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Teen Wolf - The Magus Chronichles: Volume 3 The Red and Pale Horse's

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Interlude – Dark Universe:

A thousand dark claws skittered and scratched at the barrier that kept them from their revenge. The dark Titans spat fury at the loss of another of their heralds; it had been weak and had been destroyed by infants spawned of an insect of race. The remaining had better complete their tasks or they would be made to suffer until the next alignment.

The claws probed and felt the barrier weakening and cracking already. The damage from the cracking of reality was already spreading, it was travelling through all of light's reality and when the convergence was right they would bridge the barrier and rain their fury on what remained of the light Titans essence. Soon it would be gone completely and then their dark universe would be what it once was.

All that would ever be.

Chapter 1 – Lessons in Quantum... thingy:

Damion sat at the computer in the study and read the reports that were being filtered through to him from various agencies and sources. Sighing he lent back and massaged the bridge of his nose. It had already been a hell of a week for them and it looked like there was no sign of it letting up. California was still an emergency zone; the inland portion had suffered less that the coast so work was progressing faster in those areas. Power had been restored as best they could to most areas and they were working on getting the rest, with power came utilities and the chance to keep and cook food safely.

The families had stayed for most of the week, the Argents being the first to leave after three days. They had all managed to keep a civil atmosphere which was a win in anyone's book, Sam was still at the lair as it had been discussed and it was the safest place for him at the moment. The Kean's had taken the news of Danny's Lycanthropy better than they had expected, though Danny had gotten soundly told off for not telling his parents, the upshot was that Danny's mum, Kalena, had asked her mother, Keona Pele, for a refresher course on the Hawaiian traditions. The Whittmore's were also taking it better now that things had had a chance to settle, Judith was beside her self apologising to Jackson for her behaviour as was Jack. With the other families they now had a supernatural support group they could talk with. The only one who was still in the dark under a consensus from all was Mrs Martin, she had tried to chat up every male regardless of age at some point, and the divorce was not sitting well with her. It had reached a head when she tried to flirt with Scott, Lydia walked in and saw her cornering Scott and Scott almost having a wolf attack in panic, Lydia grabbed her arm and hauled her mother out the room and had several loud words with her, after which things settled somewhat, but Derek and Damion kept getting the 'Come Hither' looks.

The parents hadn't taken the concise briefing about what was happening with great calm, it had taken Stan, Deaton, Melissa and the Argents, Deaton having been brought in to verify what was going on, to stop the Whittmore's and the Kean's going to the government. When the knee jerk reaction had passed they had listened as it was explained and why the government couldn't be involved, and it had taken Damion several demonstrations of magic and his Alpha state to prove he wasn't mad when he said he was twenty five hundred years old. Though Tom Kean and Chris Argent had both wanted to see Excalibur, the wife's were exchanging glances that said 'Men' in a derogatory fashion. The agreement was that as long as they were kept in the loop, didn't put the Pups in more danger that seemed to want to come at them, a situation that had left them all pondering the enormous dangers, that they wouldn't stop what needed to happen. Though they did want to see them at home at least a half of the week, and the cars would be forfeit if the grades suffered and if they got into trouble.

"How did I end up with the equivalence of six sets of in-laws, all ready to jump on me if something goes wrong, and one ready to just plain jump me?" Derek asked from the doorway of the Study.

"Bad living and poor diet, crappy Universal Karma and bad luck?" Damion responded and Derek snorted at that. "Be glad that that's not six set of in-laws ready to hunt you down for your pelt."

"That's true." Derek gave Damion that point. "Only three of them are ready to do that, and the others will if anything goes wrong."

"My you're a Sour Wolf today aren't you?" Damion said as he stood up, and Derek raised an eyebrow pursed his lips at the 'Sour Wolf' comment.

"Anyway the Pups... and Sam." Derek all but ground out Sam's name. "Are in the library."

Damion walked over to his mate and put a hand on his arm. "Be nice, it takes a lot of guts to stay with the people you tried to kill, even if it is for protection from the psycho that indoctrinated you."

Derek shook his head and sighed again at Damion's desire to give everyone a second chance, then wondered if he had been one of those people as well.

As if reading his mind, Damion leaned in and kissed Derek. "You never needed a second chance, nor will you ever." Damion told him, and the pair headed to the library.


Scott was leaning into Allison and sharing a joke about something, ignoring the daggers that Sam was sending his way or perhaps because of the daggers. Lydia and Jackson were leaning in to hear what he was saying and Danny and Stiles were groaning from the other side of the room as they heard the comment as well.

