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Devour the day

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Klaus stared into the aquamarine with gold and green tinted eyes that were filled with Horror and Sadness. Sweet, fun, outgoing, innocent and strong - she was - but tick her off and there was hell to pay. He wished there was an easier way, but he couldn't allow Mikeal to use them against him. He took in the baby blue late twenties dress she was wearing, her bright golden hair was still curly and long.. and her name was Alessandra. Alyee, for short. She looked so much older than what she was, only twenty (Kol's fraternal twin but unlike her male counterpart she was ever so naive) when she was turned.

They were closer that most in his family - Rebekah, him and her. Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and himself adored her since the second she was born. When he staked Rebekah and compelled Stefan to forget ... she fled. He could understand why as she only fled when he was going after her. He would have done the same thing, self preservation is a needed talent to survive. She was close to Rebekah and Alessandra came to him, annoyed and confused, as to why she felt a pull to Stefan. He instantly knew he was her soulmate. He never experienced it before, but he knew she found hers. Protectiveness shot through him, and messed with his actions. Alessandra was with him through it all and it made it that much harder to do what he had to do now. She was so innocent, drinking only from donated blood and willing donations. Not like the rest of him and his family. He laughed at first .. but accepted it, knowing how innocent she was and loving her for it.

"No, Nik.. Please." She begged, and it was breaking his cold dead heart. She was the only one that cared about him from the beginning. This is safer, he told himself, you need to protect her. Think about what the world would do to her innocence, do you want that?

Saying sorry with his eyes, he shoved a dagger in her heart. Seeing her golden, olive skin start to turn a light gray and mummify he looked into her beautiful eyes and saw nothing but betrayal and fear.. but what killed him the most was after that her eyes became alittle dull. She accepted it.

He caught her before she hit the ground, not wanting to get her dirty as silly as it seemed. He already staked her, betrayed her .. and here he was worrying about getting her dirty? If it was anyone else he had in his arms, he would have laughed. He was too empty to though, her five foot four limp body feeling weird in his arms.

Pulling her close, he smelled her unique scent of whispers of sweet apple and juicy strawberry with a passionate heart of Jasmine, white musk and warm sandwood, and forced himself to speak.

"I'm so sorry," He whispered in her ear softly, as if wishing she could hear him - forgive him - even though he knew she couldn't hear him.. and he could only wish even harder that she'd forgive him one day, ".. Little Sister."

The blond beauty in question groaned out loud as she felt her ears start to feel like they were going to start to bleed from her first class seat inside the airplane. It shouldn't be that hard, she almost rolled her eyes, she did it a few times when - Alessandra gulped harshly to herself, it echoing in her ears as her heart raced as she remembered Elena had staked her into subconsciousness and force fed her the cure. She didn't know if the brunette did it because of Stefan didn't want her or if it was because of her last name – maybe it was actually a little bit of both.

It had the desired effect – without her being immortal, the bond they shared was gone and instead of simply changing her and living happily ever after with a man that loved her (something she wanted since she was a little girl, by the way), he jumped into bed with..

She shook her head to clear the image of Nik telling her he caught Stefan doing the walk of shame after a night with a member of their family, someone she trusted, loved and respected. The blond knew from the beginning the severity of the bond her and Stefan shared and yet she couldn't keep her sticky paws off of him. She probably would never look at the blond in the eye again without fury.

Betrayal seemed to run in the rest of the family. First her father hurting her as a human and hunting her as a vampire, then you had Finn that regrouped with Esther, the idea of a mother that turned her eye to the abuse as a human popped back up to kill all of them. 'A curse on this earth..' was kind of stretching it. She knew in her absence of the world and the time she and other members were being charted around in a box that Niklaus didn't just star gaze and play.. what was it again, oh yes - 'thumb war'.

One of the upsides of the cure doing it's job and turning her human, she woke up with her long lost connection to nature, something a now vampire Elena didn't expect. She smirked as she remembered the brunette clutching her head and crying out for her to stop. She didn't mean to be cruel, and she wouldn't have even though Elena had done such things that made her want to rue the day she happily crossed Alessandra Mikealson and yet she simply did a spell that would cancel out any magically spelled day light jewelry that would ever grace her skin and another spell that would cause any and all parties involved (which only consisted of Stefan, Elena, and Rebekah for all she knew but hey, what did she know? She would have been happy with the notion that her brothers were still loyal to one another with the idea that their family was whole.) with nightmares of her life and of him hunting them , taunting them and the dream ending as she finally decided it was time to strike.

Added to the joint pain that her and Stefan felt when she used magic to sever the bond and felt it go to find a new suitor.. She shook her head

It seemed she had to trade Stefan and her vampiric abilities for what she always wanted : Her own life, love, children, her magic... And, she rationalized, that if Stefan turned his back on her for her younger sister of all people, he wasn't worth it. So she wiped the few tears that left wet streaks down her olive skin toned face, pulled herself from the ball she was curled up in and kissed Nik on the cheek before going to pack her suitcase. She wasn't going to stay here any longer and listen to half assed apologies when she knew that they were only going to be given because she is Alessandra and they felt obigated to give them to her.

Alessandra Mikealson : The one that wears her heart on her sleeve, the odd ball, the weak link.

She huffed almost to herself, pulled out her ipod that Nik had gotten her and going town the play list to her favorite song – Good Man by Devour the Day blared through her headphone.

She mouthed the words as she thought about how her life ended up like couldn't help but feel like the song was appropriate. This was definitely not how it was supposed to be. Kol, she thought with a sob, Nik, Finn, Rebekah, Elijah, …. Stefan.

She shook her head sadly, he wasn't hers, "What do you want?"

He was in between her legs in a second, dark eyes on her half lidded ones as she took in his cologne that made her melt into a puddle. "You."

She only had a second to look in his truthful eyes before his lips drug themselves up her neck and kissing her lips hard and passionate.

She growled pulling out her ear buds and pausing the song as the plane started to descend, she drank what was left of her bourbon before grabbing her suitcase and stepping off the plane in determined steps.

As of right now things will start to change. She, a once thousand year old original, was once again a powerful witch and human. She had her whole life ahead of her and she would only allow into it what she wanted.

She may not be in the mode to deal with men at the moment but whatever - whoever - was now calling her to Los Angeles, California was going to be the start of her new life.

She simply hoped it was for the better.


From the inside the darkness of the black and blue colored Lamborghini Aventador, a smirk painted it's way onto the full lips that belonged to the slightly tanned face of the blond beauty driving, eyes sparkling from her spot in second place of the street California Race. It had been a while since she did this, but that didn't make her incapable. In fact, she shifted gears and passed the person in front of her swiftly, it was like learning to ride a bike – once you learned how you never forgot. Somehow while being in a box for about two hundred years didn't hinder what she did behind the wheel, however her opponents were lacking. One used whatever gas he connected to his car to make it go faster way too early and the other's – even with said gas – weren't as fast as her.

Living a thousand years as a vampire, took the adrenaline out of racing at a fast speed. 'Party Girls' by Ludacris blared through her car and into the night air from the ever so slightly open window. She smirked, as she mouthed the words in the beginning just as she passed the finish line, a laugh bubbling from her full lips.

Slowing she exited the car, showing the crowd her curvy figure that was wrapped in ripped black faded jeans, a black tank top underneath a leather jacket and black spiked heels. Her aquamarine with gold and green tinted eyes that were lightly lined in eyeliner were filled with amusement as she strutted to the guy that held the cash, smiling with a sincere 'Thank you' on her lips before giving the guy a couple hundred.

She didn't exactly need it, and while Alessandra Mikealson wasn't one to cross that didn't mean she wasn't humble either. She lived in a regular house, much to her brother Nik's distaste but with an underground garage and a in the ground pool outback. She turned and caught a man with the most cinnamon brown eyes looking at her with an interested, slightly tanned skin and slick bald head, arms crossed over his black shirt that hugged his huge muscles.. and suddenly Alyee forgot how to breathe.

She felt a pull to him and she didn't dare question why, after all maybe he was why she was drawn here? It sure felt like it. She raised an eyebrow at him, her lips forming a smirk.

'Oh no! Could it be that a G really got you sprung?' Alyee wanted to glare at her car for that verse of the song playing lyric that that exact moment, she felt her right eye twitch in irritation and the man must have caught it to because he smirked deviously at her. She shook her head, rolling her eyes at him to play off having such a pull to this man and turned to sit in the driver's seat of her car with her legs out of the door before counting the money after when she turned down the music as it started to sing about cum, whips, and 'going so deep they tell me all of their deepest and darkest secrets.'

Wasn't helping her arousal and hormones, thank you very much!

"Alessandra...!" Said blond witch beauty looked up from where she was done counting her money to instantly glare though her wind shield at an all too familiar blond with blue eyes that was her younger sister.

Ahh, hell no.. There goes the possibility of being happy here.

"Alyee." Rebekah ran at human pace to her driver's side window, "I know that I hurt you, and I am sorry." The urgent, emotional tone of her voice made Alessandra stop what she was doing and actually look at her sister and when the younger Mikaelson saw her humble yet bad ass sister was paying attention she quickly spoke, spitting out Alessandra's ex name in disgust, "Stefan, told me that you broke up with him – and even though you were soul mated, he said you threatened to give him with an aneurysm that would send him in the next century if you ever saw him again.. I'm sorry, Alyee.."

Alessandra's aquamarine orbs stared deeply into Rebekah's icy blue ones, testing, and didn't look away until someone who was in charge of listening to the police radio yelled a warning that cops were coming. Alessandra looked forward in thought as she turned the key, glancing back at her baby sister who seemed to be acting like she was walking on egg shells before sighing, "...Get in."

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Alessandra's aquamarine orbs stared deeply into Rebekah's icy blue ones, testing, and didn't look away until someone who was in charge of listening to the police radio yelled a warning that cops were coming. Alessandra looked forward in thought as she turned the key, glancing back at her baby sister who seemed to be acting like she was walking on egg shells before sighing, ".. .Get in ."

