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The only sound in the pitch-black room was Serenity’s humming engine. Mal had been twisting and turning for an hour. Seeking, but never finding, sleep.

“Mal,” Simon mumbled into his pillow. The shifting stopped. Mal sighed


“You all right…you seem…don’t know…,” Simon turned and spooned against Mal’s back.

“Yeah I….,” Mal snuggled closer to Simon, intertwining their fingers. Simon kissed the nape of Mal’s neck, breathing deeply.

“It’s the boy isn’t it? The little boy we saw today. Him and his father?” Simon asked. He’d seen how Mal’s eyes followed the father and his son as they walked through the marketplace. Watched, as the boy had hung on to his fathers hand in the ever moving mass of people.

“That obvious?” Mal asked.

“No, not…obvious. But you’ve done it before. I’ve seen you long for that before,” Simon whispered.

“Simon it ain’t because I’m not happy with you. You gotta believe me,” Mal desperately tried to explain.

“You always wanted children.”

“Yeah but I chose you!” Mal turned so he was on his side facing Simon.

“Mal, I’ve never…there are ways…”

“Wha’? You expecting to sprout lady-parts?” Mal teased

“Oh God No!” Simon snorted. But there were ways and Simon had looked into them. More than once. Every time Mal longed for what he believed was unattainable, Simon spend hours going over the pros and cons.

He was almost ready.