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All the Wonders You Are

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April 2012

She should be terrified, she knows. But she's already sixteen, the daughter of a Gym Leader, and having traveled so far alone and having trust in her Pokemon that she knows they'll do their best together, she perseveres through the darkness. She hoped that Steven, whoever he was, was a skilled enough trainer to protect himself from all the wild Pokemon in this cave…

She stopped when she saw someone in the darkness. “Excuse me, are you…”


He had been surprised that his father had given such a young girl a letter for him. But considering how far she had gone, with the determination in her eyes that reminded him of his own when he was just starting out as a Trainer who wanted to make his own name for himself, he realized that maybe his father had recognized this in her too.

Maybe, he thought… He had met many trainers, young and old, during his years of travel, and yes, as both Trainer and Champion. None had this reaction from him but her, clearly only starting her journey but already comfortable with her Pokemon in a way that many with longer years never achieved.

Maybe, this girl would be…

“…I think that you have in you what it takes to become a Pokemon League Champion.” [1]

He saw the surprise in her face that was replaced by the determination he felt earlier.

“Good luck to you, then.” [2]


He had been so kind, she thought after, when she had finished training for the day. Giving her this Technical Machine for her Pokemon, and those kind words…

Her cheeks burned. Pokemon League Champion? She was a daughter of a Gym Leader; she had seen firsthand what determination her father had mustered to win his spot among Hoenn’s Gym Leaders. Could she be like that, no, even more like that someday? She didn’t know, but with that man’s kind words, she wanted to try. So many wondrous words he gave her that moment, she only hoped she could live up to them, even though he must just have been kind to say them.

Her last thoughts before she slept were ones she never would have expected.

“Mr. Stone should have said that Steven would be so kind and handsome…”