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Run Trip and Fall

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"Oof," came from Jensen as Jared shoved him against the front door of their home, the doorknob digging into Jensen's lower back. "Ah, fuck, wait!"

Jared smirked before turning the lock on the door as he bit down on Jensen's shoulder, growling. Jensen hissed, hard in his jeans despite the fact that rough sex wasn't really his thing. He wasn't hard because it turned him on, but because it turned Jared on, and Jensen loved him.

Jared grabbed the back of his neck, fingers digging in as he yanked him toward the sofa in the living room. It was a bruising grip, but they had a long weekend off, Clif having just dropped them off with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

Because this thing between Jared and Jensen wasn't all take and no give. It was obvious to anyone who knew them, including Clif. Otherwise Jared would've been down on the ground with a furious bodyguard wrenching his arm up behind his back. Clif loved them both, but abuse was something Clif would never allow if he knew about it.

"Ah, fuck, J-Jared!" Jensen yelped as Jared tripped him on the way to the sofa, Jensen's right hip hitting the back edge painfully as he went down, awkwardly half sprawled on the back of the sofa, legs flailing in the air, hands holding himself up, palm down on the seat cushions.

To anyone else it would've looked like Jared was the biggest douchebag to have ever douched. But the same could be said if they were to have seen what Jensen did to Jared the night before. It was all give and take, compromise, and they worked just as well together in their personal life as they did in their professional life.

"Ow!" Jensen whined as Jared shoved Jensen's face into the cushions, his legs flailing and his hip taking more abuse from the edge of the sofa.

"You'd better have lube somewhere within reach," Jared warned, voice low as he reached around and popped the buttons on Jensen's jeans.

Jensen had lube stashed all over the house, tucked in odd places and within reach of their favorite places to fuck and some places they'd never even tried fucking, including the back yard. Well, okay, so they had fucked in the back yard, but the shed was someplace they hadn't yet.

Jensen shoved his hand between the sofa cushions and wrapped his fingers around the bottle of lube he knew was there. Misha and Vicki had both teased the shit out of them the first few times they'd found lube in various places when they came over for pizza night, but it became such a frequent find that they didn't even bat an eye anymore. In fact Jensen was fairly certain the two of them had used the lube from the bathroom a time or two when they'd been over for dinner.

"Well?" Jared prodded as he used Jensen's position to yank the jeans and boxers up Jensen's long legs, flailing limbs only making the process easier.

Jensen grunted as he ignored the fact that his face was smashed into the cushion, instead holding the tube of lube up behind his back so Jared could take it.

"Good boy," Jared said.

Jensen shivered at the compliment, his dick leaking onto the back of the sofa. Jared had never taken him dry, and Jensen was one hundred percent certain he never would even though he'd threatened it plenty of times.

"I'm not gonna use very much," Jared said as he popped the top on the lube. "I want you to feel it."

Now that part was true. Jared was a big guy, and just one finger with some lube meant there would still be quite a burn, but Jensen didn't mind. Would he have asked for it? No. Would he do it for the guy who let him take pictures of him last night in frilly panties and high heels? Yes.

Damn, but Jared's blush had turned him on so much he almost hadn't been able to control himself, nearly coming before he even got his dick in Jared's hole, pulling the panties aside.

"Hey! Aww, shit, Jare," Jensen hissed into the cushion as Jared shoved his big old thumb into Jensen's hole. It was lubed, but the position Jensen was in made it difficult to relax and let Jared in.

"Does that hurt, baby?" Jared asked, his voice sugary sweet and condescending.

They didn't use safewords. No hand gestures or signals. It wasn't safe, it wasn't always sane, but it was consensual. Sure, Jensen had gotten hurt a time or two, but not only didn't he mind, the pampering he got from Jared after he was done more than made up for it.

Jensen got off on humiliation, Jared got off on rough sex. Jared hated humiliation, Jensen hated rough sex. But whatever the fuck they had going worked, and they both got off every time.

Which is why Jared made sure to keep up a litany of humiliating dirty talk while he fucked Jensen through the nearest surface and also why Jensen used nails and teeth and rough fingers whenever he was calling Jared his pretty little girl while he fucked him.

"Ready for me?" Jared asked, and Jensen could just hear the smile.

"No, Jared, wait," Jensen said. He only half meant it. He didn't really need Jared to wait, but a part of him freaked out a little every time the prep was only haphazard.

"Are you scared?" Jared teased as he grabbed Jensen's hips and turned him over, Jensen's left arm twisting painfully as he was manhandled into position.