As soon as the key turned, Alessandra's Lamborghini sprung to life, taking off just as her younger sister shut the door. Nothing was said as 'Rest of my life by Ludacris' by the would be silence, and truthfully it was meant to be a distraction as the two blonds sped through the lot where the races were held but it didn't seem to be working well so Alessandra turned it down from it's blaring volume. "You really didn't know?"

"No.." Alessandra turned her head to her little sister that she still loved way too much to put into words, her eyes closely taking in how tired she looked, finding her eyes holding nothing but truth, "I didn't."

She thought about how Rebekah seemed to be, dare she even say it, desperate when she found her. Then she remembered her curse she put on a chosen few, nightmares and disabling any daylight rings that touched the skin of those effected. She smiled lightly, driving with one hand and reaching over with the other to touch the shoulder of her younger sister, who sighed in relief and gratefulness at the tingling spark it had cause. Letting the now-only-vampire-in-the-car know that the curse was lifted from her, and when Rebekah went to say something she was then cut off.

"The reason why I am in LA – is because my mate is where. I did switch soul mates – after I found out that both of you were together. I swear, 'Bekah, if you so much as look at him inappropriately? I will make that little curse look like child's play." Alessandra's voice was quiet and yet still cut through the air with ease, "That was very painful, and so help you god if I have to do it again."

She looked at Rebekah then, who was utterly serious and heartbroken by her own actions to her flesh and blood. She couldn't imagine what it felt like to rip your other half from someone you once loved and put it up for chance to find someone that you would love again. Someone that will treat you right and love you for you. She wanted that for Alessandra, she wanted that for herself as well.

After a moment of tense silence, Rebekah nodded firmly, watching with a heavy look in her eyes as Alyee turned back to the road, locking her beautiful eyes with a running individual with a muscular, tall frame that was running from the cops as well. A look of amusement and surprise entered Rebekah's eyes as her sister murmured eight words, leaving her lips with a suggestive – almost possessive tone.

"Rebekah, would you mind getting in the back?" Rebekah nodded lightly, knowing that she still needed to earn her sister's trust back and what better way to start than not stand in the way of helping the man she thought was her sister's mate? The car slowed with the passenger window going down mere seconds so Alessandra could speak to him.

"Hey." She yelled teasingly in her British accent that she seemed to run in her family, making him look over at her as he jogged away from the cops with the car easily keeping up with him, "Need a ride?"

He seemed contemplating if it was an good idea, wanting to keep the girl he was somehow drawn to away from the cops, before he got in. As soon as he shut the door, Alessandra smirked in triumph just as the car took off again, teasing him again, "Good to see you have a little bit of faith – you should put you seatbelt on."

Dom's eyes widened at the speed she was going at with ease as if she was going down a normal street instead- he shook his head, the cd player getting his attention with the half verse 'What the hell is a life worth living if it's not on the edge?' He watched in awe as she drifted easily around cops with fast precision and sped away moving between cars on the road with a wide smirk before she turned her head to him. Those eyes had glints of silver in them as they stared at him, and whatever it was about her? Whether it be her warm amused smile she flashed her sister in her rear view mirror, or the pull he felt to her, or even her breathtaking beauty..

"Dom." He offered his hand to her to introduce himself, and unnoticed by the both of them the blond in the back was looking at both of them interact with a happy smile as Alessandra shook his hand, flashing a smile of her own as she introduced herself. She asked him where he wanted her to take him, and swallowing down the urge to say 'You're place' because A.) her little sister, Rebekah, she introduced herself as, was in the back and B.) he really wanted to get to know her, to figure her out and what he felt for this woman he hardly even knew.

His eye twitched at the sight of his friend Vince just now walking to his car to look for him and looked at Alyee, a nickname that her sister called her and hoped one day he would be able to as well, and invited them both inside for a Corona with a tint of pleading in his voice that he hoped they couldn't hear.

He felt he had to know this woman named Alessandra.

At any cost..

He watched as the person that consumed his thoughts without even trying, turn in her seat to lock eyes with her sister and both seemed to have a silence conversation that only lasted a minute before Alessandra righted herself in the driver's seat before glancing over at him with a glowing smile.

Alessandra bit back a smile as she leaned back against the entry of the living room and stared at Rebekah laughing with the man that had come outside wanting to find Dom. Vince, she thought he introduced himself as, before walking in the kitchen to help Dom's sweethearted sister Mia, who she instantly took a liking too. It was hard not to when she reminded her so much like herself.

She smiled at her, and helped with cleaning up with the kitchen before Mia tried to playfully swat her away, "Your a guest, your not supposed to clean."

"Sweetie." Alessandra's accent came out dry and being paired up with smile, "I want to."

"Tell me about yourself?" Just outside the door way, Dom pressed himself up against the wall, listening for his sister to get what he wanted to know. "Where is your family besides your sister?"

"Eh, not much to tell.. British obviously, Christian, close to no family.." He heard his sister tried to swallow a gasp, and he didn't blame her. He was shocked himself, it seemed that even though she lost a lot Alessandra was still.. Still innocent with only a tint of mischief. It seemed his sister had a look on her face because in her silence Alessandra went on, "Yeah, I don't really like to talk about it – how about we talk about something else? I just moved to Cali, what do you do for fun?"

He could tell by her tone that she was using humor to cover up how sad she was, and it truly twisted his insides around. He felt like he should be the one she goes to, to vent about whatever she wanted. To be there for her. To offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

Soon, he promised himself as he turned the corner into the kitchen to get another Corona as Mia was talking to her excitingly about what there was to do in good old LA. He watched they talk excitedly, his eyes taking in the light in both females eyes.. and he knew that the feeling he was fighting ever since he first saw her finalized right then and there.

He had to have her.

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Dark brown eyes twinkled with amusement as he took in what the young woman that he felt growing affections for tell him, with a smirk aimed his way he watched as she turned with her sister, both of them walking out the door and get into Alessandra's car. He watched as it went further down the street before turning into a drive way of a middle class home, both blonds got out and walked toward the front door and he had to bite back a smirk when he saw Alessandra put one foot over the other with the grace that a ballet dancer could only dream of and gestured for her sister to come inside the house.

Well.. I'll be damned..

He stood there as he watched the door shut and didn't move his eyes from the house that was just a little ways from him until her heard his sister call his name, he turned his head to see her looking at him with a teasing grin, "I like her.."

Mia walked past Vince and Han as Dom stared after her... Did she just give him her seal of approval after one night of meeting a girl?

"Yes." Han bluntly interrupted his thoughts with a knowing smirk, looking back at Alessandra's house before casting his eyes at his long time friend who didn't know he murmured his thoughts for his friends to hear. Han had been watching both blonds closely when they were over and while this young woman by the name of Alessandra looked and acted with too much innocence at first glance, you could see the devious glints in her eyes when you looked more closely. She certainly wasn't a chaser, that was for sure, and he had no doubt the girl would fit right in. "Yes, she did."

Dom shook his head as he walked in the house and up the stairs to his room without a word coming from his mouth, ignoring the laughing that followed behind him until he shut the door. He would have to find the idiot that dared to steal his car to get away but for now he showered, scrubbing while trying his best not to think of Alessandra before quickly drying, putting on his boxers and get into bed. Tossing and turning before giving a sigh in defeat, he stared at his ceiling as his thoughts were consumed with the beautiful blond he wanted more than anything to get close to. He never felt like this before and to say the thoughts were just a little bit strange was putting it lightly.

He usually reserved his feelings for those considered family, and he usually just stared and undressed chasers with his eyes. To feel something like this – He groaned to himself, before turning over in his black satin sheets and tried to ground his head in his pillow to shake away the thoughts of Alessandra.

Unknown to him, said blond Mikealson wasn't fairing any better. In her room, Alyee was leaning against the head board and having on her cheetah printed sheets that covered her baby blue soft pajama shorts and a white t shirt with a bottle of Bourbon in one hand as she looked off into the distance.

With Stefan, Alessandra knew she would never forgive him. Before Lexi decided to torture Stefan to convince him to turn on his humanity – "So am I." The younger vampire repeated in a murmur before picking up the original that let her guard down with the one girl she always viewed as a daughter, the hit came out of nowhere and Lexi's voice was the last thing she heard before she blacked out , "But I can't let innocents die, Alyee.. your relationship with Stefan - no matter how precious it is - will lead you to cloud your morals and judgement.." Maybe in the end, it wasn't 'precious'. Maybe it was destructive, after all from the first word she spoke to him until the event where he cheated? She knew very well that she would have done anything for him. How naive she was!

And now, she could only hope and pray that Dominic Toretto, her new soul mate, wouldn't do that. Wouldn't hurt in any way, she knew that she wanted to be with someone who would look at all her flaws and would call her perfect even if she knew deep down she wasn't. She didn't have the luxury of being normal and meeting a guy by chance.

She groaned but then stopped herself as she took a gulp of her bourbon, the years of being a vampire helping her alcohol tolerance extremely, as she thought about the six foot tall man that was her soul mate.. He wasn't a horrible person. Maybe, just maybe, she would allow herself to get close to see how he was for herself?

She shrugged and finished off her alcohol. It couldn't hurt right?


Four cars came to a halt in front of a both a grocery and a garage as a cover up for their illegal street racing ventures at night, one of them being Alessandra's prized black and blue Lamborghini which she stepped out of the driver's side in faded jean shorts, a dark gray tank top that had a fierce tiger face that faded around the edges, with dark gray flip flops. She pulled her hair into a messy bun and shared a smirk over he hood of her car with her latina friend by the name of Letty as she stepped out of the passenger side. Letty huffed in annoyance about how humid the air of LA was and busied herself by pulling up her camouflage pants while waiting for the others to get out of their cars.

Beside Alessandra, her younger sister got out of an all blue car with designs on the side that Alyee painted herself and both sisters shared a smirk as well just as Rebekah's hot headed boyfriend came out of the driver's seat, "Come on, Jesse. Talk to me, this isn't working brother."