Sam sighed and sat further back into his chair as he could. He never realised that it would be this hard when his parents had been here, and when they had suggested it as a safe house for him, it had seemed bearable. Now though he was left wondering if this was his penance for going so far of the rails. It wasn't that they were actively hostile, but there was an atmosphere when he was around the others, and the fact that they disappeared for hours at a time and as far as he could tell, weren't leaving the house. At that point in his musings the Alpha's came in, and if the others didn't make sense to him, than these two made even less, Derek was openly anti-social and Damion was reserved but the most open of the lot. Now they had asked him to be here so he could pass on information to his parents, so he was the unofficial ambassador now as well.

"Good everyone's here. Well do we want to start with the bad news, or the 'I'm getting my head bent out of shape' news?" Damion asked as he moved to the front of the room and pulled a display screen over. Derek had sat down of to one side.

The Pups exchanged glances and Stiles asked. "The bad news and the mind bending news, are they the same news that will be both bad and mind bending so it will be moot to which goes first?"

Damion paused to consider that, and then nodded. "Yeah pretty much the same really." There was a collective groan from the group, and even Sam had a feeling that this state of information giving was pretty standard, and it was going to be bad.

Damion turned the display on and using a tablet brought up a series of pictures that showed the area around Beacon Hills at a fairly large scale. "This is the area around Beacon Hills." Damion said and Jackson snorted, Damion gave him a 'really' look and Jackson managed to look contrite. "Anyway after the earthquake I wanted to get a deep look at the area, especially to look for any long term damage. I tasked three high orbital satellites and a K8 super platform, which one of my companies run's for the military; I told them it was scientific study on post earthquake stress, so not a total lie. This is what it told me." He pressed the tablet and the pictures started to glow with different colours, there was as central blob around the deep preserve area and then it petered out into hotspots that were drifting outwards from the central mass.

Scott nodded frowned. "What are we looking at?" He asked.

"It looks like one of those virus maps they show you when there's an epidemic somewhere." Lydia said, her mind already grasping the apparent damage or source of something.

"Well almost, they are showing the gravimetric, electromagnetic and high energy particle counts." Damion said and Lydia sat back, taking it in.

Stiles sat bolt upright at that. "That looks like ground zero for a nuke!" He exclaimed.

Damion nodded. "I can see that and we're in that general direction, but what we're looking at is dimensional damage from the breaking of reality."

Jackson frowned at that. "How can we see something that hasn't happened yet? They haven't broke anything yet, have they?" He asked and Scott shared the same head tilted confused look.

Damion sighed. "This is where things get mind bending. We're seeing a breakdown in causality leading to us seeing effect before cause, meaning we know they breach the reality wall."

Scott almost whined. "How can we see something that hasn't happened yet?"

"Ok, time isn't a straight line as we perceive it, we only see it as following times arrow as were inside of it, it's sort of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey." Damion was making twisting hand movements as he tried to explain and it got away from him.

Lydia snorted at him. "It's terrible when bad things happen to good sentences." Damion rolled his eyes and Derek glared at her, and the others when they were trying to hide there laughter.

Sam leaned forward. "What do you mean," He almost wished he hadn't said anything as all eyes turned to him.

"Thank you Sam, matter at hand people. We perceive time as travelling along what is called Times arrow. Time starts, it moves along, and then ends. Cause leads to affect, A to B to C. It's what we call causality, also how entropy works complex events break down to the simplest form." He pointed to the display and graphics came up showing this.

Jackson shook his head. "You lost me there." Scott looked and Jackson and then back to Damion and nodded at that, the pair were so alike in a lot of ways it was scary at times.

"You build a sandcastle; to start with it retains its shape if you made it right." Every one nodded as Damion explained. "When it succumbs to entropy it falls apart till it's a pile of sand, it can't get into a simpler form than that."

Jackson nodded. "Ok got that, things start and then finish and breakdown"

"Almost, things start, break down and finish. Now there is a theory that states that when an event happens it produces to waves in time. There is the standing wave that goes along with time, cause leading to effect. At the same time it produces a retarded wave that travels backwards against time. This wave is normally masked or cancelled out by the standing wave." On the screen it showed an explosion and two arrows one, a large one that read 'Standing' pointing along an axis that said time, and a tiny one the read 'Retarded', and that was then hidden under the larger arrow.

Danny, Lydia and Stiles nodded as they got the concept, Sam and Allison were next and finally Scott and Jackson, but they both still seemed unsure.

"Were dealing with what is a breach in reality, on December tenth, the heralds of these dark Titans will crack reality. This is going to break down the fundamental laws of the universe, time and space. The standing wave and the retarded wave are no longer connected or masking the other. We are seeing dimensional effects of reality breaking down before it happens." The diagram changed to a rip and two large arrows coming from it, one going with time and the other against time, neither being masked or hidden.

Lydia suddenly stood up and started pacing. "This is bad, a fundamental break down like this would not be isolated to a single membrane universe, and we would be looking at multiversal damage." She turned and pointed to Damion who nodded, the other's looking between her and Damion with confusion.

