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Breakfast Lamentations

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It should have been the most glorious morning. They’d certainly planned for it long enough. Ever since they’d realized they both had, only for the second time since they’d known each other, two days off work at the same time, they’d made plans to have a girls’ night between just the two of them. With all their workload they never seemed to have time to just enjoy each others company. The idea had been to stay up late talking, watching movies, drinking wine, eating ice cream and then in the morning enjoy a full breakfast with all the works.

And it was a beautiful morning, well… noon, and the sun was shining and the sky was almost completely clear of clouds. They’d ended up staying up very late, the wine giving each woman a nice relaxed feeling. At some point the movie they’d started to watch had been paused and then forgotten as one topic of conversation led to another. Both were secretly pleased they’d finally had the chance to do this. They’d worked together for almost a year now, but they’d never really had the time to get to know each other that well. The night had been an interesting one, childhood stories and secrets revealed.

Breakfast was currently being made by one of the two. The woman who stood by the stove flipped the last of the pancakes while listening to her companion groan yet again. Tucking an errant curl of her dark hair behind one ear she bit her lower lip to keep from grinning too widely.

“They hate me!” The other woman lamented, aghast at what she was reading online. She was hunched over a laptop, her long blonde locks falling around her face.

"No, Jen, they just got pissed off ‘cos I tweeted you a 'Happy Birthday' and you didn't tweet me back,” the Lana explained patiently. “You only tweeted Gin and Josh."

"I don't get it,” the younger woman said, turning to face her friend. “Why should I have to tweet you when I'm in the same room with you? It's different with Gin and Josh; they were off somewhere playing Snow White and Charming. Besides, didn't I tell you not to tweet that? I said I though it was silly and that I wasn’t going to reply.”

“I know,” Lana answered. She handed Jen the dishes to set the table with and briefly placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder before moving back to the stove to turn it off.

“I told you the fans would read too much into it." Jen looked up at Lana, and couldn’t help but be slightly jealous. The woman had been asleep not thirty minutes ago, and still, hair disheveled, pajama pants and tank top rumpled, she still managed to look like she could do a photo shoot for a fashion magazine.

"But I like to interact with the fans. The Evil Regals are so sweet," the brunette defended her fans.

"They're insane," countered her friend.

"They are not!” Lana cried out. “Grab the juice, please? Granted some of them are a bit zealous, but..."

"But they think I hate your guts 'cos there are no pictures of you and me hanging out together outside work! And now this birthday thing..." Jen groaned again and opened the fridge.

Lana brought the pancakes and the scrambled eggs to the table, and paused to make sure she’d thought of everything. Pancakes, eggs, toast, jam, fruit, coffee, milk, juice… Ah, maple syrup.

"It’s not all of them, just some. Don’t take it so hard, Jen. It’ll blow over,” Lana promised.

Jen sat down and looked at Lana with a raised eyebrow. “Will that be before or after they’ll offer my heart to the Evil Queen?”

“Well,” the older woman’s lips twisted to a crooked smile. “I think if and when you do that should be yours to decide.”



the end