"Or you could just be irritated Letty and I beat you here.." Alessandra suggested with a wide smirk that Letty copied as she looped one of her arms with the other girl. They beat them and it was such a shame to because Alyee didn't believe in using Nitrous Oxide – NOS for short – and still won every single time.. except for a few against Dom when they playfully raced each other.

"It's your fuel, man." The shorter, blonder male out of the three men responded as he got out of his car, "It's got a nasty hole, that is why you are unloading in third." Alessandra shook her head, amused, as the boys argued with Vince that it was indeed third and listened to what Jesse suggested to fix it, while Rebekah rolled her eyes and put her arms around her boyfriend from behind. She didn't really understand most of the things that were coming out of their mouths, she blinked when her boyfriend froze for a second and directed Jesse's attention to the bright red truck that had 'The Racer's Edge' written in cursive on the driver's side door.

"What's up with this fool?" Vince asked as his eyes instantly connected with the blond haired man that was on a stool, talking with the younger girl that he viewed as a younger sister by the name of Mia, frowning as he pulled Rebekah towards him. "What – is he sandwich crazy?"

Alessandra sighed as she stepped forward, cutting off one of their responses of 'Nah, V. He ain't here for the food.' "Relax, maybe he is just running parts for Harry." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Letty nod a couple times and all three women rolled their eyes when the men didn't listen to them with a firm belief that the guy was trying to get in Mia's pants.

The older British girl smiled as she strut forward ahead of them, going around the counter and hugging the younger girl, "What's up Mia?" Out of the corner of her eye, she could tell that the man was startled by her accent but ignored it since she was used to it by now, getting a cup of coffee – black, two sugars – just as Vince sat down on a stool as well, eying the man next to him. Alyee turned to see the blond's bright blue orbs staring at her. Unknown to her, he was assessing the way she carried herself. He read her file three weeks ago when he first got this case and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why someone as sweet and smart as Alessandra Mikaelson was with Dominic Toretto of all people. Mia Toretto at least had an excuse, after all you couldn't pick and choose who you were related to but –

Alessandra raised an eyebrow and smirked at him, lifting her cup with one hand, the other on her heart dramatically and in a mock posh voice that fit her accent perfectly, "We are out of tea!"

"I can get you some, if you want.." Mia would have pulled off the innocent look if it weren't for the smirk, and the younger girl smothered a chuckle as the blond tried and fail to hide a shiver and claimed that she 'didn't want to waste the coffee she now had.' before sashaying her hips to her boyfriend and sat down sideways with a smirk on his lap.

"Vince..." Mia tried to get his attention while the blond quickly snapped his head to her, and only when she said his name louder did she have the dark haired man's attention, "Can I get ya anything?"

Alessandra didn't hear what he said and she tuned out the conversation when her boyfriend Dom turned his attention from the paper and kept kissing one of her sweet spots that were underneath her ear making her moan and put down her half cup of coffee and smirk as she twisted to face him with a hungry smirk. Alessandra, he realized rather quickly, was just as much devil that reflected in her teasing eyes as the angel in her actions towards the ones she cared for. He rubbed the scar of her wrist in soothing circles, thinking about the day where he foolishly tried to impress her even more, before pulling it to his lips and kissing it softly.

"Ah Jesus Christ, Dom, would you get out there and break that shit up?!" Mia's soft voice rose and the annoyance in it was enough to make Alessandra get up off Dom's lap reluctantly just as he started to touch in between her thighs unnoticeable to those around them, ignoring the soft call of her boyfriend for now and opening the screen door of the office to see Vince and the man that was trying to get close to Mia fighting. "Please, Dom, I am sick of this shit."

"..Ah, shit." Alyee murmured out the cuss as Mia insistently called her brother's name, and when he stood up he saw the blond punching Vince in the stomach over and over again with an angry look on his face.

"What did you put in that sandwich?" Dom looked at her with amused eyes, and smirked when his sister looked at him with wide irritated eyes before slowly saying mockingly that was very funny.

"Dom.." He looked through the screen to see his Alyee's eyes shifting side to side with an expect look that was mixed with a silent plead for him to stop the fight. He couldn't deny his sexy little brit anything and quickly opened the screen with a murmured 'Alright.'

Besides the sooner he stopped this fight was the sooner he could get his Alyee worked up again and.. He shook his head and walked quickly through the store with his people following him that nobody caught that Alyee had given Mia a dry look that could only be translated as 'Men'.

The blond went to throw another punch when he was picked up off of Vince and thrown onto a nearby car, he got off of the car quickly to see Dominic Toretto staring dead at him with annoyance in his eyes and heavy breath. Instantly the blond threw his hands up in surrender, "Hey, man. He was in my face."

Dom stepped up to him, and in a tone that was daring him to even try to hit him he said, "I'm in your face." He caught ahold of Vince who thought that he could get to the blond when Dom's guard was off of him, how wrong he was. Vince was pushed back into the arms of two of the men that were with him while Dom thrust an finger in Vince's direction with an irritated glint in his eye, "Stop it, you embarrass me!"

In the silence that engulfed the parking lot when Vince was forced back into the store, Dom's eyes caught something on the ground, "Jesse, give me the wallet." Followed by the demand it was in his head as he read off the name out loud to Jesse to check later on for him before turning to the blonde. Something didn't seem right about the man in front of him. Three weeks coming around to get close to Mia. The signature on his driver's license was too neat.. "Brian Earl Spilner – sounds like a serial killer's name.. Is that what you are?"

"Don't come around here again." Dom pointed a finger in his face when he delivered the demand after he got a negative answer, he walked away when Brian took the wallet only to stop when the blond pointed at Vince and yelled out 'You know what? This is bullshit!' Making Dom walk up to him again and gestured to the truck he drove, "You work for Harry, right?"

The blond gulped and nodded, "I just started today.."

"You were just fired." Dom corrected before walking away from him, wrapped the hand of his Alyee before walking back into the store.

They had some unfinished business to attend to.

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In a V formation, five cars came speeding towards the middle of two abandoned buildings filled with cars, drivers, and chasers. Baby blue eyes looked over at the darker girl next to her as she slowed down to ease through the crowd. Mia smiled at her friend in the driver's seat that was the best thing that walked into her brother's life and got out when the car stopped. A little ways from them Alessandra's younger sister got out as well, she caught the eyes of her brother talking with some of the racers while the chasers tried to catch his eye, and it made Mia roll her own brown doe ones.

As if they actually stood a chance.

The chasers were common. They were all like the same, willing to sleep with any driver. Parading around in their tight shirts, short skirts and killer high heels. They had the emotion range as well as the smarts – of a teaspoon.

"...Hey Dom.." Alessandra rolled her eyes in Mia direction when they caught the 'seductive' voice that made the greeting and stepped forward, making the younger girl try to hide a smirk and turned to see the other Mikaelson wasn't doing much better. Rebekah hung on Vince's arm, glaring darkly at any chaser who dared to come close to their way. The chasers were flirting with him heavily and the blond witch caught Dom briefly catching a glimpse of their tight outfits and didn't take a second look.

Back to comparing the chasers in her mind, Mia continued her train of thought. Then there was their Alyee, Mia's smirk grew wider into a smile as she thought about the blond. She was far from a chaser. She was sweet, loyal, and very protective when someone was hurt – physically or emotionally. She hid the pain of a bad family history with laughter and humor, and most of the time Mia caught her brother looking at her softly before putting his arms around his girlfriend. Only he knew the severity of Alessandra and Rebekah's family dynamics – thought she suspected that Vince knew a little bit more than she did as well.

With both parents trying to kill her and not living to tell the tale, two of her brothers dieing – the older one helping the parents and the other was Alessandra's fraternal twin brother. There were two other's that were off somewhere into the unknown.. it was a confusing, heart breaking drama rolled into one huge family. It pained Mia to see the two people that she thought of as family, go through such heartbreak. Especially Alyee.. The girl lost her twin brother...

A loud cat call caught their attention, and the two bleach blond whores that dared to put try and rub themselves on Dom all but sprung off of him at the look that his girlfriend was giving them as the brit stood beside beside Letty. "I smell -" Alessandra's eyes narrowed as she sniffed deeply, making the chasers shift uncomfortably as Letty hid a grin, "Skanks. Why don't you girls get out of here before I leave treadmarks on your face?"

The bleach blond chasers nodded quickly and all but ran away, leaving Dom to look at his British girl with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, "Alyee, we were just talking." When the blond hummed in disbelief, he grabbed her hand and stopped her from walking away to pull her into his muscular chest, heat in his eyes as he looked down at her, "You know you're really sexy when you are possessive."

Letty watched with an amused eyebrow as Alyee leaned upwards and whispered something in Dom's ear that had the heat intensifying in his brown eyes and stepped back when his lips twitched upwards into a wide smirk. Giving her a nod, he watched as she walked past the Latina who followed her after a nod to the Lamborghini was given, and shook himself to focus on the task at hand.

By the car, the three girls were leaning against the hood listening to Dom talk to a guy named Hector and some other racers before shaking her head in amusement at something that entered her mind. "You know," She started and as soon as those two words left her mouth Mia and Letty's brown eyes shot towards her, "Not for the first time I find myself thinking that Kol, my twin, would have loved this scene. Fast cars, the thrill of beating people at something, the girls, the adrenaline rush.."

"What was he like?" Mia asked quietly with her sad doe eyes on the blond. This was the first time She brought up Kol since she skimmed over the basics of her family and even then it looked like it was too much to bare. Though now, strangely, the blond kept herself busy by looking over the driver's cars around them. Taking them in as well as their paint design trying to get new inspiration for some of her drawings.