Jared was a big guy, but so was Jensen. They'd never seriously injured one another, and Jared always seemed to push it just far enough that Jensen panicked.

"Ow! Fuck!" Jensen yelped, wincing as his lower back rested on the edge the sofa. It was gonna hurt, and he could already feel his erection softening.

Jared grabbed his legs, big hands wrapped around the backs of his knees as he bent Jensen in two, Jensen's jeans and boxers still pooled around his ankles, caught by Dean's boots. Jensen loved Dean's boots, and the studio didn't care if he wore them home.

Jensen whined as Jared pushed his cock in. He scratched at the cushions on the sofa, breathing his way through the burn, but Jared didn't even give him a chance to adjust, just started pounding into him, Jensen's chin pushed into his own chest.

The thing is that Jared liked intensity. Jensen didn't. It overwhelmed him, especially when it was sex. But Jared was this big ball of energy and intensity, and Jensen wouldn't have him any other way. It was what made Jared who he was, and Jensen loved him. Every part of him.

That didn't mean getting fucked by Jared was easy. It wasn't. And Jensen could feel it building up. His neck hurt, his back hurt, he felt like he was off-kilter with his legs up in the air and waving around, and his asshole was burning.

Jensen could take it. He wasn't some pushover, and if he really didn't want Jared to do any of it to him, Jensen wouldn't need Clif's help at all. Jensen could have had Jared on the floor and bleeding before Clif even made it across the room.

But Jensen just kept in mind all the things Jared was going to say and do to him after he was done fucking Jensen through the sofa. He was going to hold him, kiss him all over, tell him he loved him, gently push antibiotic cream into his sore hole, and he was going to suck Jensen to orgasm over the course of an hour, Jensen spread out on the bed, so comfortable and happy that he'd feel like he was on a cloud, Jared worshiping his body with tender touches and words of love and devotion.

And when Jensen would come, unhurried and happy and content, Jared would take it all, gentling him through it and stopping before Jensen ever became too sensitive. Then he'd kiss his way up Jensen's body and snuggle with him in their bed, placing soft kisses on Jensen's neck and face and shoulders and chest and lips until Jensen would chuckle and tell him to stop because it was just so sweet and so adorable that Jensen would feel like he was going to burst. They'd fall asleep, Jensen wrapped in Jared's arms, one of Jared's legs thrown over his, Jared's fingers whisper soft on his chest and belly as Jared pushed his face into that spot between Jensen's neck and shoulder, kissing him every so often even after Jensen was asleep.

"Ja-Jared," Jensen whimpered as Jared fucked him even harder.

"Look at you all crunched up on the sofa," Jared said, smirking as he yanked up, pulling Jensen even more up onto the back of the sofa.

"Ow!" Jensen cried out, shoving his hands behind his back to create a buffer between his lower back and the edge of the sofa.

Jared didn't pause, and in fact fucked him harder. "So fuckin' hot," he said. "You gonna cry? Gonna cry for me, sweetheart?"

And that was it. Because as much as Jensen didn't like rough sex, he loved humiliation. And Jared was doing that for him. Jared may have been pounding into him, but he'd never talked to one of his lovers the way he talked to Jensen. It took a while for him to get used to it, but with Jensen's encouragement, Jared managed to change his dialog from praise and love to sarcasm and ridicule when Jensen wanted it.

Oh, the rest of the time Jared was all sweet and adorable, but when he was nailing Jensen, he was so grateful, so appreciative that he was allowed to do this that he'd make Jensen cry with his words.

"Yeah, look at you," Jared said, smirking. "Look at those crocodile tears. Can't take this big cock and a little pain? Aww. Am I gonna have to kiss it and make it all better?"

Jensen felt tears running into his hair, but his cock was getting hard. It wouldn't get fully hard, and he'd never been able to come like that, but he'd come like a freight train later. Later when Jared used that mouth on his cock.

"Is it too much, baby?" Jared teased. "Am I hurting your tiny hole with my big, hard cock? You feel that? You feel my big cock inside your tiny hole, Jay? I'm gonna fill you up. Gonna make you cry while I fill up this hole with my come. It's gonna be drippin' outta you. Runnin' down your legs."

Jensen's bottom lip wobbled. As much as he liked the humiliation, the intensity of it all had gotten to him. "Jare," he whispered, breathing ragged and uneven.

Jared chuckled. "Yeah, I know my big cock is too much for you, baby. That's okay. I'll finish usin' you up, then I'll be all sweet to you, make up for how mean I was to that little hole of yours."

