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Different Worlds

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November 18, 1991

John O'Callaghan let out a tired sigh as he leaned back into the backseat of his car. He watched the scenery pass by in a dark blur before letting his eyes settle on his wife instead. His beatiful wife Erin sat beside him, her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed and her hand on her belly, lovingly stroking it. John couldn't help but to smile. They had longed for a baby for years but had never managed to get pregnant. Erin had been so upset, she longed to be a mother and give him an heir to his company but as the years went by, they slowly came to the realisation that it wasn't meant to be.

John had tried to bring up the idea of adopting a child but Erin had only cried, she didn't want to because she didn't want to feel as a failure as a woman. John never brought it up again. The most important thing to him was Erin's happiness after all. So when Erin's belly had started to grow some months prior, neither of them could believe it finally had happened, that God had finally granted their wish.

John gave Erin a small kiss on her forehead as he placed his hand on top of hers, letting it lie gently against her belly.

The car sped along the dark road in the county of Offaly. The O'Callaghans had been visiting their old friend David Roran's holiday estate for a couple of days on Erin's insistance; she had felt that John had gotten too stressed out from his business and needed some time to himself to just relax and get his breath back. Roran's estate was located about 55 kilometers from Dublin so it wasn't that far to travel. John hadn't been to keen on the idea until Erin thought it might do her and the baby some good as well to get out there.

John shifted slightly in his seat as he closed his eyes. He had to admit that the past couple of days had done wonders for him and Erin both. He had just about drifted off to sleep when he heard a loud crash. He was shook awake as the car started rolling for the longest seconds of his life before coming to an abrupt end in the ditch.




He leaned his head against the glass window as he watched the infants sleeping in the nursery at Edenberry Hospital. His own son should have been there... He rubbed his tired eyes as he contemplated going back to his wife's room, but he couldn't bare to look at her lying unconscious with tubes going everywhere at the moment. He continued to watch the sleeping babies in silence.

"Sir?" He lifted his eyes to look at the doctor before him. "Are you feeling alright, Mr. O'Callaghan?"

John remained silent for awhile. What kind of a question was that?

"We lost our child," he stated simply as he looked back at the babies. "We got married ten years ago and she hadn't been able to get pregnant until now, and now our baby is gone because some drunk bastard drove into our car."

The doctor nodded slightly then bowed his head, "If there is anything we can do, sir..."

An idea came to mind and John straightened up, suddenly looking as imposing and determined as he would in business meetings.

"There are twins in there. Someone will get to bring home two children, while we lost ours. How is that fair, Dr. Byrnes? Tell me about them."

The doctor looked taken aback at the strange request as he tried to recollect the information about the infant twins.

"They're boys, born last month - three months early - so we've had them in an incubator until now. This is their first night outside of it but we're keeping them here under observation as one doesn't seem as strong as the other."

"I want to donate a generous amount to this hospital, and to you, Dr. Byrnes."

"Oh... well we kindly accept anything, sir. Thank you."

"I do have a little request though. The stronger of the twins... I want him."

Dr. Byrnes' eyes widened.

"Sir, I can't possibly do that! It's not..."

"Not what? Not right? Not fair? The twins in there are just the same as my son would've been. Think about it, doctor. This if anything must be God's intervention, to make things right. And you will be a wealthy man and the hospital will surely have use of my genorousity."

"Have you considered adoption, sir?"

"Erin refuse to. She has to wake up to the news of our baby being dead, and it will break her." John slightly winced at his voice breaking at the last part but he knew it to be true. Erin would break completely and he was scared of losing her. He put that thought aside and continued on in that demanding voice that usually got him anything he wanted. "Are you willing to have her life on your conscious, Dr. Byrnes? The boy will get a loving home, the best education and the brightest future in Dublin. My wife will be the happiest woman alive. The hospital will have an increased fund and you'll be wealthy, and have my eternal gratitude. All you have to do is fix the papers and replace the babies."

"I... I'll get right on it, sir."

John smiled to himself as he watched the doctor turn and walk away.


22.06 John Paul O'Callaghan was announced born.

05. 28 am Henry Patrick Richard Grimes was announced dead due to a sudden heart failure.