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Jungkook writes letters to the sea and sends them out in bottles.

I miss you.

The ocean sounds like you.

It rained today.

The sun smiled and I could almost hear you laughing.

It's been 100 days.

I miss you.

Seashells sing in your voice sometimes.

It rained today.

The moon smiled and I could almost feel your skin.

I miss you.

It's been too long.

He spends hours with his feet dangling over the rocky barrier keeping the world safe from the dip on the other side, the waves crashing up against the stone wall, the water laughing or crying (he can no longer tell which and honestly, was there that big of a difference to begin with) as it hits the same barrier over and over again, each time in new hopes of finding something else there, but each time disappointed as it meets the same expanse of flattened out stone, covered in moss and sea grass that had wandered too far to make it back home.

Jungkook spends hours staring into the waves, even when the sky shouts its displeasure and thunder claps along, the rain following after in a barrage to make war with the sea, even when people shout at him and tell him that it's dangerous to be out in a bad storm, so close to the water.

Even then.

Because maybe, if he stayed out long enough, if he waited till the world has fallen away, he might find what he's looking for.

I miss you.

Jungkook corks the small bottle and rolls it around in his palm, feeling the glass warm under his touch. He holds it up to the light (it's a beautiful day out; it would have been perfect for a picnic and a nap in the park) letting the spring sun filter through it. The words etched on the paper fade through the thin paper and stare back at him, shaking their heads with heavy sighs--you've done this a hundred times, it's been too long, haven't you grown tired of writing the same words over and over and over again.

Jungkook puts the bottle in his pocket and grabs his keys, eyes lingering on the umbrella propped next to the door.

Jimin hates umbrellas. He likes to feel the rain on his cheeks, likes the water, likes the taste of the ocean against his lips and says that sometimes if he stays still enough, he can hear the songs that echo up from below the waves, and he would sing them out loud, his fingers weaving through Jungkook's, their toes dipping into the water as the sun blows out over the horizon after a long day's work, the moon peering out from behind the clouds, shushing the stars to listen in on Jimin's song. He loves the sea, loves the way it clings to his skin like a lover's fingers, the salt like crystalized words to a secret the whole of which only the sea would ever know.

Jungkook lets the door click shut behind him, making towards the beach with his hands tucked into his pockets.

When he reaches the beach from the long flight of rocky steps, he digs the bottle out and lets it rest in his hand, the solidness of the little thing giving him some semblance of comfort, before he bends down and tosses it into the waves, watching the corked top bob to and fro till it disappears.

It's been too long.

Does the sea love you as much as I do?

"Of course it does," Jimin says, laughing as he twirls a strand of Jungkook's hair between his hands, leaning in to plant a kiss on Jungkook's nose, "careful, or else it might steal me away from you." His eyes are twinkling moon bright, his smile sweet as starlight. Jungkook smiles and rests his forehead against Jimin's.

"No one's ever stealing you from me. Not even the sea."

Fate does not like being tested, nor does fortune like to be tempted. There's a reason that Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. And when you love the sea, it loves you back, completely, fiercely, desperately, because it has been alone for much too long and it earns for company it cannot have because the sky abandoned it long ago. Maybe they had one too many fights, maybe the sea made the sky cry too much (and it still does, sometimes), maybe they simply grew apart as things often do over time, but maybe they loved each other too much. Too, too much.

Jungkook packs his bags, loading it all into the back of his car. When he comes back to the house, it's no longer the home it used to be. Just a house, with its off-white walls and sea-shell ceilings, a window big enough to see right to the beach. He puts the umbrella on the dining table and gives the place one last sweep.

It's been too long.

The car engine huffs into life and he pulls out of the driveway, heading down a road that takes him as far away from the sea as possible. Jungkook turns up the music too loud and tries not to think, tries to let the cacophony drown out the sound of the waves that follow him even now. Seashells still sing in Jimin's voice.

But that's all they will ever be--seashells and the remnants of what used to be.

So Jungkook drives away and buys a new umbrella. He drives away from the beach he's frequented every single day for the past four years.

He drives away and doesn't see the bottle washed up in the sand, with a small note tucked beneath the cork--I miss you too.