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The Adventure Begins

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Thela is the rogue of the party. She loves money, and treasure. Thela is actually quite sharp when not wholeheartedly focused on gold. She was my character in the Pathfinders group. For player segments, I write in first person, and when I control Thela, it will look like this. I (Thela) pick pocketed the guard.

Uwassa is a druid. She loves nature, but can be a bit grumpy (due to her low charisma). I've changed the names to protect the innocent, so Uwassa will be played by Mary. As in, Mary (Uwassa) transformed into an owl.

Jafar is our fighter. He's a bit... okay, very, lacking in the intelligence factor. He's basically a meat shield. I've changed the names to protect the innocent, and Jafar will be played by Joe. As in, Joe (Jafar) kicked the door down.

Crono's the wizard. He can be a bit of a coward when it comes to battle, but his spells have come in handy several times. I've changed the names to protect the innocent, so Crono will be played by Steve. As in, Steve, (Crono), cast Levitate on the heavy gate.

Obez'yana is the ranger. He's an excellent tracker, and loves lizards. I've changed the names to protect the innocent, so Obez'yana will be played by Ben. As in, Ben (Obez'yana) followed the footprints.

Celestia started out rogue, then cross-classed to bard. She is the only one with any modicum of people skills. At all. I've changed the names to protect the innocent, so Celestia will by played by Susan. As in, Susan, (Celestia) convinced the looters to let us go.

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The party had just arrived in a town halfway to their destination. They wandered through the market place. "I suggest we get horses." Uwassa, the dwarf druid said.

"Do they have any horses strong enough to hold Jafar?" Thela, the elf rouge joked. Jafar, the half-orc fighter grunted. "Oooooh!" Thela dashed over to a stall, her eyes sparkling. "Masterwork short bow!" She practically squealed. She looked at the price, checking her gold. They had just cleared out a dungeon full of ghosts, and the town had paid them. She bought it.

"Do you sell magic rings?" Obez'yana, the elf ranger asked a nearby vendor. He wanted to train some shocker lizards, and he needed a ring to keep himself from getting shocked. He bought a ring.

Crono, Uwassa, and Jafar bought horses, and Celestia, the halfing rouge-bard bought a riding dog. Thela had a new short bow, and Obez'yana had a magic ring. Suddenly, Thela yelled.

"Someone just pick pocketed Uwassa!" She yelled.

"All right, Jafar, Crono, and I will try to intercept him at the gate, while Celestia, Thela, and Obez'yana follow him." Uwassa said. The team nodded. Thela dashed after the culprit, who climbed a building. Thela hurried after him, as did Celestia, but Obez'yana fumbled, falling slightly behind. They leapt from rooftop to rooftop. Thela had the best acrobatics training, so eventually Obez'yana could see Celestia, Celestia could see Thela, and Thela could see the thief. Finally, the thief stumbled. He grabbed a rooftop. When the party approached, he dropped to the floor.

"I think he's unconscious. The fall must have knocked him out." Celestia had caught up, and Obez'yana wasn't far behind.

"What should I do?" Thela asked. Then she got an idea. She leapt from the roof-onto the thief. "Now, I'll take Uwassa's gold back. And what valuables do you have?" After Thela had taken the thief's gold and Uwassa's, they met up again. "Here's your gold."

"Thanks. Are we ready to set off again?" The party nodded. Jafar, Uwassa, and Crono mounted their horses, and Celestia her riding dog.

"Um." Thela looked at the horses. "What about me?" Obez'yana looked at her. "Fine. What about me and Obez'yana?" They decided that the horses would walk slowly, and Thela and Obez'yana would walk beside them. It worked, actually, because Thela couldn't sneak on a horse. They moved through the woods.

"Hey, is that a person?"

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"I don't trust them!" I complained to the other players.

"Yeah, but we can't just shoot them!" Mary reasoned. I pouted.

"Why don't you let Celestia talk to them?" The party's DM suggested.

"She does have the highest Charisma check." Mary pointed out.

"Fine." I sighed.

"Um, I say 'hi'." Susan rolled a d20. Her Diplomacy check was very high. The people opened up immediately. They told the party that they were a traveling troupe, and that two of their number had gone missing and wouldn't it be great if someone found them, but it was super dangerous.