"He could be a bit of an arse." The British girl's blunt tone had them all biting their lips to keep from laughing, though Mia and Letty shared a smile at the feat of having the girl open up to them. Progress, even though it was slow, was still progress. "He had a wicked sense of humor. He was very unpredictable – he would go from being respectful gentleman that oozed dignity and charm to direct and aggressive, depending who you were. He enjoyed breaking the rules, being a prankster at heart and was naturally very defiant. He wasn't just my brother.." Alyee looked down sadly at her leather clad pants, black flats and black lacy tank top, before she tried to force a smile on her face, "He was my best friend."

She was engulfed by a feeling then, as if out of nowhere her brother was here and putting his arms around her, making her force back the tears as she whimpered his name softly. He wasn't here, she knew he wasn't and yet.. Letty seemed to catch her struggle because she wrapped an arm around her blond best friend that was there for her since the blond walked into her life. They were completely different in many ways. Letty wouldn't deny that Alyee's brother Kol was almost like a male version of her, she was loud mouthed when she angry and a bit of a hot head. Alyee in all her loyal, badass, humor filled ways – was still the lighter side of the two of them. While Letty had no problem with that as a whole, she couldn't even begin to comprehend what the woman was going through.

"What about your other brothers – the ones that are alive?" Mia tried to move off of the sadness that she saw was threatening to consume the blond with her question, "What are they like?"

"Elijah is someone that most likely always is in a suit, he is at most times a noble gentleman that always keeps his word, however his downfall will be my other brother. Klaus. Dirty blond hair, paranoid, has an ego bigger than the world itself. He wasn't always aggressive.. he took the abuse so that none of us had to. Klaus was so full of love and life, and all he ever wanted was to be loved in return, especially by his step-father who happened to be the father of the rest of us. This belief that no one loved him and that he was doomed to be alone forever was the main factor that changed Klaus's personality I personally think. Elijah grew not to care as much about Kol when Klaus was around, which was all the time. He cast Kol aside with his wants and beliefs, saying he had 'such vile behavior.."

"Ah, well. You may be able to consider me a hypocrite for betraying you as I have.. But for Niklaus' sake? You must sleep.. Even I must make sudden sacrifices.." His voice was void of emotion at the end, "If we are indeed to preserve the special bond between Niklaus and that child."

"So tell me, Eli-jah." He spun around from straightening Kol's tie as he laid lifeless for now in a coffee with a dagger in him, to see his sweet little sister Alessandra looking at him with what definitely was betrayal making his heart sink into his stomach at the mere thought, "What 'sudden sacrifice' did you do?"

"Alyee..." The hiss that came from her mouth then wasn't quite like her. It sounded wrong on her lips and he watched in silence as her eye twitched in irritation that was direct at him with a dangerous intent. She was loyal to Kol and their family members to the bitter end, always was and probably always will be to a point. That was just how she was, that was simply Alyee. Kol was her fraternal twin, her partner in crime ever since all those years ago when they were human.

"Don't. 'Alyee.' Me." She stalked forward, her deep aquamarine Spanish dress sashaying with her with their ruffles and matching her eyes that deepened in her anger, and she went to grab the dagger out of her twin brother when her whole world went black with a sicking crack before she could even realize that it was her.

Precisely two hours later, the beautiful blond groaned as she stirred, rubbing her aching neck before her eyes flashed open. Elijah, the brother with so many morals that she looked up to, snapped her neck for wanting to help one of their brother...

She shot up off the bed and ran towards the sound of him calling Niklaus, before shoving him hard into a wall. Nik stopped in his questioning of why he was being called to take in Alyee's tense, pissed off form, "YOU DARE SNAP MY NECK, ELIJAH?!"

Klaus shot a deadly glare and it only softened in sadness when Elijah told him that she knew about Kol. She murmured something about returning the favor and snapped the moral brother's neck, watching in anger as it dropped to the floor before she slowly turned to Nik, the brother that she always took care of and was always on his side. Now though, there was only sadness and anger as she looked at him before shaking her head softly. "I don't know what Kol did, and to be honest? I could really care less. What the bloody hell happened to us, Nik?!"

He watched her with growing emotion that he didn't dare show, eyes connecting on Marcel's shocked face who still was in the room to watch the show before looking at his sister who he now realized was waiting for an answer. Out of all the people out of their family, she was the only one that stayed semi innocent. That didn't change – he even bet she still believed that one day they could all be a family like how it was before Hendrik died by the hands of a wolf. That one day they would all be together again. He didn't know if it was wishfully thinking or something else but..

He watched with narrowed eyes as she walked upstairs, and in few minutes walked back down with a suitcase, "What do you think you are doing?"

His question stopped her just as she turned the door knob, twisting back with a sad glare that showed tears. His heart ached at the sight and it filled with dread as she spat out, "Leaving New Orleans, Nik, what? Are you going to dagger me too?!"

Letty and Mia shared a worried look as soon as she stopped, looking at Alyee who had a sad, dazed look. This wasn't the first time since she had a flashback and they somehow knew it wouldn't be the last. If what she said was true, than it didn't surprise them one bit that Alyee and 'Bekah were here instead of with their brothers. 'Some men are just cruel, stupid and everything in between.' Letty growled under her breath, just as Alyee came out of her daze and unknown to the three Dom had noticed just as the blond man that tried to get close to Mia with the title to his car.

You can't be serious?!

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold up." He made his way into the circle, "I don't have any cash – but I have the pink slip to my car."

"Hey." Jesse spoke up with a look that doubted the blond's insanity for being here in the first place, let alone race against Dom, "You just can't climb into a ring with Muhammad Ali just because you think you can box."

The blond, Brian, pointed to Vince smugly, "He knows I can box.. So check it out, it's like this.." He paused to see if he had all the racer's attention and Alyee smirked at Letty when they both saw Mia look at him with a mixture of amusement and being impressed. "I lose? The winner takes my car from me free and clear. I win? I get the cash and I get the respect." The guys around him scoffed and Dom chuckled while mocking the word the last word but they all stopped when Brian continued, "To some people that's more important."

Dom pursed his lips together while contemplating and nodded his head to the bright green 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse that had a crappy paint job of a stripe that was sorta a blue wave with weird white detail on the end. When, not if, he won the car he would have to ask his Alyee if she could redo the details on it even though he knew it shouldn't be a problem, "...That's your car?"

Chapter Text

When Jesse popped the hood of Brian's car, Alessandra moved to stand behind him and moved under Dom's arm, smiling as he tightened his hold around her middle and kissed the top of her head as she looked on while touching the cross necklace she had given him that he always wore, "I see.. A cool air intake, a NOS-" Alyee rolled her eyes when she heard what he listed off that was in the car. NOS was what everyone but her and 'Bekah used and it was really starting to get on her nerves just a little bit more than what she wanted to admit.

Did people really think that NOS was the answer?

"Yeah," She heard Dom comment in his usual tone of voice that he had, "and a standard fuel management system... Not a bad way to spend ten thousand dollars." She smirked playfully at Brian when she saw the look in her boyfriend's eye, the drivers around them inching forward from their places next to them to take a look at his car.

"...Do you see that shit?" A black man by the name that Alyee vaguely recalled as Edwin moved even further to look under the hood, before straightening and turning to Dom, "He has enough NOS in there to blow himself up.." Alyee's eyes widened and she couldn't help but look at Brian like he was out of his mind for doing that to his car.

"What do you say – am I worthy?" Brian shifted when he caught Alessandra's look that she was shooting him and stayed focused on Dom to see if he could compete. If he refused, Brian didn't know what the plan was next, he just new he had to do something..

He bit back a relieved smile when Dom told him after when he chuckled at him, "We don't know yet.." He pointed at him with the pink slip to his car, "..but your in." Brian noted Jesse's shock as he put the hood down as Dom made his way through the crowd to go to his car.

"Hey!" Brian stopped as only had time to see Alessandra run to his driver's side door just as he was about to open it, "Listen, you be careful, do you understand me? I don't use that NOS but I know that you shouldn't use as much as you put in your car-"

"Why, Ms. Mikaelson." He looked at her shocked with only half of it mockingly, it was uncomfortable to see those eyes staring at him with those eyes that made him want to spill all his secrets to her, "Are you worried about me and how I am about to break your boyfriend's winning streak?"

She raised an eyebrow, not amused in the slightest and he saw why Dom and his crew were so protective of the blond woman. She had a conscience that ruled every move she made and she actually cared about the safety of others. Here she was, wanting him to be careful with all the NOS he hooked up on his car. Him, a man she didn't even know – a man that was in charge of taking down her boyfriend.. He shifted and nodded his head to her and watched as she started to turn away.

"Oh, and Spilner?" He turned to see her smirk as playful as the glints in her orbs as they stared at him, "I was simply coming over to wish you luck – you're gonna need it." She nodded firmly towards the end and turned, smiling brightly at Mia who shook her head amused and they both got in to Alessandra's Lamborghini.

Cars took off then, speeding away from inside of the two abandoned buildings until they were just along the coast and blocking off the street with their cars. Asian chasers stepped out of some cars in short school girl outfits, white shirts tied in the front between their fake breasts and killer heels with stockings. The cars blocking a pizza delivery car that left with the driver cussing, 'Goddamn street racers'. She watched with Mia, Rebekah and Letty leaning on her and 'Bekah's car as two chasers painted a red starting line quickly as the four cars came up to it, with Jesse giving a ecstatic thumbs up with Vince smirking as he walked on the sidelines and the blond couldn't help but smirk widely while shaking her head when Brian completely ran over it.

Alessandra gave Brian a warning look, and the smirk she got in return made her shake her head as she strutted in front of the cars to get to her boyfriend's, nodding to the beat from his stereo as she got closer before giving him a heated kiss that he deepened with a tug of her blond locks. She pulled back with a smirk, and nodded reassuringly that she had no doubt that he had this before spinning on her heel and going back to the girls who looked at her with amused raised eyebrows. "Not one word."

This only made them laugh softly, and the sound made Brian's blue eyes look at them. In a weird way that he couldn't quite grasp as of yet, it seemed Alessandra was the glue to them all. Simple actions made the crew that he spend hours memorizing files of smile and laugh. He just couldn't understand it. How could someone that seemed so full of life – be apart of a crew like.. that?!