Jensen whimpered, everything at war inside his head, and as Jared growled, coming deep inside him, Jensen felt that last bit of resolve break, and he let out a sob. He didn't bother holding it back, because Jared understood, and he would never take humiliation too far and put Jensen down for breaking.

Jared pulled out, and Jensen could feel the wetness coming out, running over his crack and down onto the sofa. Jared flipped him over again, which was a relief because Jensen's lower back was no longer getting any abuse from the sofa, but it was a little uncomfortable for his hips and lower stomach.

"You're so loose," Jared said. "I fucked you right open. Wish you could see this. My come leakin' outta your wrecked hole."

Jensen held his breath as Jared pushed his fingers inside. He guessed Jared had only used three fingers, but after a few rough jabs inside him, Jared pushed a fourth finger in. Jensen gasped, squirming on the sofa as he remembered giving Jared permission just over a week ago. He knew Jared was taking him up on it.

Jared would've never just gone ahead and shoved his entire fist in Jensen without asking, even though they'd both told each other years ago that anything was open for the taking. But the morning after Jared had fucked him while Jensen had been a drooling vegetable, Jensen had said yes, remembering that Jared had asked.

"Fuck, Jare," Jensen breathed into the sofa, eyes watering as Jared opened his ass up even more, adding some lube.

"Think I can fit it in there, baby?" Jared asked.

Jensen had never been with a guy who had Jared's refractory time. It was kind of ridiculous. Jensen felt like an old fart around Jared because of it, but Jared could get off three, sometimes four times in one night without taking a break. Jensen had managed to get off twice in one night, but that was after quite a lot of fun had been had in between.

"You have no idea what this is gonna feel like," Jared teased. "You're gonna feel so full, so fuckin' stuffed."

Jensen had the urge to scramble away, to beg Jared, tell him he'd changed his mind. But Jensen hadn't really. He was just freaking out. He'd never had a fist up his ass. Nobody had ever even suggested it before Jared. And Jared's hands were so fucking big.

"So fuckin' hot, Jay," Jared said as he pushed all five fingers into Jensen, then pulled out before his knuckles even touched Jensen's rim.

"Jared," Jensen whispered, a little scared. He knew Jared would never intentionally hurt him, but shoving a fist inside someone else wasn't the easiest thing to do.

"You can take it," Jared said confidently as he pushed back in, his knuckles a firm pressure on Jensen's rim. "You're hole's so loose from my cock that you might not even notice my fist in there."

Jensen knew that wasn't true, but it was reassuring to know that Jared was still in control enough to use dirty talk while calming him down.

"Ah, fuck," Jensen hissed into the cushion as Jared pushed harder, fingers moving in and out of his hole, but pushing deeper with each thrust.

Jensen felt vulnerable, ass on display and up in the air, a perfect target for Jared. And Jared could see it all. He could see Jensen's loose hole taking his fingers, Jensen's balls and very flaccid cock hanging free over the back of the sofa.

"Ready for me?" Jared asked.

Jensen didn't think he was. "N-wait! Jared, fuck, wait," he said.

"You chickening out?" Jared teased, pushing into Jensen's hole.

Jensen flinched, the pressure building, and he wasn't entirely sure his body would open for Jared. "Jared, please," he said, because it wasn't no, it wasn't stop, but it was enough to let Jared know he was nervous about it.

"You should see it, Jens," Jared said. "Your slutty hole openin' right up for me. I'm almost inside you already. I busted that hole open so bad that it's almost suckin' me in."

"Jared!" Jensen yelped as Jared's knuckles pushed through, his hole burning a little with the stretch. Jensen was panting, eyes squeezed shut as his thighs shook.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Jared moaned, pulling his hand back out, then pushing in again.

Jensen felt his body relaxing around Jared, but it was still hard to take. It was so different than having a cock in there. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't amazing either.

"Think I can go up to my wrist?" Jared asked.

"Fuck," Jensen nearly sobbed, forcing himself to stay still when his instincts were shouting at him to run.

"You have my cock in there often enough that your hole can take this," Jared said, and Jensen could hear the condescending tone, could hear the teasing in his voice. "Don't act like a shy virgin. This ass has been ridden and put away wet so many times I'm surprised my fist didn't just slide up in there."

Jensen wanted more. He wanted to be distracted from the hand in his ass, and Jared must've known because he kept it up as he pushed deeper.

"You're fuckin' sloppy, baby," Jared said.

"Ah!" Jensen yelped as the heel of Jared's hand pushed through, his asshole closing around Jared's wrist. "Oh, fuck! Jared! Oh, fuck!" Panic made him whimper, because it felt like Jared wouldn't be able to pull himself back out.