"What do you want to do?" The DM asked. The players thought, talking amongst themselves briefly.

"Well, we should find the missing people." Susan reasoned. The players agreed. They left to find the people. Ben (Obez'yana), the ranger, used his tracking skills to find a set of footprints that could have belonged to the two missing girls.

"Are we close?" Ben asked the DM.

"Yes. This looks like a place something might live." The DM rolled a d20 behind his computer.

"Beep." Mary said.

"How many times have I told you to stop saying 'beep' every time the DM rolls a die!" I said, annoyed. "It's not even always a bad thing!" The DM reached for a marker to stand for a person or enemy.

"Roll initiative!" The DM said cheerfully.

"Okay, this time it was bad." I admitted. "What are we up against?" I asked the DM, rolling a d20.

"What looks like a huge spider."

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Thela quickly reached for her bow. Smiling, she remembered it was her new, magic one. Loading an arrow, she shot at the spider before anyone else had time to react. She hit, but not hard. Uwassa unsheathed her dwarven battle-ax, Celestia grabbed her sling staff, Obez'yana had his elven curved blade, and Jafar his huge war hammer.

The fight was going pretty well, they got several hits in, until the spider disappeared. "Where did it go?" Celestia asked. The party looked around and couldn't see it. They waited, and it suddenly reappeared, striking Jafar and then disappearing again. This happened twice more. The spider struck Thela and Celestia before the party could retaliate. The only got few more hits in. They couldn't predict when the spider was going to attack, or where.

"All right, everyone, backs together." Thela suggested. Everyone stood in a small circle facing outwards. When the spider reappeared to attack, Thela quickly shot at it, and the others soon acted, being close enough now to attack. Then, the spider disappeared. The party waited. And waited. And waited.

"I don't think it's coming back." Uwassa said. Sure enough, a minute passed and still no sign of the spider. The party relaxed slightly, it seemed the fight was over.

"We should look for the girls." Celestia said. The party agreed. After some searching and Obez'yana's tracking skills, the party found... two dead bodies. They matched the description the troupe leader had provided.

"You think these are the girls?" Thela asked. Obez'yana nodded irately.

"You doubt my tracking skills?" Obez'yana asked, anger present in his voice.

"Yes." Thela said, without hesitation. "But it seems like you were right this time. We need to tell the troupe." So the party headed back to the caravan, and the traveling circus.

"Yes, we found the girls. They were dead." Celestia broke the news. The troupe was saddened, but offered to take them to the town where they were headed. The rode with the troupe all the way to their destination, which took a much shorter time.

"We are FINALLY here!" Thela said.

"It would appear so." Celestia said.

"Who are we supposed to talk to?" Uwassa asked.

"Someone at the courthouse, I think." Thela said, remembering the will. So the disoriented party set off for the courthouse until they heard screaming. "What was that?" Thela's head whipped around. There was a building on fire.

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"What?" Mary exclaimed. "It's on fire?" The DM nodded.

"Which building is it?" I questioned, confused.

"It appears to be the university." The DM informed the players. "What are you going to do?"

"Can we save them?" Susan asked.

"With what?" I asked. "How would we save them? Who's even there?"

"Good question." The DM said. "It looks like the fire hasn't gotten many people. Several people are already working to put it out. It only got the library portion."

"How dare they!" I joked. My friends laughed, knowing my love of books.

"You see someone running out of the fire. They look like, well, a beast." The DM finished. My friends and I exchanged glances.

"I walk up to someone who's putting out the fire and ask what's going on." Susan decided. The DM nodded, waiting for her to ask the NPC a question. "What's going on?" Susan (Celestia) asked.

"The Beast again!" The DM (NPC) complained. "At least this time no one died."

"Weren't we supposed to talk to someone here?" I (Thela) asked.

"I think so. Someone at the courthouse, the judge I believe." Mary (Uwassa) replied. The party agreed on this, and after talking to some other NPC's who shared similar sentiment about this 'beast', we asked for directions to the courthouse.

"This it?" Joe asked. Ben nodded.

"Let's go in!"