Brian shook his head to clear his thoughts and stared at the road in a trance. This was it, if he didn't win he didn't have an in with Dom and make him see he 'was worthy'. "You're gonna win.. I'm gonna win.." He turned in his seat, and twisted the two knobs that released the NOS. He had to win..

He saw Hector put up three fingers in each hand. 2... 1... His hands were down for the start of the race.


Alessandra smirked from her spot as her boyfriend came over the starting line first, everyone swarmed him and Hector gave him the money he won as Jesse walked with him through the crowd, "My sister holds the money.." He came up to her and told her to count it. She was interrupted with her playful arguing with Vince as he picked up her up from underneath her arms and smirked when she automatically wrapped her legs around his waist, "My beautiful trophy.." She raised an eyebrow in mock half irritation before smiling smugly at him when he made a move to tell her that that wasn't the only thing she was to him. She leaned forward and after a passionate kiss, she was put down on her feet.

She shared a look with Jesse when they both caught the sound of another car, and Alyee pointed out a smug, blond that had a smile like he was on cloud nine. Jesse sped through the crowd, giving him a look of anger and irritation when they caught the hood smoking, "Was that fun?"

Dom gave him a flat, unimpressed look when the hood was pulled up and revealed heavy smoke, and the blond could do nothing but grin at his shoes, "What are you smiling about?" Alessandra couldn't help but shake her head at Brian's actions. Reckless, damn it – he could have been hurt or worse – and he thought that this was some game?!

"Dude, I almost had you." Brian gave him a wide smile as if he thought he actually could have won. Foolish! Alyee spat in her mind as the group laughed and clapped as if a this was their favorite part of a show.

"You almost had me?" Dom looked at him like he grew a second head out of nowhere as he echoed the words slowly back at the grinning, nodding blond, "You never had me.. You never had your car." Dom gave him a look of sad irritation while Brian's smile started to disappear as the crowd ooh'ed. "Granny shiftin'. Not double clutching like you should. You are lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn't blow off the wells on the intake." He stopped at the back of the car, chucklingly again, "He almost had me?" He scoffed, "Now me, the mad scientist and my girl gotta rip apart the block, and replace the pistol rings that you fried."

The crowd went wild at the last word and Mia just stood there with the rest of them, staring on with a small smile, "Ask any racer – any real racer – it doesn't matter if you are winning by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning." The went wild again, nodding in agreement and all of a sudden on the radio there was something said that made all of them run to their cars.

"Oh shit, we've got cops. COPS, COPS, COPS. GO!"

"Dom!" He started at the sight of his British sweetheart looking at him worriedly as she tugged Mia by the hand as they were brushed by frantic people trying to get out.

"Alyee, get Mia out!" He watched as she gave him one last look before nodding firmly and pulled Mia to her Lamborghini quickly with a firm grip so she didn't get knocked down. He turned, knowing that Alyee would do what he asked no matter what she had to do to accomplish it and made a beeline to his car, put it in drive and sped away. Brian paused to see Rebekah running with Letty to get into her dark pink car and Vince getting in his before both cars sped away before getting into his bright green car.

Lights were flashing around her as Alyee quickly looked to see if Mia had her seatbelt on before drifting swiftly around cops and sped away quickly, looking in her rear view mirror the blond saw that like so many of the others they couldn't keep up with her and she thought about Dom with a sense of dread.

She prayed to god he got away.

Mia slowly got off the bed at the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house and her eyebrows pulled together in confusion when her brother and Brian stepped out of a taxi. What happened to - "Take care." She heard the blond tell her brother and was startled when her brother asked if he wanted a beer, her ears rung as she heard him accept and made a dash to her mirror.

"Shit." Mia cussed as she look at herself. Her hair was messy with large hoops in my ears, in nothing but a large button up shirt. She angrily threw the shirt off when she unbuttoned it to put on a pair of matching lacy undergarments on and ran to her phone.

To : Alyee

SOS, my room.

It was short and Alyee was at her door in no time knocking once then waiting a second before doing it three more times. Mia opened the door with a sigh of relief on her lips, "I need help..."

"So it seems.." Alyee's accent was soothing to her nerves as she quickly explained her problem, while glaring darkly at the laughing blond before she straightened and helped her. She ran to Dom's room where she kept some of her clothes and came back with ripped jeans, a black tank top and a new eyeliner she bought yesterday. After the dark haired woman put on the clothes, Alessandra worked set to work at lightly lining her doe eyes with the dark color and put her in flats. She then french braided the thick dark brown hair and took a step back to admire her work. "Simply fabulous."

Mia stepped up to the mirror again, her mouth dropping at what Alyee had accomplished before hugging her gratefully. Together the two went downstairs to see that Dom spun around to glare at whatever Vince had said, taking his beer as he did, "Because 'The Buster' kept me out of handcuffs! He didn't just run back to the fort! Because 'The Buster' brought me back!"

With a sigh of relief and a teasing look directed at Mia, Alyee stepped forward with a grateful smile at Brian, her lips forming a 'thank you' that he couldn't help be smile at as he took the Corona from Dom. "You can have as much brew as you want – as long as it's Corona.. That's Vince's so enjoy it." She hugged Dom with a satisfied smile that, at least for now, there was no arguing between them and couldn't help but smile brighter when Dom kissed the top of her head in content. She was pulled to a recliner in the living room, where she sat on Dom's lap and laughed at something Letty said to her as she drank her own Corona.

"Yo, Einstein?" Dom called to Jesse who was in the middle of the room kissing and rubbing the body of one of the chasers that came home with all of them, making the younger man pull back and look at him wide eyed, "Take that shit upstairs as long as it is in your room. You can't detail a car with the cover on."

Alyee smirked at the blush that was on the younger man's cheeks before turned her body to face him and leaned her body forward teasingly, smiling in anticipation as Dom looked at her with grit teeth and heated eyes at the feeling of her chest tightly pressed against his and the feeling of the heaven between her legs on his crotch as she wiggled teasingly on his lap, "Oh really? Why don't we go upstairs in a little while and you could show me if your name is true to it's word?"

He smirked up at her, her words and body language bringing his dick to life all over again and he eagerly grabbed her sides and pulled her forward to him with ease and a tad more hard than what he ever showed her. He swallowed her moan with a passionate kiss, getting harder when his thoughts lingered on the image she gave him of dominating her.

Mia blushed as Brian's eyes shifted at the kiss that her brother and Alyee shared to stare at her, darkening slowly as they took her in while he pulled Vince's saliva off of it and took and sip. She moved to the kitchen and smiled when she heard rather than saw Brian follow her.

Thank god for Alyee and a bunch of small miracles.

"Hey!" He was stopped by her brother looking at him dryly, "You know you still owe me a ten second car, right?"

The look on his face made Alyee snicker into her beer while her sister did the same from acrossed from them on an irritated Vince's lap. "Ouch..." She laughed lowly, and Dom hid a groan as he body moved with her. She stopped to narrow her eyes when Mia had to step in from the guys trying to start a fight with Brian. If Mia got hurt by intervening in a growing fight, there would be hell to pay.

Okay, enough was enough. He growled as he picked her up and brought the British, smirking woman up the stairs to his room.

"Come on, let's go get me a drink." She directed him to the kitchen, ignoring the 'innocent' remarks of how they 'were just about to get along'.

"...So what do you want?" Brian's voice seemed to echo as they stepped into the room, and maybe it was just her but it seemed almost amused. He ended up grabbing her a 'Snapple lemon favored tea' when Mia responded with a nervous 'Eh.. anything as long as it's cold.'

"You know? My brother likes you – usually he doesn't really like anybody."

"Yeah.." He nodded in agreement, "He is a complicated guy. I would say though that he doesn't like most people – he does like Alessandra."

"Alyee," The woman nodded to him while smiling again at the thought of the girl as she sat down, "Is well... Alyee. Smart, Funny, loyal to the bitter end of things – but, fair warning?" She grabbed the drink from him and looked at him dead in the eye, "If you piss her off, you are definitely on your own. She is very protective with who she views as family.." She looked away as her nerves got to her again, "But back to you – what type are you then?"

"I'm a simple guy." He told her calmly as she took a sip of the glass bottle, and smirked softly as she giggled softly.

"You are so full of shit." She looked into his eyes as she teased, and got lost in them for a little bit longer to start to get suspicious before she shook her head, "You know what? You look tired.. Come on, I'll drive you home."

Chapter Text

Alessandra woke up the next morning naked under the black satin sheet, pressed up against her boyfriend with a smile growing on her face.

Alessandra moaned as Dom played with her clit as he thrusted his length into her, and reached to pull him into a kiss when his hands locked firmly around her wrists and held them against the head with a heated smirk on his lips. His thrusts were as hard as they were deep, "Do you like that?" A loud moan was his only answer.

She turned in her boyfriends grip and looked at the clock that told her it was seven-thirty in the morning before kissing her boyfriend passionately slow to wake him up, moan when he deepened the kiss and touched her breasts. When he pulled back he stared down at her with a smirk as he remembered their nightly activities, "Morning."

Alessandra returned it breathlessly and groaned, "Dom, it's time to get up." He looked at the clock, his sigh leaving him before he pulled her up and towards the bathroom that was connected to his, now, their, room. (Even if they did spend time at her house as often as they spent time at his.) A squeal 'Dom!' coming from her mouth as he pulled her into the shower.

"What?" He blinked innocently as he pushed her back against the wall, his smirk not so innocent as his voice, "I am just conserving water."

Her soft laugh was turned into a moan when his sucked the side of her neck. Today was turning out to be a good day.

"No." Mia protested lightly as her brother told her to hold off on something that was on her clip board that she was carrying, speaking over the loud sounds that rang through the air of the garage, "I don't know what to do with it!"

