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Certainly Something

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The Iron Bull sought the mage’s eyes across the room but was clearly being ignored. Dorian had not once looked at Bull since the end of the battle when the mage had grabbed a hold of Bull’s horns and violently kissed him. He could still feel the searing heat that Dorian left on his lips. All passion and thank the maker we are alive, but something else that made Bull lick his lips trying to capture it.

Letting out a little grunt, Iron Bull got up from his seat. He hurt all over but none of that mattered right now. While it was not new for Dorian to bypass conversations about the future, their future, it still left Bull feeling uneasy with everything up in the air like it was.

Finally shifting his gaze from Dorian’s profile, Bull saw the Inquisitor approach the mage. Adaar looked as relaxed as Bull had ever seen her. She started up a conversation with Dorian as she smiled at the mage.

Bull tried to control his body’s reaction as he read Adaar’s lips as she asked Dorian if he was returning to Tevinter. He looked to Dorian for his reply.

Dorian’s brow creased in a frown before it was quickly dropped and his usual charming mask was in place. “I am afraid I haven’t decided yet.”

Adaar’s smile seemed to droop at Dorian’s answer.

Bull stopped trying to spy on the conversation. He studied Dorian as he continued to joke and laugh with the Inquisitor. All Dorian would ever talk about is going back to Tevinter and changing it for the better. But now when he is given the chance to leave, he was unsure. The Iron Bull tried to stamp down on the feeling constricting his chest. The feeling he gets when he looks at his Chargers. That feeling when he fights beside the Inquisitor. That feeling when he Dorian smiles playfully at him.

When the Inquisitor finally left Dorian by himself, Bull started making his way over to the mage. As soon as he had moved though, Dorian had quickly left out the side door towards the battlements.

The Iron Bull stopped up short as he watched Dorian retreat.

“If I were you Tiny, I would hurry before Sparkler just up and leaves without a kiss goodbye,” Varric chuckled as he stood beside Bull.

Nodding, Bull could not leave without one last quip, “If you aren’t going to get my muscles right at least get my size right when you put this into your book.” He left without Varric’s reply, he assumed it was cutting and witty for the dwarf’s benefit.

Rushing through the door, Bull’s eyes searched for the mage as soon as he breached the battlements. He could not see Dorian anywhere in sit. The door swung close behind him, the action cutting off the noises of merriment from inside the hold.  

A cough sounded behind him, “You could at least try to not be so obvious for once in your life.”

Bull smiled at Dorian’s admonishing tone. He turned around to face the mage. Dorian was leaning against the stone wall of the hold with as bored an expression he could muster. It failed though. Bull could see the breaks in his mask. His tight lips, his shifting eyes, how his right hand rhythmically clenched. So many tells and Bull liked to think he knew them all.

He did not approach Dorian and instead stood there looking at him. “Sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight,” Bull smirked at the mage.

Dorian coughed as he held in laugh. Bull loved when he pulled that reaction out of Dorian.

Dorian pushed off of the wall and walked right past Bull to go and lean over the battlement. The Qunari followed him and leaned next to him. Dorian did not look at Bull, but out at the mountainous landscape surrounding Skyhold. Bull could not take his eyes off of Dorian. They stood there in silence.

“Go back to Tevinter with me,” Dorian whispered. His face and gaze unchanging, but Bull could see the way his shoulder’s braced himself for an answer he did not want to hear.

Bull reached out his hand to Dorian’s shoulder and gently pushed him so the mage was facing the Bull. Walking into his space, Bull lifted Dorian’s chin with his finger before dipping his head. Bull leaned forward until their lips were almost touching. Dorian closed his eyes in anticipation of a kiss.

That was when Bull smirked at Dorian and asked, “What about the Chargers? I’m not leaving them.”

Dorian peeked one eye open to look at the expression on Bull’s face. The heat in his gaze not hate but annoyance for the cockblocking. He huffed out a sigh before answering, “Oh alright. Bring your little gang of misfits. I always wanted children, but without the dreadful process of child rearing.”

“We will take those Tevinter bastards by storm,” Bull said as he brought both his hands up to frame Dorian’s face. Their lips grazed each others as he spoke.

“You realize that I myself am a Tevinter bastard?” Dorian whispered against Bull’s lips.

“Fine. I will take you first. And again. And again. Until my little peacock becomes a dragon and we burn down the place,” Bull rumbled before he smashed their lips together.