Damion brought up another graphic on the screen, it looked like a sheet of glass at an angle, there was a glowing red line going across the width, it had a legend that said 'December Tenth', then other coloured lines ran along the length, the length had a legend that read 'Time'. "This is a slice of the multiverse, you can see all the parallel universe along the width." He said pointing at the coloured lines; he then pressed a claw to where a crimson one in the middle touched the December tenth line. "That's our universe on December tenth. This is what happens when the walls of reality get breached." He pressed his claw into the screen, there was a scratching cracking noise as the claw went through the glass on the screen, as it did a spider web of cracks appeared some running to the left of the screen, some to then right, some to the top and bottom.

As the others in the room sat and watched a hole appeared in their universe and it spread through all time and spaces. Stiles summed up the impact on everyone at seeing this. "Shit!"

Scott looked urgently to Damion. "Does this mean we've lost already, if we're seeing effects before it happens?"

Damion shook his head. "No, all were seeing is that they manage to breach the wall, we don't know what will happen after that. This is why they corrupted and sealed the cardinal elements, to use it as a reality drill."

Allison asked. "Is that like Earth, Air, Water, and Fire?"

Stiles nodded and answered. "Yeah that was how they were know, but we know them as the four states of matter, Solid, Gas, Liquid, and Plasma."

It was Jacksons turn to look at Stiles. "That sounds more like Science than Magic?"

Stiles shrugged. "It is, Arthur C Clarke once said 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' The reverse of that is also true. Any sufficiently advanced Magic is indistinguishable from technology." Jackson, Scott, Danny, Allison and Sam looked blown away by that thought, Lydia and Damion nodded in agreement, and Derek looked like he had a headache coming on.

"So anyway, we know what they are trying to do and the approximate location, now we just need to find its power source." Derek said as he brought the meeting back to order.

"That's all. Sheesh! So it's not just our universe that we need to look out for, it's all of them, and were the only ones that can do this? We fail and it all goes down the shitter, the only upside is that we'll probably be tortured and dead before it happens if we do fail. Even if we don't fail then were looking at a pitched battle to stop them from finding something that will break everything and might take most of our lives to do it!" Stiles exclaimed standing up, when Damion and Derek nodded. He summed up the Pups and Sam's thoughts. "We are sooo fucked! Not only do we have to stop the end of reality, we need to go to school, keep our grades up, fend off attacks by the heralds that have it in for us, and try to win at Lacrosse!"

Damion looked at Stiles and nodded. "Pretty much." And Derek groaned and face palmed at his mate for the less than tactful agreement.


Allison and Scott were in her room at her parents' house, it was a few days after what Stiles had nicknamed 'The meeting of DOOM'; Allison was visiting her parents and picking up some stuff for school. The first part of the visit had been somewhat stilted and Scott looked like he wanted to bolt every time her mother came near him, especially after they had talked about what had happened at the briefing. Between that and the pointed looks towards the garage that her father kept giving Scott, the day wasn't going brilliantly. She had then said something about needing a hand to get some stuff and dragged Scott upstairs.

Scott was now looking plaintively at the window as an escape route and Allison couldn't blame him. "Honestly I didn't expect them to welcome you with open arms, but at least dial down the hostility a bit." Allison told him as she rifled through a desk drawer looking for her student pass.

"I can't really blame them Ally." Scott said and then shrugged at the look she gave him. "Seeing it from their point of view, and I wouldn't admit it to anyone else or them, I can see where their coming from. I date you, rather intensively, get you dragged into life threatening situations, turn you into a Werewolf and you from a family of Werewolf Hunters and your involved with something that has brought your psycho Aunt back from the dead and she looks to be out to destroy the world." He ticked of the points as he said them.

Allison looked at him and mused on the points, and then ruffled his hair and said with a smile. "You're a bad influence on me, but I still love you."

Scott grinned at her and stood up so that they could kiss again. So caught up in the kissing they didn't hear a car pulling into the drive or the car door being slammed. What did catch their attention was the front door near enough being kicked off its hinges and slamming into the wall leaving a door handle impression in the dry wall.

"What the HELL, Piss poor, half assed, weak willed, panty wastes of an operation you running here boy, and where the HELL is my Grandson and what the HELL has happened to my Granddaughter!" A voice more akin to a drill instructor echoed through the house.

Allison broke the kiss and looked at Scott, when she spoke it was half filled with joy and half filled with trepidation at what that voice meant. "Grandpa!" She told Scott who looked more confused than anything.

Instinctively Scott went for the window to only be held back by Allison. "This probably isn't a good time to meet the extended family Ally! The dude sounds like he would slap a collar on me and stick me in a Kennel!" He told her with a fair hint of panic.