Sitting by Letty, Alyee put her sketch book down and turned to the loud squeaking of a tow truck coming down the alleyway on the side of the garage to see an old car sitting on top of it. It was a convertible, once upon a time red with charol marks all over it. The wheels and rims were completely destroyed, along with the passenger door. Dom raised an eyebrow, something that Alyee copied unknowingly and stalked forward when it stopped and Brian got out of the driver's seat of the tow truck.

"What the hell is this?" Dom leaned against the huge garage door frame as he looked between Brian and the old car that he hoped wasn't his. There was no doubt in his mind that so much work had to be done to it to make it even drivable. "What do you have for me?"

"This is your car." Alyee bit her lip to keep from laughing as Brian was done talking at as if we was presenting it on a show where you win prizes, looking at Dom 'innocently' while her boyfriend looked at him like he was torn between amusement and looking at Brian like he lost his mind.

"My car?" Dom finally decided on amusement as he looked at Brian while he gestured to himself with his water bottle, and Alyee couldn't help but laugh quietly as Jesse cautiously banged his fist on the front side of it, "I said a ten second car – not a ten minute car." Brian cracked a smile then as Jesse seemed to find words a half a minute later.

"You can push this to the finish line or.." Jesse looked at Brian then, mock serious as he wondered why Brian seemed to bring the crappiest car to give to Dom. What was his plan? "Tow it."

Alyee couldn't hold back her laughter any more and a smile was on her face as leaned on the back of her car with Letty beside her, even Mia was caught holding back a smile as Dom's voice rang out, "You couldn't even tow that a crossed the finish line.." Brian scoffed playfully at him, making one of Alyee's eyebrows raise up in amusement, claiming 'No faith' and her boyfriend's next words made her question how the blond got on Dom's good side, "Oh, I have faith in you but this isn't a junk yard – this is a garage."

She watched as Brian requested for him to pop the hood, to which he boyfriend echoed back with equal amusement as Brian did. She lingered, watching with a growing smile as the hood fell off the car with ease, and walked forward to look what greeted her under the hood that Brian was talking about. "That's a 2Jz Engine. No shit." Jesse echoed the last two words in awe with her, making Brian raise an eyebrow at her before turning to Dom.

Dom stopped at the back of the car, chucklingly again, "He almost had me?" He scoffed, "Now me, the mad scientist and my girl gotta rip apart the block, and replace the pistol rings that you fried ."

At the time he simply thought Dom was playing him but it appears that he wasn't. Though all the same, it still surprised Brian that the sweet blond that warned him to be careful, that looked like some one that should be laughing with Mia in the office while filing papers, actually know and can instantly recognize something about a car like she just did. She was a lot like his friend Suki in a way, he had seen her with her art pad and it was known in her file that she worked in the garage and painted the graphic designs that all their cars had. Badass ones at that. He shook his head and smirked at Dom, leaving the job to understand Alessandra at another date, "What did I tell you?"

Mia stood of to the side, smirking as Dom shot one of his own from Alessandra to the car that he looked at now interested, "I retract my previous statement.."

"You know what? This will decimate all -" Jesse paused with his crowbar and pointed his pointer fingers up to stop them from speaking as he stressed, "after you put about fifteen grand in it or more if we have to and overnight parts from Japan."

"Well put it on my tab at Harry's.." Dom said to Jesse and turned to Brian to say something to him just as Rebekah drive her car into the wide door of the garage after getting lunch for everyone, she blinked rapidly at the junked car in front of her after she got out in skinny jeans, and a dark pink tank top that matched her flip flops - that was kind of like Alessandra's jeans, dark gray tank top that had a lace backing that matched the color of her sneakers -before looking at everyone beside it in confusion.

"Who the bloody hell brought in that?" Her question made Alyee lose control of her laughter that she tried so hard to keep in at Brian's dry look he had on his face before Alessandra grabbed the food from Bekah and nod to the office to separate everyone's container of Chinese, a still confused Rebekah hot on her heels.

Alessandra smile to herself as she walked with three containers, catching how he talked to Brian about the 'Race Wars' and that when he wasn't working at Harry's he was working there. That if he couldn't find something that they didn't have he didn't belong anywhere near a car. She gave Dom his food with a smile, getting a kiss back as he walked off. She caught the whispered 'He owns you now.' that Mia gave Brian and walked away from him as he shot up to give her a concerned look as she smiled at Alessandra while taking her food before walking off as well. "Relax." She soothed Brian with a glowing smile and offered the last container of food to him, "To the impending doom."

The sarcastic emphasis in the last word made him feel more at ease as he took it with a smile, watching as she walked off after he said thank you for the food with intensity in his eyes. He couldn't for the life of him figure out that woman.

"Tell me what you think about that..?" Jesse murmured to Brian as he put his floppy disk in the computer after the parts were delivered, on the screen it showed a semi dark orange car that was the same model that he brought in and Brian was stunned by how Jesse made it look. The orange disappeared and showed the sketching of it. He watched in awe as Jesse explained some of his ideas of what they could do to it. "This is your basic layout of the car and this is what it could look like after we are through with it before Alessandra gets her hands on it.."

The way he mentioned Alessandra's name, even though it was the 'Alyee' that everyone called her, was oozing with fondness and protective instincts. The last part was probably why he didn't call her by the nickname to Brian but the taller blond male could respect that. He kinda started to feel the same way about the sweet woman that cared too much for her own good, so he bypassed that for now and continued to stare at the screen. "It would be red? Green?" Jesse shrugged with indifference as he took a drag of his cigarette and Brian couldn't be quite any longer.

"Man. You should be going to M.I.T or something." Brian regarded the smaller blond as Jesse smiled in disbelief with a scoffed 'Yeah, right.' He was quiet as Jesse paused and tried to figure out something.

"Alyee says the exact same thing and yet I've got that.." He paused as he tried to think of the name, "That attention defi–something disorder?"

"A.D.D?" Brian asked with an air of understanding now, but that shouldn't matter. The kid beside him was good – and being diagnosed with something that made his attention not last every long on something shouldn't hold him back. Alessandra even said it and by the way Jesse just told him that it was probably all the time. Yeah he could very well imagine the blond teasing Jesse about how one day he was going to be famous and forget about 'little old her'. Was it scary that he had not a shred of doubt that the image in his mind most likely happened – and was it terrifying that he didn't care in the slightest bit if it was? It should be damn it, it was his job to take down her boyfriend!

There was something about Mia and Alessandra that drew him in and made him want to stay, only the first for romantic feelings because while Alessandra Mikaelson was definitely attractive, he thought of her as a sister he never got to have. There was something about Alessandra that made him want to protect her from the big dad world that would no doubt taint the sweet aura she had.

"Yesss." Jesse hissed in annoyance at the mere thought and pulled Brian away from his seemingly dangerous ones, "That shit. I was good in Algebra, math and all that shit that pertained to that but everything else? I failed. I dropped out of school and Dom took me in. Treated me like a younger brother. There is something about engines that.. I don't know.. it just calms me down. You know?"

His question at the end went unanswered as Brian stared in thought, trying to make sense of what Jesse told him. The more he spent time with them, the crew that Dom Toretto had working underneath of him and Alessandra Mikaelson as his queen.. Brian found himself thinking that there was more to what was in the file. They weren't just seemingly breaking the law. They were only human with emotions and feelings.

Dominic, a man he couldn't make heads or tails with, looked at him with mutual understanding when he revealed that Jesse found his fake cover story that the police gave him. Alessandra laughing against her car with a girl she called 'Letty' with fondness as they both listened to him try to tell Dom about the car, a woman that wore her heart on her sleeve and told him to be careful with all the NOS he juiced up his car with – a man she didn't even know. Her artistic abilities were something he stared, mesmerized, at when he took this case. He didn't know her sister that well, but he justified that if Rebekah was related to Alessandra then she must have some good points aside from the stand offish attitude she gave him that was at least a few shades lighter than her boyfriends. Jesse.. Jesse was just a kid with a serious talent for computers that Dom took under his wing, finding anything and everything on the Internet with ease. Mia..

He shook his head unnoticeable at the thoughts that went through his mind that he really shouldn't be having. Telling himself that he shouldn't get attached even though he knew it was too late to do so.


Jesse's bright yellow car drove the streets of LA with Vince's blue car behind Letty's red one following him to Dom's house and pulling into the drive way one after the other. Alessandra came out of the house with a plate of BBQ raw chicken in her hands and wearing jean black shorts that were faded gray in the front with a black tank top and some silver flip flops, her honey colored hair pulled up in a ponytail. She smiled at them brightly as the three new arrivals got out of the car only to pause when she caught Vince staring Brian down as the blond stood by the grill and turned to give a look at Bekah when Vince handed Jesse the big bag of groceries and turned back to his car at the end of the driveway with a murmur that suspiciously sounded like, "I'm out of here. Looks like you got all the help you need, brother."

"Vince?!" Rebekah's british voice carried over Letty and Jesse's protests and the call of his name by Dom, making him turn from the driver door he was about to open and caught sight of his girl wearing shorts and a light blue shirt that cling to her, the color matching her beautiful eyes with flip flops on her feet. "Vince, what are you doing?" Her question didn't stop him from nodding to his car as an invitation and climbed in, not looking at Brian or Dom.

"Bekah.." Brian looked up at the porch to see Alessandra's tanned arm around her little sister, looking at her with sadness that twisted his gut as well as his heart, "Go with him, calm him down. You are the only one besides Mia, Dom and I that he will even think about listening to." She drew Rebekah into a hug before pulling away, "Make sure that you eat."

The younger blond rolled her eyes with amusement, fondness, and a little irritation before saying that she will and nodded to her before turning to Dom and Brian with an apology in her eyes before running to get into the passenger seat. Alessandra quickly handed to BBQ chicken over to her boyfriend and jogged down the driveway, sharing a worried, sad twist of her lips that didn't even qualify as a smile to her sister as the blue car tore down the street leaving smoke in it's wake.

