”

“You are our best weapon,” Gwen said.

“Here I am, boys!” Merlin said, the sounds of battle faintly heard in the reverb of his comm.

Arthur set down close and charged out, sword in hand. Merlin was slinging magic at Morgana. He was holding back. For Arthur’s sake, he knew. Merlin could have taken Morgana at any time, but he didn’t want to hurt her because she was Arthur’s. And Arthur still hoped to reach her. Bring her back from madness. Bring her back from hate.

The knights had her seemingly backed into a corner. But she was laughing and lazily slinging spells at them. Gwaine and Perce pushed forwards while Lance and Leon circled from the back. Gwen darted in to be the distraction, throwing knives and poultices that Merlin spelled beforehand. 

Morgana threw them all back. Arthur walked towards her slowly.

“Arthur, dear. You’re never going to surprise me like that.”

“I’m not surprising you, Morgana. I want to talk.”

She rolled her eyes. “You always want to talk, Arthur. And yet you carry a big sword. Over-compensating?” she sneered.

Arthur shook his head. “I just want… I want you back, Morgs. You’re destroying London. And taking over the world was never your style.”

“Stop it!” She hissed, flinging spells at him.

He dodged left and rolled back to his feet. “Can we—will you just stop this?!”

Her laugh spoke of madness. “You wish, little brother!”

“I do…” he said quietly, slashing through her attack while Merlin shifted to a hawk to rain down spells from above.

Morgana cried out and fell. Stumbling to her feet, she screamed at them all, power behind it sweeping them away. Then she vanished.

Arthur sighed and shook his head. The Knights were getting to their feet, Gwen helping Leon with a nasty bump on his head. Merlin dropped down next to Arthur, resting a hand on his shoulder. 


“Why are you sorry?” Arthur retorted, even though it sounded too bitter for that. He resisted throwing his hand off, knowing Merlin only meant well. “It’s not your fault.”

“I know…” Merlin said quietly. Then lifted his hand to restore the damage done to property. “Home?” he asked when he was finished.

“Home,” Arthur said tiredly.

“There’s always next time.”

He nodded. Next time. Next time would come. And so would the time after that. And after that.