Allison considered this and placed a finger to her lips and led a most unwilling Scott to the balcony that overlooked the living room. Peering over the edge but keeping back so no one would see them, they both saw an older man in his sixties; he was six foot tall, trim built and balding, he had a close cropped silver beard and his hair was silvering as well. Chris and Victoria were standing looking at him with something not too far from shock at seeing the man in their house.

"Sam is secure location... Sir." The sir was almost an afterthought but instilled responses kicked in when Chris spoke to him.

"Gerard, you always were one to make... an entrance." Victoria said coolly to him.

"Victoria, I like to dispense with the bull shit that normally goes along with these things. I come back from Australia after meeting with the elders over there and find out that Kate's dead, Sam has gone AWOL, you two are excommunicated and there are weird as shit rumours floating around about Allison being a Werewolf, Kate not being dead and the end of the world. What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?" When he spoke he punctuated each point with a stab of the finger, and then when he asked the question he cracked his knuckles.

Scott shot a 'Rabbit in the Headlights' look at Allison and she patted his hand reassuringly.

Chris looked nonplussed at this, used to his father's behaviour. "Well Sir, the reason you didn't hear about Kate sooner is that you were out of direct communications with the elders here. We tried to reach you several times and were blocked, after the excommunication plain ignored. Sam is safe, he escaped from the creature inhabiting Kate, the last time he was in official communication he was in contact with a creature called White who tried to kill Allison and then staged a biological attack on the Hale Wolf Pack. White is dead and as to Kate not being dead, I can attest that my sister is dead. I saw the wounds and checked her vitals myself. The creature that inhabits her body would seem to be a chaotic creature that is bent on destroying the world." Chris was clam as he answered Gerard's questions, he had been through this many times with the old man, and it was the only way to not get an earful.

"That sounds like a pile of bull shit. Why Kate was even killed to begin with…" He stopped and his eyes flicked around the room. "Before you answer Chris, Allison get your ass down here. I know you're up there with someone else."

Scott looked at Allison and then back to her room and escape, but Allison shook her head and nodded towards the stairs. "Better to get this over with." She whispered to him.

Scott hung his head in submission and let Allison pull him along behind her. "Such a bad idea." He whispered to no one in particular.

At the entrance to the living room she stopped and shyly brushed the errant strands of her hair behind ear again. "Hi Grandpa." She said softly.

Gerard looked at her sternly and then said. "Come and give me a hug." Breaking into a smile.

Allison ran forward and hugged Gerard like she did when she was little. Gerard looked over her shoulder at Scott who was doing his best to blend into the wall. "Who's the boy?" He asked.

Victoria cleared her throat and said "Pup"

Gerard half turned Allison and looked at Victoria and Chris who nodded. He started to push Allison behind him and the reflexes kicked in and he pulled out a hand gun and pointed it at Scott. He spat the word Pup out as he addressed Scott who was in full 'Rabbit in the Headlights' mode. "Pup, you better have a damn good reason for being near my Granddaughter or I swear I'll hang your pelt from my wall!"

Allison pulled back and looking hurt at her Grandfather said. "Grandpa! He's my mate!"

Gerard pulled back and looked at Allison, the emotional high had pushed her eyes to Gold and Gerard visibly paled, the gun arm going limp. He looked to Chris and Victoria, Scott momentarily forgotten. "You allowed this to happen, for her to be turned, and to mate with one of them?"

Victoria sighed and sat down. "We didn't have a choice Gerard. Scott, please try and retain your bladder control I would prefer if you didn't have an accident." Scott blushed at that thought, and the implied house broken reference. "Gerard, please sit down and we can try and explain everything as best we can."

Allison grabbed Scott's hand and pulled him over to the seat while Gerard stood by the fire looking at the pair. He crossed his arms and bluntly said. "Well?"

"Grandpa, Scott and I were dating, and I didn't know he was a Werewolf to start with. Then everything about what Aunt Kate did came out and she used me to hunt him and another one. I found out the truth and decided to carry on seeing him. We bonded and became Mates." She stopped and squeezed Scott's hand. "We didn't know that our contact would start my own transformation, but when we did, I knew it was what I wanted. I'm his mate and he's mine" Allison said looking at her grandfather and never wavering.

"Of all the… I take it it's past the point of changing, the eyes aren't just a precursor…" Gerard said waiving a hand towards Allison and looking at Chris and Victoria.

Chris nodded. "Yes, it took us somewhat by surprise when it happened. Certainly we know what they have been up too." He added glowering at Scott who shifted uncomfortably.

Gerard narrowed his eyes and he looked at Allison "So knowing what we do, and what your history is, you still accepted this? You kept seeing him" He looked at Scott.

"Sir, I love your Granddaughter very much. She completes me, and makes me whole. I think Allison feels the same as well." Scott said looking to Allison.

Allison nodded saying. "It's true. I feel the same."