He wasn't the only one staring at her and he looked around to see that everyone was looking at her in sadness as she stared down the empty road that her sister and Vince were just a few moments ago. The silence seemed heavy on Alessandra's shoulders as her turned back with her shoulders slumped in sadness while her lips were bitten into by her white teeth with worry. She grabbed a Corona and took a long gulp of it, smiling with mixed emotions that she couldn't keep down as she gave Letty and Jesse a hug before moving to the house with Mia to get everything ready.

It wasn't long after Letty excused herself to go into the house with a worried look in her eyes to check up on Alyee. Brian looked at his shoes when he caught the look in their eyes. It seemed that Dom wasn't the only thing holding all of these people together, not that he couldn't see that. Alessandra as well as Mia were much alike, and while he wanted to understand who they were – their flaws as well as their strengths – he couldn't shake the feeling of protectiveness he felt for these two women.

Mia was beautiful, a sweetheart, someone he didn't expect to connect with and smile every time he merely thought her name. He wanted her to be his, that was no doubt and he knew from the look in her eyes she liked him as well. Alessandra had a face that seemed a little too perfect to be real, the same with her sister, and watching her at the end of the drive way made him want to reassure her that everything will be fine even if he didn't have a clue if that would be true.

"Mia, the chicken is almost done!" Dom interrupted his thoughts as Mia came out of the house with a dark red, long length summer dress on and carrying potato salad with Letty and Jesse behind both woman carrying a pack of beer. Alessandra laughing next to him while pouring on more BBQ sauce on said chicken and smiled when Mia came to give him a hug.

"I found your awesome potato salad, Alyee." Mia grinned as she poked her tongue out carefree at the woman she hoped to be her sister-in-law one day, her laughter that she gave when Alessandra shot her a look of mock frustration echoed in the air.

"Woah, wait!" Dom interrupted seriously looking at Jesse, "Because you were the first to try and reach in to get the chicken – you are saying grace." Brian studied Dom's face as he said that, acting like a father would a child and found a proper punishment for a simple thing the child should already know.

Dom encouraged him then and Letty and Mia shared a quick look of amusement while Mia did a quick 'father, son and the holy spirit' move, but it was the look on Alessandra's face that made Brian pause even further. It was almost like this was one big family. Dom being the father that made no harm come to them, protect and defend to the very end while Alessandra was the mother, strong willed and everything that she was and stood for. There was was sitting next to Dom at the picnic table, giving a nervous Jesse a kind, encouraging smile and it made Brian wonder if there was ever even a time when she didn't think of others. When she actually put herself first.

He looked around the picnic table, at all the faces as Jesse moved to speak, wondering why in what seemed like no time at all he was comfortable with the people beside him.

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"Dear heavenly – umm.." Jesse paused and stuttered when he got nervous at it getting really quite around them, and he shot Alyee a grateful look when she offered up 'spirit' making Dom smile contently at her and grabbed her hand underneath the table and gave it a gentle squeeze, "Spirit, thank you. Thank you for providing us.. with the direct port nitrous injection –" Brian shook his head softly, amused as he heard Jesse ramble on about cars and the fondly amused look that Alessandra was throwing the younger blond a crossed from her while Letty nodded with her lip twitching and Mia opened her eyes to look at Jesse with a look of concealed disbelief and fondness. When he was done, Alessandra threw him a smile, nodded lightly to him with her words mouthing out a silent amen.

Dom had a huge smile on his face that was oozing with his own amusement as he pointed to the younger blond man that was on his left, "Not bad."

There was a chorus of amen's all around the table before Letty looked at him with a smile of her own, "Your praying to the car gods man?" She shook her head and eyed the food to see what she wanted while Mia giggled next to her right beside Alessandra.

"He's not the best -" Dom's voice was cut off by a playful smack that Alessandra landed on his shoulder, her eyes narrowed at him before she looked at Jesse, not even noticing that Brian was looking at all three girls on the other side of the long picnic table. He seen the slight irritation that was in Alessandra's eyes as she looked at her boyfriend before rolling her eyes at Jesse.

"Yes he is." Alessandra's voice was filled with feeling of a mother bear defending her cubs and Dom seemed to instantly recognize it before he smiled with fondness at her before pulling her to his lips and after a quick kiss he nodded and echoed what she said. Poor Jesse blinked with red in his face and Brian was glad the skinnier blond had someone in his corner that would boost his self esteem. Just then she pulled back and caught sight of her sister and Vince, running over to them with a smile and pulled them both into a hug. "Thank god."

"We should have know he would be back by dinner, he's always hungry." Letty growled from her seat and looked at the man that was her best friend with irritation about being ignored, before looking away after being shot a 'play nice damn it' look from Alyee. She nodded to the table of food whispering in Vince's ear, 'There is always room for family, try to relax.' before going back to her seat and Dom spoke up.

"Alright, sit down." Dom clenched his teeth as the hot head gave him a kiss on the head and a rub and before Alyee sent her boyfriend a 'Family is Family' look before grinning goofy at him which she was pleased to note calmed him down. While she believed that, she mentally thought to herself that Family has to act like family to be family'. Her mother and father flashed in her head, along with Nik and Elijah's face and times that they were at odds before shaking her head to clear it. Brian was tense as he head Vince ask Mia how she was doing as he past her to sit by Letty and Rebekah sat in between Brian and Vince but gave them both a dangerous look that said she wanted to enjoy her meeting in peace.

"Let's eat some food, man. Want some chicken?" Letty offered him nicely, feeling every bit of the look of approval that Alessandra shot the side of her head after she gave him a beer.

Later that night Mia laughed at something Alyee said to her as she dried off the dishes that Alyee washed and was about to comment when the person of her secret affections walked in with the last pile of dishes. "Do you ladies need any help with anything else?"

Mia smiled to herself at how much his voice was polite when Alyee turned to look at him with a smile before focusing back on the plate she was cleaning. She shared a look with Mia before she spoke, "No, that's okay. We've got this, you can go join the guys watching the movie."

"Ah, no. You see the cook doesn't clean where I come from." Alessandra looked at him with a raised eyebrow as Brian took a spare towel to dry off the clean dishes that were in the strainer to help Mia put them away. Mia laughed lightly, telling him 'Yeah? Well I would like that to go there..' The blond woman bit her lip to keep from smiling as the two shared a look, and finished just as Brian asked her out. 'Umm, no. I don't date my brother's friends.' Mia said in a tone of voice that seemed to be murmured simply yet Alyee could hear that it had a nervous tint to it. "Well, that sucks.. I guess I will just have to kick his ass then.."

His eyes widened and instantly connected with Alessandra looking at him with a raised eyebrow that seemed to be.. was that actually amusement? She smirked at Mia that only seemed to grow wider and shook her head, her french braided hair moving with her, "Oooh, Mia. I like this one." The darker haired girl blushed at the look of approval and amusement in Alessandra's baby blue eyes before she dried off her hands and walked out the door, leaving silence in her wake as she exited the kitchen before Mia laughed hysterically before calming down a few minutes later and reflected Brian's smile.

"Oh, I would love to see that one." Mia smothered a smirk as she looked at him because while she knew that Brian could throw a good punch from freaking out as he hit Vince, he wouldn't stand a chance against her brother, "Actually I would pay to see that.." She went to turn and leave the kitchen but turned back and smiled, "By the way? While it may not seem like sweet Alyee is more angel than devil – don't let that full you. It really all depends on who you are. A few minutes ago, you just got something that doesn't come free. Even if it's Alessandra." Mia smiled a him and continued at the confused look on his face and said something that echoed in his mind as she walked out of the kitchen, "A stamp of approval from a least one of the Mikaelsons here."

"Hey guys you want some drinks?" Mia nodded and rolled her eyes as she heard Vince snort and slam the microwave when it 'wasn't working'.

"Wash my car when you get done." Mia straightened up and asked him what was it he just said, "Not you, Mia, I'm talking to the punk.. and wear your favorite dress because afterward I am going to take you on the street where you belong, cutie." Behind him, Alessandra glared at him for being rude and opened her mouth to say something when Brian took and deep breath and shook his head unnoticeable. Alessandra's baby blue orbs narrowed further and she looked at him with a raised eyebrow just as Mia threw her towel down and sashayed a crossed the kitchen to Vince, calling him V and asking him what that Cuban restaurant that they all went to when they were in their teens.

Vince's mouth dropped and he thought about the many Cuban restaurants that they went to back in the old days, asking her if she meant the one with the little red candles and the plantain chips and when she claimed she used to see it all the time he nodded hopeful to get back to the good times where Brian wasn't around, "Cha Cha Cha?"

"Yeah, that's it." Mia nodded and turned away from him to look at Brian, "You can take me there Friday night at ten is that good for you?" She asked him and nodded, pleased when he said that it was perfect, and he turned to look behind Vince to see Alessandra leaning against the door frame with a smirk on her lips before she straightened and gave Brian and Mia two thumbs up before turning to continue watching the movie.


Pretty soon it was friday, Alyee spent it putting together an engine with Letty and Jesse while Vince kept himself preoccupied with teaching Rebekah about Cars. Her eyes connected with Dom fixing a car with Brian, eyeing the blond next to him in between what he was doing, "You got plans for tonight..?"

"Yeah, we're going out to dinner." Brian confirmed softly, his mind not letting go those words from this morning that kept his rage still simmering inside of him. He wasn't any closer than what he was before he started this case. He was hoping that Dominic Toretto knew at least something but he couldn't downright ask, and even so he still firmly thought that Dominic was too controlled for this. It seemed like it anyway, however if the pictures of the man said controlled guy beat his face in with a socket wrench were actually true. That type of rage.. He didn't know what to think about that.

He needed more time at the very least to get closer to these people, to find out who was in fact hijacking these trucks – without putting his heart on the line of course. He denied it to Toretto, him being a cop and was successful in turning that situation around for his own. Vince hit the nail right on the head, he was in fact a cop. Hell, he prided himself for so long about achieving to be one but they had to understand at the agency that it wasn't exactly possible to skip into Dominic Toretto's garage, win his trust and ask him a few questions and leave. It was more complicated than that. By a long shot.