"Aww, am I stuck in there?" Jared said, then chuckled. "Well, would you look at that," he said as he pulled back a couple times, making Jensen squeak as his entire body moved back, his rim caught on Jared's hand.

"Jared!" Jensen nearly yelled as he pushed up, palms on the cushion below him, turning his head to look at Jared with wide eyes.

Jared didn't look up. He didn't seem panicked. He was smiling. Jensen knew Jared well enough that it instantly made him feel better. If Jared really was stuck, he wouldn't be smiling and turning his hand this way and that inside Jensen, brushing over Jensen's prostate in a way that had Jensen's cock jerking even though it was only half hard. And Jensen was impressed his cock had managed to get even half hard.

"I'm gonna jerk off while I've got my fist inside you," Jared said, right hand still moving, fingers brushing against places Jensen didn't think anyone would ever touch. "Then I'm gonna pull my fist out and come into that loose hole."

Jensen dropped down onto the sofa cushion, pushing his face into the material. Jared was having a good time, and because Jensen got such a kick out of Jared getting off, Jensen's cock started getting harder. His hole didn't burn as much, and in fact the stimulation to his prostate was feeling pretty fucking amazing.

"Yeah, there ya go," Jared said, obviously noticing the change in Jensen. "Knew you'd like having a fist in that hole. You like it, don't you?" he asked, wanting to hear the words.

"Yeah," Jensen said, feeling his ears heat up.

"Tell me how much you like it," Jared said.

"Feels..., it feels good," Jensen said.

"I think you can do better than that," Jared said.

"I don't know," Jensen said, wincing. "It feels-ah!" he yelped as Jared wiggled his hand back and forth inside him, creating a vibration that felt unlike anything Jensen had ever experienced.

"What was that, baby?" Jared asked, smug tone to his voice.

"Feels-ah!" Jensen yelped again as Jared ramped up the intensity. Jensen couldn't speak. All he could do was writhe and whimper on the sofa, toes curling in the boots, fingers nearly poking holes in the fabric of the sofa cushion.

"Keep it up," Jared said. "I didn't tell you to stop."

Jensen couldn't. He just couldn't. He was overwhelmed and overstimulated. He wanted to come and he wanted to scream, but his body just trembled and twitched, not obeying him.

"Ah, fuck," Jared hissed, and Jensen knew he was coming.

Jensen squeaked as Jared pulled his hand out, Jensen's hole suddenly feeling empty and raw. He couldn't feel Jared's come, but he sure felt it when Jared smacked his cock against the rim of his hole.

"Jare!" Jensen hissed, back arching.

"C'mere," Jared said, already switching to caretaker mode.

It was instantaneous and something that was amazing to watch. If Jensen didn't know better, he'd say the man who had been fucking him and the man gently wrapping his arms around Jensen and carrying him to the bedroom were two different people.

"So beautiful, Jensen," Jared said, voice quiet and soothing in a way no one but Jensen knew about. "You're so beautiful, baby."

Jared unlaced the boots, easing them off Jensen's feet before peeling off the socks and kissing Jensen's heels one by one. Soon the jeans and boxers were being pulled from around his ankles. Jared wasn't in a hurry, every movement controlled and whisper soft.

"So good for me," Jared said, tossing the clothes onto the floor and crawling over Jensen's legs, kissing them on the way. "Arms up for me, sweetheart."

Jensen put his arms up, letting Jared slip the T-shirt over his head, and once the shirt was tossed onto the floor, Jared kissed his lips so softly, so sweetly that Jensen felt a few more tears run down into his hair.

Jared straddled Jensen, putting his weight down on Jensen's torso and legs because after a rough session Jensen liked to feel grounded. And even though Jared had already come, he gently thrust against Jensen, not for his own pleasure, but because the skin dragging over skin turned Jensen on while at the same time reminding him Jared was here just for him.

"Love you so much, baby," Jared said between kisses down Jensen's jaw, over his chest, his belly, his hip bones.

"Love you, Jare," Jensen said, spreading his legs as Jared settled between them, spread out on his stomach.

"Ready?" Jared asked, smiling up at Jensen, love in his eyes. This time waiting for Jensen's say-so instead of just taking, because this wasn't about Jared. It wasn't taking. It was Jensen's turn.

"Yeah," Jensen said, relaxing into the bed as Jared kissed Jensen's cock. "Make me come, Jare."

Jared chuckled as he licked at Jensen's cock. "Anything you want, baby," he said, and he really meant it.