Scott spoke up. "Believe me sir, it wasn't our first intention, and I would never hurt her in any way. Also I've never deliberately went out to hurt anyone. If I have it was in self-defence." He figured that his full moon rampages at the start weren't totally his fault so he wasn't really lying.

Gerard sat their looking at the boy who has spoken so earnestly, then to Chris and Victoria. Chris nodded in verification of what Scott had said, Victoria merely sighed which Gerard took as a yes. Finally he sighed himself and said "What it's done is put Allison in danger young man. The Hunter group is fracturing along ideals. There are those like us who will not kill unless we are forced to do so to protect other lives. The others want to purge the planet of anyone who is a potential threat. Now what happened to Kate?"

Chris spoke again and his voice was thick with grief. "You probably know all that happened."

"I want to hear it from you; I want to know what happened to her." Gerard replied sounding tired.

"Kate… Kate arranged for a fire to be set at the Hale pack house six years ago. She didn't care that there were innocent humans and children in it, or that there were Pack members who hadn't killed. She almost wiped them all out. Derek, Laura and Peter Hale were the only survivors. Peter was badly burned and comatose and non-responsive. Derek and Laura left the state. Peter it would seem regenerated slowly from the damage but it had affected his mind. Then towards the end of last year he was able to move again. He started killing animals in the forest and then arranged with help to get Laura, then the Alpha, back here. He killed her and took the power, after biting Scott he then started hunting those that set the fire. Derek came back looking for Laura's killer and hunted the Alpha not knowing it was Peter. Kate came back, I imagine, when it was clear who was being targeted. She then tried to cover her tracks, at the same time bringing Allison into things against my express orders. She was going to use Allison as a tool in her own plans. I tried to get her and Allison out of the state as things were reaching boiling point. She refused to go and used Allison to hunt Scott and Derek. She was going to kill them both when I arrived and stopped her. I was going to take her into custody for Trial. The Alpha attacked and over powered us. He then threatened Allison and ripped out Kate's throat. Scott, Derek and the others that were involved took down the Alpha and then Derek ended him." Chris took a sip from his coffee and sat there waiting for the response from his father over his sister's death.

Gerard paced back and forward looking at the others in the room from time to time. "Oh Kate, you always were a loose cannon weren't you." He finally said, more to himself that anyone else. "So that's what happened, and how is she back now?" Gerard's gaze was on Chris again, but Chris indicated that it was Scott that needed to tell this bit of the story.

After gulping and clearing his throat a few times Scott started speaking in a soft but clear voice, but looking at his hands like he was giving a report for school. "After the fight with Peter, a wolf that would become Derek's mate made himself known to us. He helped us clear up the mess from taking Peter down, and to get the pack to work better together, to actually start acting like a family. He also came looking for something that he said was brewing and that creatures with a connection to magic were feeling it. The something turned out to be an ancient chaos that wants to destroy everything. One of its first acts was to create the first of four heralds, it used Kate's body. Damion thinks it was attracted to the chaos that infused Kate's life." Gerard looked at Chris who nodded. Allison squeezed Scott's knee in support and Scott then carried on. "She used Sam and his prejudices against us to gain control of him. He arranged for troops and supplies and weapons. The next thing she did was to set up for the next Herald, which was White, we think he was pestilence. He attacked Allison in her own home, and only her parents saved her from being shot in the head, the flight or fight response triggered her first shift. White then used his connections to the Hunters, we think, to push through cutting of Mr and Mrs Argent. He infected his men with a bio-contagion and if we won or lost it would have spread globally. Damion and a friend were able to counter it; they saved my life when I ripped of White's face when he tried to molest Allison." Scott's voice cracked at that though.

Allison leaned over and kissed him, and whispered. "You're doing fine, don't worry."

Again Gerard looked to Chris who again nodded, and the others could see Gerard tense at that thought. Scott took a breath and carried on. "Kate then arranged to sink a cruise liner, one of the passengers was chosen to host the third Herald, and we think she was famine. They created a drought in the mid west and used it to get a foothold into people's souls and she enthralled them, that's what Damion called it. She raised an army and came looking for us. They set of the earthquakes to get more dead people; all the deaths were so they could corrupt the prime elements so they can use them, it also brought the last of the Heralds over. Peter Hale has been brought back as death, and we think Kate is war; they are the original version of the four horsemen myth. Black captured us, and tortured us." He paused as the memory of that horrible night, still so fresh, came back to him.

Allison rubbed his leg again. "Scott was so brave, he tried to get us out of there, and when that wasn't going to happen and we got caught and chained up, he made himself a target so that they wouldn't beat us as much. He was covered in welts and whip marks and poisoned by what they did to him, all so me and the rest of the Pack would be safer." Scott looked up at Allison and she smiled proudly at his actions.

