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You're Gonna Feel It Later

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 Gee paces in his hotel room. He wants to set the record straight, but should he? Would things be better off unspoken? After all it was just a kiss. Oh, but it was more than just a kiss. He wasn’t even sure what had come over him. He was wrapped up in the energy of the show, wrapped up in the lyrics of kissing another man’s lips. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Frank looking at him. A sudden rush of passion had filled Gee, and he kissed him. And not just a peck. Frank had just stood there.  Gee quickly dashes into the hallway; he has to say something.

 As he forces himself to take each step, he’s not sure what to say, if Frank will even open the door. Suddenly he realizes he is standing in front of Frank’s door. He knocks on the door, feeling like a schoolboy about to be punished.

 “Frankie, it’s me, Gee,” he calls out.

 The seconds ticking by seem like an eternity. The door finally opens, but Frank is already heading back into the room. He sits down on the far side of the bed, his back to Gee.

 “Look, man, tonight…” Gee’s voice breaks. “I don’t know what came over me.”

 Frank’s gaze drops from the window to his hands. He begins tracing one of the E’s inked on his fingers. A flash of panic sinks in Gee’s gut. He wants to run; he knows he was wrong.

 “I just wanted to apologize. I mean, um, I know…” his voice cracks and breaks. He clears his throat and tries to continue, “Frankie, what happened back there…”

 His thought process is interrupted by Frank standing up. Gee watches Frank in his peripherals, afraid to make eye contact. But something about Frank’s body language begins to put Gee at ease. He takes a deep breath and shifts his gaze upwards. Frank is now standing right in front of him, looking up at Gee slightly. As they make eye contact, Frank reaches up and puts his hand on the side of Gee’s face. Instantly, waves of adrenaline course through Gee’s veins.

 “What took you so long?” Frank half whispers.

 Suddenly Gee understands. He understands why Frank had just stood there on stage. He understands the look now on Frank’s face, the sensation Frank’s hand on his cheek has caused. The abrupt clarity makes Gee want again to run away, and his body subconsciously follows the lead, turning away from Frank. Before Gee can turn away, Frank other hand catches Gee’s wrist, coercing Gee’s body to stay where it is.

 “Look, I figured since you made the first move,” Frank hesitates, “I’d show you where I stood on things.” Again, Frank pauses, not wanting to provoke the situation too much. “If you just want to forget it happened, we can just go back to the way things were. Or…” Frank’s voice trails off.

 Slowly, he lifts his heels off the floor, somewhat compensating for the height difference. Frank leans in, just allowing their lower lips to touch. Gee can’t control himself; he leans into Frank, sealing the kiss. This time, though, Gee is more aware of the sensations. First the warmth of Frank’s lip-ring, then the warmth of Frank’s lips themselves. He can smell the musk of Frank’s sweat mixed with the smoke of the show’s pyros. As their lips begin to part, Gee opens his eyes, looking right into Frank’s. He can see the restrained desire in Frank’s eyes, in his whole expression.

 “I somehow thought you’d take the ‘or’,” Frank says, almost giggling. He turns to walk away, giving Gee a moment to process what has just happened. Again. But the moment is interrupted by a thunderous knock on the door.

 “Frank,” yells Mikey through the door, “Frank, have you seen Gerard? Is he in there?”

 Quickly, Frank whispers in Gee’s ear, “You’re pale as a ghost. Go in there and let me get rid of him.” He nudges Gee towards the bathroom,and turns his attention to the door. Still trying to completely comprehend the last few minutes, Gee heads to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

 Gee stands in front of the mirror, his hands and arms propping him up on the counter. He can hear Mikey and Frank’s conversation.

 “Have you seen my brother?” Mikey asks, sounding a bit exasperated. “He’s not in his room.”

 “Naw, man.”

 “Frank, don’t take what he did tonight… just… forget it happened, okay? I think he might be drunk again. I’m just tryin’ to find him so I can make sure he’s alright.” Mikey sounds somewhat worried.

 “I’m sure he’s fine,” Frank says, trying to reassure Mikey. “You know better than anyone he likes to make a spectacle of himself sometimes. I saw him after the show in the hall; he seemed fine,” Frank lies, continuing to try and smooth out the situation. “I don’t think he was too drunk tonight, but he’s probably passed out on his bed. Just let him sleep it off, like always.”

 “If you think so,” Mikey doesn’t sound completely convinced. “I’ll see you in the mornin’.”

 “Night,” Frank calls out as he shuts the door. Gee slowly emerges from the bathroom door. Frank walks towards the bed, sitting in the same place as before. He motions for Gee to come sit beside him. Gee lingers in the doorway for a moment then sits down next to Frank. Frank put his hand on Gee’s thigh.

 “Man, listen. If this turns into something, great! If not, the crowd got their money’s worth tonight. I’m good with just letting things happen.” He flashes a half smile at Gee, then settles back onto the bed, flipping on the TV. Gee pauses for a minute, relieved and somewhat amused. He looks over his shoulder at Frank. He is truly a remarkable friend, Gee thinks to himself. Frank glances over and flashes a big silly grin at Gee. Gee climbs up beside Frank, adjusting the pillows to sit up on the bed with him.

 “In the mood for some ‘Masters of Horror’?” Frank asks, like nothing had happened.

 “Of course!” Gee smiles.