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It was around five in the morning when he got the phone call, as much as he was an early person, this was pushing the limit. He was a doctor at the Hetteron Mental Institution, Adam Mitchel Lambert one of the youngest and brightest psychologists that the institution had, as the head of the hospital kept saying. Yes, Adam was good, but he wasn’t a miracle worker, he just knew how to interact with people, even mentally ill people.


“Hello.” Adam said turning around in bed to look at the time.


“Hello Adam, its doctor Emmett.” The familiar old and tiered voice said.


“Yes doctor, is there a problem.” Adam said trying to get out of bed, they he elbowed something hard. He turned around to look, it was a guy, he was still sleeping, brown hair, petite figure, he was cuddled up next to Adam. Right, his last night’s date.  


“Not really, we just got a new case and I’m putting you in charge of it, so please be in my office by seven o’clock.” Doctor Emmett said, sounding a bit restrained to tell more details.


“Of course doctor, I’ll be there.” Adam said and hanged up in a sight


“Is everything alright?” Adam heard a sleepy voice next to him say. The guy rose up looking around.


“Yes, I just have to go.” Adam said looking around for his clothes.


“Are you all right? I heard something about a doctor, are you sick?” The guy said, taking Adam’s hint and getting up to find his own clothes.


“No, I’m a psychologist. I’m sorry I have to kick you out like this, but I think it’s urgent.” Adam said as he got his boxers and shirt on.


“Huh, I guess that explains the huge house and the designer clothes, I thought you were a rock star or something.” This person, whose name Adam’s really can’t really remember right now said.


“I wish. Well, I guess maybe I’ll see you some other time?” Adam asked as he was walking the stranger out.


“Probably not.” He said and Adam looked at him confused. “Well, you never asked for my number. But it’s ok, I enjoyed last night.” The guy stopped at the door and looked up at Adam through his eyelashes, grinning as he gave Adam one more kiss and walked out the door.


“Fuck!” Adam said as he realized he had a fucking boner. The guy was cute and funny, as Adam remember, one hell of a porn star in bed, but just not Adam’s type. Adam wished he knew exactly what his type was, but he had no time to think right now because it was close to six and it took him almost an hour to get to the hospital with the morning traffic.




“This is Sauli Koskinen, he’s a Finnish immigrant and he is going to be your next patient for the next six months.” Doctor Emmett said as he threw Adam a folder of papers. Next to him was just a boy, a scared looking, blond haired, slim boy.


“He’s… different from all our patients. He’s tied up in mass murder case, but he doesn’t speak, at all.” Doctor Emmett continued to say.


“But sir, what do I do with him?” Adam said looking at the pale boy who was just staring at the floor. He seemed so lost and intimidated, Adam immediately felt sorry for him.


“I want you to live with him, get to know him, earn his trust, get inside his head, and make him talk.” The doctor said in a quieter tone.

“But…” Adam started but got interrupted.


“Please! Adam, you are the best and this is important. I will offer you six months with him, you don’t have to come to work only once a month so I can examine him and you will get paid double your salary. He, up until now, has not shown signs of violent behavior, so you won’t be in danger.” Adam let out a sight and nodded his head, he wasn’t sure what could that little teenager do to him anyway. Adam opened the folder on the desk and started looking through it.


“But doctor, this birth certificate states that he’s twenty five years old. He doesn’t look a day over fifteen.” Adam said and took off the oval sun glassed to take a better look, then immediately heard a noise behind them, the patient fell off the chair and was curling into a ball against the wall.


“Sauli! Relax, it’s ok, no one is going to hurt you.” Doctor Emmett immediately rushed to his side, holding his hand. Sauli was looking straight at Adam, frighten beyond belief for some reason.


“Does he understand English?” Adam asked keeping a distance form them and his tone calm.


“We think so, like I said he hasn’t spoken, but he eats when we tell him to and follows us if we say so, so he probably does.” The doctor said. Adam got close to him, one step at a time, trying not to alarm him.


“It’s ok, I won’t hurt you, I promise.” Adam said softly not breaking eye contact. Sauli was also looking straight into Adam’s eyes, still fearing but also wondering. Adam sat right inform of him and doctor Emmett stepped aside. Adam gently placed a hand on Sauli’s knee, wondering what could have frighten the poor boy so much, then Sauli unexpectedly rose a hand and placed it on Adam’s cheek, just for a second, then immediately took it off as if he had done something bad. Doctor Emmett was writing all this in his journal. After a minute Adam got up and asked the doctor to talk in private.


“What kind of a mass murder was is a part of exactly?” Adam asked as they walked outside the office into the hallway.


“I knew you’d be interested. Three months ago in a small village in Finland everyone was savagely murdered, he was the only survivor, the police found him unconscious in a puddle of blood, he wasn’t injured but the blood was his own. No one could figure out what had happened, they tried the best mental institutions in their country but no one could figure out how to make him talk. I’m sad to say that some of them even resorted to electrocutions.” Adam gasped, how the fuck could they do that to a kid? “That’s when we took over the case, I had him for over a month in secret, but no progress what so ever, in fact the only reaction we ever got from him was that just now, him touching you.” Adam looked puzzled. “So, will you take him?” Doctor Emmett sighted, like it was his last resort.


“Yes, I will.” Adam said looking through the glass into the room at the lonely boy.