"We now know what's coming for us, creatures that were here before the universe was made, that want to destroy it because it isn't like them. We seemed to be a target cause they don't like us or we're standing in their way. Whatever reason they have they keep coming at us, and we keep getting through it by the skin of our teeth. We know that they have a deadline of December tenth, and we have all seen proof of what's happening."

Gerard quirked an eyebrow and said. "You have proof of this... fairy story. I'd like to see that."

Chris went to his brief case and took out stills similar to the ones that Damion had shown then Pups. "These are shots that they had taken by satellites, what they represent is damage from the future event taking over several days."

Gerard flipped through them and looked up. "They're backwards boy." He said to chastise Chris.

Scott stood up and shook his head, his face earnest as he tried to explain. "No, Damion explained were seeing effect happening before cause. They break open reality, and were seeing the ripples from the blast before it happens because it's breaking all of realities rules."

Gerard looked at the stills again, and then to Scott's painfully honest face, and then to Allison, Chris and finally Victoria, they all seemed to agree to this story. "Ok, let's say I buy enough of the story to know something screwy is up. I want to talk to the source of these tales. I want to see the Wolf in the eye when he explains all this to me."

Scott went to say something and stopped then looked at Allison, who gave him an 'I have no idea either' look. "Ok I think we can arrange that." He finally said, hoping that he wasn't digging himself a hole here.

Gerard nodded. "Good, let's do that now, I want to see Sam as well."

Scott froze again, not having expected it to be right now. "Ok, let me phone, and make sure people are in." He all but ran from the room to make the call.

Gerard looked from Scott's retreating form to Allison and then to Chris and Victoria. "He's not too bad all things considered, could be worse." He finally said, Chris shook his head and Allison groaned realising that the drill sergeant interrogation had been his way to intimidate and check out her mate.

"Grandpa, he's terrified of you!" Allison told him.

Gerard nodded and his eyes narrowed as he said. "Good, I know how you get to become a Werewolf by being a mate..." At that Allison knew Scott wasn't going to get an easy ride.

Scott came barrelling back in. "It's all set, they said come round any time you want."

Gerard nodded. "Then that would be now, mister!" Scoot blanched and ran for the door, not hearing the groan from Allison or the chuckle from Victoria.

"Don't be cruel!" Allison tried to admonish.

"Just be glad I'm not hunting him for sleeping with you." Gerard growled in reply then headed to the door, the others following him.


The red SUV pulled up behind the Aston martin, the occupants getting out and Gerard looked over from the passenger side. "The car is a trifle extravagant isn't it?" He said to Chris.

Chris's voice hardened. "It wasn't use. The Alpha's got them for them as part graduation, birthday and increased security." He replied giving the reason they had been given in turn.

Gerard raised an eyebrow. "Really, and you let them?"

Victoria interrupted. "There were other fights more important to take on."

They entered the house and Scott and Allison indicated the Library on the right to them. Inside Derek and Damion were unpacking a new display screen.

"Look, will you just pass me the network adapter, if we set it up then we don't need to wire it up to the network." Damion was telling Derek while positioning the screen.

Derek growled. "We need to set it up so that the network adapter is registered first of all, and for that we need the mac address which YOU threw out with the box, because you never got the old one of the last screen before it went out." He replied looking at the remote in his hand as he pressed buttons to get it on. "You were the one that broke the last screen, so be glad I'm helping you at all with this."

Damion snorted at that as he connected up the wireless connector. "It was a visual demonstration of how fucked we are and it worked very well. And they took it away before I realised I hadn't taken it off, ok."

"So how fucked are we?" Gerard asked viewing the arguing Alpha's with a raised eyebrow.

The pair turned around and looked at the visitors, they had known they had arrived and come into the house, what they had done was a power play to show that they weren't on edge at their presences. Knowing that, they knew that the Argents would know it as well, so it was a fairly open act to show that they weren't being hostile to them. Damion rubbed the side of his head at the headache that was coming from all the power playing that was needed these days to have a conversation.

Gerard, Chris and Victoria came into the library followed by Allison and Scott. Derek looked at Scott. "Sam is out the back with Jackson; let him know his family is here." Scott nodded and hurried from the room.

Gerard walked over to the large table and took out his sidearm and put it on the table. "Just so were clear." Allison groaned behind him and shook her head at the gesture.

Damion looked at it and then snapped his fingers; a pad on the table burst into flames, and then extinguished itself at another snap. "Just so were clear." He said repeating Gerard's words back to him; Allison groaned again and put her hand to her face, covering her eyes. Gerard just nodded and sat down, followed by the others. "So are we done posturing for the sake of our manly or Wolfly pride?" He then asked the others, and could feel Derek rolling his eyes at the question, and Gerard smirked at that.

"I think so." Gerard said almost growling. At that moment Scott came back with Sam and Jackson. Gerard turned at the movement and saw his grandson, Standing he pulled the Sam into a rough embrace then pushed him back and scrutinised Sam frowning at the tired, worn look he still had. "You ok boy?" he asked.

