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Thinking Out Loud

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"Your feet are so cold!"

“But you’re so warm.”

“No!” Felicity yelped through a giggle, shoving the comforter between them as she pushed herself back on the bed. She bit her lip to stop the stupid grin threatening to shovel its way across her face as Oliver followed her through the blanket jungle she’d tried to create. “Oliver, go get some socks.”

“I don’t want socks,” Oliver replied, reaching for her and she shoved on his chest, angling her legs away from his freezing toes. “I want you.”

“And you know darn well that normally that works because you know what your voice all low like that does to me, except right now I cannot handle how cold your toes are.”

Oliver frowned at her, and his consternation made her giggle. “They are not that - hey!”

Felicity slipped out of his arms, nearly falling right off the bed, her laughter coming out in breathless gasps before Oliver wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back under the comforter.

“No!” she said, and he laughed as he bundled her close, pulling his legs up and pressing his cold toes right against her warm thighs, making her shriek.

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