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Crazy Love

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I was running across campus, pulling at my shirt to rid some of the sweat building underneath. It was yet another hot Texas day here at Texas A&M and I was late for class. I couldn’t miss this Psych test.

I busted through the doors panting heavily and blushed as everyone turned to look at me. Dr. Adams rose a dark brow “thank you for that graceful entrance Jared, would you like to take a seat?”

I ducked my head and sat next to a snickering Chad I glared and elbowed him roughly before diving into my test.


“Come on Jay-bird were going out tonight and I won’t take no for an answer.”

I shook my head stubbornly “no Chad I have my English Lit paper due Monday.”

He rolled his eyes and pounced me. He shoved my head in the sheets “Jared you have all weekend now get your lanky ass in gear, and here wear this!”

He threw me a tight black v-neck I groaned quietly “fine, but you owe me! You can buy all my drinks tonight.”


We wandered in the bar and straight up to the counter were Chad shamelessly ordered some beers and whipped out our fake ID’s.

I sat nervously on the stool “Jay try not to look so guilty huh?”

I frowned and sipped the beer as he scanned the crowd “maybe I’ll get me some tail tonight?”

I scoffed “I’m going to the bathroom; try not to hump the floor.”

Clumsily I made my way to the bathroom; suddenly a broad shoulder shoved me roughly. I blinked in surprise as I stumbled back.

I looked up into the strangers mesmerizing green eyes. “Uh im-im sorry.” The beautiful stranger sneered and shoved me again, I found myself growing angry “hey back off I said sorry, don’t be such a dick!”

He pushed me again straight into Chad who jumped up with a fierce look “back off dickbag before I kick your boorish ass.”

The stranger smirked challengingly as a long haired brunette stepped up “Jensen step off.”

The freckled man-Jensen- scoffed but stepped back.

The blue eyed man winced sheepishly “I’m sorry he-sometimes he doesn’t know what his doing. I’m Chris Kane.”

I nodded slowly “its ok, uh I’m Jared Padalecki and this is my friend Chad Murray.” I looked to Jensen who was staring at me intensely, I blushed and turned away.

Chris nudged him “why don’t you go sit down? Now.”

As Jensen stalked away furiously Chris smiled politely “I’m sorry again he has, well he has some problems.”

Chad snorted “no kidding.”

I glared at him before smiling “its ok I guess I should have been paying more attention. Well the first time he did keep shoving me.”

Chris nodded “yeah I’m sorry he has some anger issues, his really not that bad of a guy when you really get to know him he just has some personal problems.”

Chad grumbled under his breath as he sat down.

“Like I said its fine, alls forgiven I think my friend and I are leaving anyway-have a goodnight.”

I gripped Chad’s arm tight and yanked him out of the bar .


I couldn’t get Jensen’s heated stare out of my head that night. I woke up early Saturday morning and decided I needed to clear my head.

I slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt before peeking at Chad, I couldn’t help but laugh.

He was rolled on his stomach, mouth wide open and drool sliding onto his pillow. I shook his shoulder “hey I’m going running, then to get some breakfast wanna come?”

He raised his head groggily “what time is it?”

I checked the clock “um 8:30?”

He groaned and dropped his head back on the pillow and grumbled into it “why the fuck are you awake?”

“Some of us don’t hibernate till noon.”

He huffed “why don’t you come back after you run and then will get breakfast?”

“So you don’t wanna run with me?”

He gave me a glare “ill take that as a no?”


I jogged easily down the sidewalk through the town, Hunter Hayes blasting through my headphones.

I stopped at the stoplight and waited for the signal, I reached down to tie my shoe when a shadow loomed over me.

I paused and glanced up in alarm and my eyes bugged. It was Jensen.

He was smirking down at me. I yanked my ear buds out and shot up; he was wearing sweatpants and a thin shirt-a baseball cap on his dirty blonde hair.

I shuffled anxiously at his silence “Uh I’m jogging.” I spat out dumbly.

He raised a brow and I closed my eyes and cursed at my stupor.

“What I mean was, are you jogging?’

He was silent as he eyed me. I paled at his hungry gaze and stepped back “well I’m going to go…uh see ya.”

I took off hastily and clutched my phone in my sweaty palm.

I knew he was still behind me, I could feel his presence as I jogged back to my dorm and without looking back I jerked open the door and dove in.

I jumped on Chad’s sleeping form he let out a painful yelp and sat up “what the fuck Jay?”

I shook my head fearfully and he moved over “what’s wrong?”