Sam nodded. "Yeah Gramps, I'm getting there."

Gerard nodded; he sat down again and looked at Derek. "So from what I've heard happened, and been informed off, what is inhabiting and defiling the remains of my daughter?"

Derek looked at Damion and indicated for him to explain; Damion took a moment and then attempted to explain as best he could. "So you've been briefed about the dark Titans, and their attempt at breaking into our universe?"

Gerard nodded. "As much as I believe." He replied.

"Well believe it, either through some cosmic irony, random chance or by design, they have chosen two people that push my packs buttons to act as their heralds. The other two may have been chosen for other reasons, I don't know. When the dark Titans were blocked from our reality, they left four shards of their essence in the reality wall, they wormed their way through the barrier and the first, the one we think of as war, arrived first. Maybe as Kate was such a chaotic being already it acted like a lightning road. It inhabited her form, regenerated the damage to make it workable and assimilated the elements of her essence that was left in the carcase."

Chris leaned forward. "So it's actually her?" He asked with an earnest expression.

Damion shook his head. "No, whatever her essence was left at the point of death. This creature is like a photocopy or a scan of what was left."

"Whatever it is, it can act, sound, think like her, it knows how to play her" Derek said in a gruff voice.

Sam nodded. "When she picked me up, she was like the Kate I remembered; it was only the odd thing now and then. Then after time it was like she was stopping to put on the show all the time and any humanity that was there disappeared, what was left was just twisted remnants of her. If I hadn't come to my senses I don't think I would have realised even that." Victoria looked at her son with concern, and took his hand giving him support as he talked about it.

"So, these creatures can act like the people there in. What else?" Gerard questioned the others.

Damion nodded and explained another aspect they had discovered. "They seem to have control of some aspect of a destructive natures, it's what inspired the four horsemen myths. It's also why we refer to them as those names. Once infected, for lack of a better word, they seem to have complete control of their followers."

Again Sam nodded and spoke from his experience. "When White, Pestilence we think, had control of the men I gathered, it was like he infected their minds as well as their bodies. They were almost berserker in their attitudes, but they followed his commands to the letter."

Scott spoke up almost automatically. "When we encountered the people that Black, Famine, had control they were... what did you call it Damion, enthralled. They didn't have free will, or feel pain and they moved like they were being controlled from one source or person. Even when they were torturing us, they followed unspoken commands" Gerard gave him a calculating look which caused Scott to blanch slightly, and Allison squeezed his hand.

"So these creatures are trying to split reality to destroy it in some revenge plot that takes in all of creation. That's one hell of a story; I don't think I could sell it if I had seen it in person. As it stands we have an AWOL hunter, an excommunicated family, and a pack of mostly pre-pubescent werewolf pups, an Alpha barely out of his teens, and a whatever." Gerard said looking around the table.

Derek growled at that, the Argents said nothing, Jackson and Scott bristled at the description and Damion sighed. "Well now that you have analysed the situation to all its depths and given us your professional opinion. What now?" Damion asked sardonically of Gerard.

Gerard snorted at that, he could almost respect that creature sitting in front of him. "Now we start to plan." He said with a nod."


The black SUV pulled up outside the large concrete warehouse like building. It was unusual in that it seemed to have suffered no damage from the recent quakes; the rest of the area hadn't fared nearly as well.

"So this is the place?" Peter asked turning and raising an eyebrow to Kate who was sitting in the back with him. "It's so low rent, really."

Kate grinned. "You are such a snob, but you wanted soldiers and I found them for you."

"Yes well it's obvious that he has them whipped into submissive stance that will make controlling most of them easier. The ones that try and resist will be terminated."

Kate looked at Peter like a schoolgirl wanting a pony. "Can I get a couple to play with?"

"Oh very well, but your responsible for feeding and training them, and if they make a mess, well we can always put them down." Peter replied with a malicious smile which was shared by Kate.

They got out of the SUV and Kate signalled the men to wait in it. "If we can't handle his lot then we don't deserve to bring out masters here." She said to Peter who nodded.

"Well we have enough issues with Derek and his mutts, let's see if we can redeem some pride." He said with a twisted grin.

The pair walked up to the closed gates and with a jerk of his hand Peter snapped the chain and then pushed open the gate. As they walked into the compound the five guards ran towards them, and on the roof a further four were watching the commotion. The five stopped just in front, a look of confusion on their faces as they caught the twisted scents coming of the pair of them. The lead guard stepped forward. "Whoever you are you get one chance to turn around and leave now."

Kate looked at Peter and smiled like she had found something fun in a box of cereal; Peter grinned back at her and stepped forward. "You have no chance to get your excuse for an Alpha out here, but one of your little friends can do that while you bleed out." There was a moment of confusion then lashed out with his right hand, the claws on it were black and almost a foot long, they slashed through the guards neck and with a flick the head bounced across the yard. "Of you toddle." He said to the remaining guards as they were covered in blood from the spray still pumping out of their comrade's body. One of the guards ran off and the others backed away from the pair.

Kate turned to Peter and pulled him into a kiss. "Oh that was just so sexy, once were done here I am taking you on the first surface we find." She said when the split.

Peter nipped her bottom lip and said. "And I'll let you too."

At that moment the door to the building smashed open and Jared stormed out followed by twenty of his larger Beta's. "What the hell is going on here..." He paused when he saw Peter and recognised him from pictures, but again the scent he was getting, along with the fact he was meant to be dead threw him. "Hale... how the hell?"

"Jared, Jared, Jared... Still a pompous self deluded ass I see." Peter told him almost dismissively as he looked as his claws.

Jared snarled. "I'll kill you for that you poor excuse for whelped runt! This is my fight." He told peter and the Beta's around him. As he stalked forward he shifted first to the Beta state and then into his Alpha form, it was similar to the more natural looking wolf-man, but the snout was shorter and the features more human. The hair on it was light brown and yellow with some silvering. Jared roared and sprang forward.

Peter had seen Jared start to shift and was almost eager for the show down. It would be the first time he put his rebuilt form to the test and it excited him, much faster than Jared he shifted as well. The Beta form was much more monstrous that before, the ridges were almost horn like now, the fangs sprouted from extended jaws, the ears racked upwards and were more wolf like. His claws were black and around a foot in length, and his legs were slightly bent into a more animal poise.

Then he pushed it through to not the Alpha form but the death form of his dire wolf. His body began to grow larger and more muscled, the legs finished cracking and reshaping into the extended bent form of a predators hind quarters, the tail was spiked. His claws became serrated and along his knuckled bone spurs came out, they were sharp and glistening with blood. From the fore arms above the wrist what looked like a wider claw ripped out and settled extending four inches long, the length of it and the forearm was ridged with what looked like bone blade extensions sweeping backwards. Down his back, spines formed like a porcupine but sharper and glistening with ichors that spoke of poisons. His fur was now a matt black colour that seemed to drink in the light, though the largest change was the face, it had extended and become more wolf like, there was no fur on it and the skin was pulled tight so that all the shape and ridges of the skull were clearly visible, the lips were drawn back into a rectus grin that exposed all the teeth. His eyes were sunken beyond the point of being seen apart from two glowing red spots that seemed to float in the skull. The final change was on the fore head, protruding from there was two sweeping horns that swept backwards across his head then forwards again into to vicious points.

Peter roared and it was the sound of Hell playing out across the land. Jared struck first, but Peter had seen it and let him strike, the claws raked down the side of his skull and down his chest. Jared Sprang back to ready another strike, but froze when he saw the wounds seal almost instantly.

Peter sneered. "That's the best you can do."

Peter sprang forward, faster and more agile that his new size should allow. He grabbed Jared by the throat and speared him in the guts with the other hand, then slammed him into the ground with a bone cracking crunch.

Jared tried to strike back, but the wounds were healing as fast as he made them and his own internal injuries were already impacting on him. Coughing blood he growled. "Finish it you bastard..."

Peter leaned in close and in a voice like a dry rattle he laughed. "Oh I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to whip you and make you my bitch now. Welcome to the new world order." Then he sunk his teeth into Jared's shoulder.

Jared screamed and howled, and the Beta's around him started to react rushing forward and then they too screamed. Inside them their pack bond burned and was twisting as Peter contaminated and corrupted it. Some resisted and felt more pain, most succumbed to it, there were a lucky few less than a handful that managed to break the link as it twisted in them and fled before they were found. The rest were struck low and felt a coldness seeping into them from Peter, he was their Alpha now, Jared his second. Jared was changing as were the others, no longer Werewolves, they were now Death's army of Dire Wolves.

Kate clapped her hands and cackled at the sight. "That was almost poetic. I loved it when you gave him a moment of hope then crushed it and the rest of his body." She walked over and trailed a hand along Peter's side and he growled in pleasure. "So how long will this take?"

Peter stood slowly and turned to Kate. "Not long for them to be bound to me, the final transformation will take a few weeks. Plenty time for our fun in the mean time."

Peter started to look like he was going to shift back but Kate put a hand on his shoulder. "No stay that way; it's making me all hot a bothered thinking about screwing you senseless like that." Kate told him and Peter growled in pleasure. Kate signalled the men she had brought with her and they came to secure the area.

War and Death stalked towards the main building, stepping over the fallen whimpering forms that were once the LA Pack. Peter growled down to Kate. "I'm going to ride you so hard..." He promised.

Kate grinned back. "Stay like that, and I want a ride out of you first, then we can do it any way we you want."