But that arrogant bastard said the words that made his hair at the back of his neck stand on end, his lips pulled back in an almost snarl and he couldn't help but lunge. "Maybe the sister is clouding your judgment? Being so close to the girlfriend must be hard as well.. Don't get me wrong, I get off on both of their surveillance footage but-" That was all he got out in his quick rush before Brian saw red. Those two girls that were so close, so special, touching each life that they came a crossed with ease -

Brian shook his head and focused on the task at hand, catching Dom study him and hoped to god that his emotions weren't coming through from the inside out. "You break her heart, I break your neck." Dom's voice was as deadly as his gaze, and Brian had no doubts that Dom would try his best to do so if he did. However, the thought of breaking Mia's heart was unimaginable. She was so sweet, so feisty, so..

"That's not going to happen." He looked Dom dead in the eye as he said that as simply as he could, he knew for sure that whatever reassurance he gave Toretto would only make him suspicious of him even more. Watching to see if he fucked up, and while that was a given it would be worse if he tried to tell Dominic that he liked Mia too much to do that to her. He was her protective older brother, nothing Brian said would change that, so he put it into his gaze.

Dom looked at him for a long moment as he nodded softly and looked deep in thought about what he was doing before looking back at Brian, wiping his hands on the red rag as he did so, "I want to show you something.." He held out the rag for Brian to take, the blond taking it curiously as Dom got out of the empty spot from the hood of the car to see Alyee walking forward, jingling her car keys with an easy, comforting smile. Dom took them, kissing her on the lips softly in thanks and murmured to her as he directed Brian to Alyee's black and blue Lamborghini, "Hold down the fort."

He didn't even wait for her nod even though he knew with all his heart she did so, and a black and blue Lamborghini sped through the streets and pulled into the driveway of his home. He nodded to the old garage and dug out his keys from his pocket, when he pulled it open Brian's mouth dropped at the sight of the black classic of the 1970 Classic Dodge Charger R/T. He couldn't believe that such a powerful American muscle car was staring back at him. "...Wow.."

Dom smiled softly as the two of them stepped in front of it, his voice just a murmur yet it seemed to echo in the silence around them, "Me and my dad built her.. Nine hundred horses of Detroit muscle.. It's a beast." He moved as he looked at Brian, "Know what she ran at Palmdale?" He continued when Brian didn't know, "Nine seconds flat." He forced himself to smirk as he looked down at the car that he hadn't looked at in years.

Brian moved to stand beside the car, shaking his head in amazement as he murmured low to himself 'My god..' "My dad was driving her. So much torque – the chastity twisted, coming off the line. It barely kept on the track.."

"So.. what's your best time?" Brian looked over the car, unaware of the uncomfortable look on Dom's face as he shifted at the question until he spoke out that he hadn't driven her. Brian couldn't help but snort in amusement even though he tried to hold it in. This car, a classic, was collecting dust?! He ask the man beside him why and got an answer he definitely wasn't expected.

"...It scares the shit out of me." Dom's voice was solemn as he admitted that and Brian was well past surprised, he was down right speechless. The Dominic Toretto.. scared... of a car? He turned when Dom pointed at a picture and claimed it was his dad. "He was coming up in the pro-stock car circuit, last race of the season. A guy named Kenny Linder," Brian started at the name, looking at Dom's back surprised that the tough man was even talking about this but Dom paid him no mind as he moved to stop at the back of the car. "came up from inside.. and in the final turn, he clipped his bumper and put him into the wall at a hundred and twenty. Ummm.."

Brian's gut turned in pity for the man he was supposed to fear, seeing him explain why he did what he did, why he ended a man's life. Everything inside of him finally registered that Dominic Toretto was simply human. Was simply a man of blood, emotions, and grieved for the man that raised him. "I was forced to watch as he burned to death.. I remembered hearing him scream.. The people that were there said that he had died before the tanks blew." Dom slowly turned, unable to see a dark brown haired immoral that normally had mischievous glints in his eyes that were covered by his side swipped bangs as staring at his sister's soul mate trying to take what he was hearing all in, and the bald headed man looked at the blond before him.

"They said it was me that was screaming.." Brian swayed as he walked forward, his eyes unreadable now as he found himself unable to picture himself in that situation, as Dom continued as he moved around the car to the side where Brian wasn't, "I saw Lind about a week later.. I had a wrench." He made the movements as if he was back in time, trying to force himself to talk, "..and I hit him, and I didn't intend to keep hitting him. But by the time I was done, I couldn't lift my arms." Brian sat down, looking at Dominic from a crossed the hood of the car, the bald man staring off into the distance as he grabbed one of the wooden beams next to him with a firm grip.

"He was a ..uh, Janitor at a high school." Dom looked back at him, eyes now slowly starting to come back into focus with pain in his eyes that was too real to be fake or to even think about trying to hide, "He has to now take the bus to work every day.. and they banned me from the tracks for life." He moved around the front of the car, looking at Brian who tried to pull himself together and cross his arms, "I live my life by a quarter mile at a time.. nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, or the store, or the bullshit my team is dealing with. By those ten seconds or less? I'm free." He nodded sadly as he moved to sit on the hood of the car.

"I met Alyee by chance really." For the first time since bringing him to the garage, Dom actually didn't have to force a smile, "It was at a race that she easily won, and as soon as my eyes caught her form I knew for a fact I was in trouble. No woman, chaser or not, made me feel as drawn to her as I felt as soon as I laid eyes on her. Rebekah stopped her in the middle of counting the money she won, they had a small spat and then eventually Alyee gave in to let her in her car. Rebekah is an emotional woman, at times she is unstable with how much she loves so blindly and recklessly, and with Alyee being someone that looks past the darkness to see even a small spark of light? Well, you are around her you can figure that out."

Dom shrugged and rolled his eyes playfully at the same time, making Brian smirk. "Someone made off with my car when the cops busted in, drove me home where I pleaded her and her sister to come in, wanting to get to know this beautiful British accented woman that had more angel in her eyes than the stubborn, feisty spark that was devil. Mia approved of Alyee right away.. and then it happened that weekend. I was simply trying to show off.."

The beautiful woman by the name of Alessandra Mikaelson – Alyee, she forced them all to call her – caught his eye from where she was talking to his sister and Letty at the race. The need to show off in front of her was all consuming and the longer he stared at her as he got ready for the race he longer that he went through every trick that he could pull off, the last as dangerous as the first. Maybe that would gain him some more points than normal? Girls liked it normally, but Ales – Alyee wasn't a normal girl. She was so much more special than the chasers that hung around waiting 'patiently' to have sex with the racers taking part in it.

She wore leather pants, flat black boots and a dark gray shirt – her eyes locked on his just as he turned away when a chaser came out to start the race. A smirk curved on his lips as he caught the word go, pressing down on the gas pedal and leaving thick white smoke behind him. When the time was right he made his car twisted to the right, only moving on two wheels when one of his opponents thought he was showing off because he was winning.

Dom jolted as the car hit the tail of his car, slamming the carefully controlled axis that he had as well as spiraling out of control. When he stopped spinning, be breathed in deeply and looked up relieved, thinking that he would just have to impress her another way when it quickly turned to horror at the blood that was on his driver's side mirror. He got out as fast as he could to see Rebekah wrapping Alyee's left wrist with the younger blonde's leather jacket. He forced his feet to drag closer to them, the though of hurting the girl he was growing to really like paining him with a intensity he hadn't felt in a long time.

It was them that Rebekah glared at him or rather as he moved closer to them he took notice that she was glaring at both him and the driver that wasn't hurt yet because he was preoccupied with seeing how much pain Alyee was in and what he could do to help. Her eyes held a small amount of hunger, that he now knew the reason for, as well as pure anger. They were becoming surrounded with veins and he couldn't help but be confused as he caught them before Alyee put her one good hand on Rebekah's arm. Her mouth moving in an almost silent, "I'm gonna be okay."

Rebekah angry gaze softened sadly as it shifted to her sister, holding the doubt and heartache that consumed Dom's insides.

Dom shook his head to get back to the present, looking at Brian who looked back at him with a mixture of emotions now, "I tried to do the one thing that pained me to even think about – I tried to draw myself away from her. How could I taint that sweet woman that had a healthy mixture of fire? Me : someone that tried to beat a man to death with a wrench? Someone that could have very well taken her whole hand off - not just left a mark on her wrist. I couldn't be with her, even if it killed me.. I didn't factor in Alyee's stubbornness though." He laughed softly as he remembered amusedly, "She wouldn't let me take the 'cowards way out' as she spat out in that accent of hers. She stuck around, rolling her eyes and gave attitude right back if I gave it to her. She's a sinner and a saint rolled into one, and .." He looked off into the distance as he smiled softly, "She makes me feel normal.."

The ghost that was with them narrowed his dark brown eyes at the thought of his sister hurting, at the thought of her being with ..well, anyone really.. but as he watched over her from the second he died at the hands of baby Gilbert and the doppelgänger he came to three easy conclusions. One: He wanted to kill Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, and Jeremy Gilbert. Two: He wanted to also get revenge on most of his family that weren't Alyee for not acting like a family. For not avenging him, loving him ever since they all split off their own ways a thousand years ago. And the Third was something so easy yet so had to accomplish, to let happen : He wanted Alessandra to be happy. She stuck by him through it all, was there to miss him more than just a passing thought that was quickly forgotten or moved on to more recent things.

He knew what Alyee wanted – she wanted what she dreamed of as a little girl. To be loved, to have family that cared and supported her, to have children of her own. He listened as the blond agreed with the last thing that was said from the man he prayed was good for Alyee. He couldn't go through to see her in pain again as she pulled her other half from the man with the name of Dominic Toretto. He came here, leaving Alyee for the time being because he was very curious as to what his sister's soul mate was about. To find out that not only did he make her happy, that he loved her supernatural genes and all (thanks to Rebekah's compelling, something he couldn't help but grit his teeth at. They would never know his real reaction since the memory of her compelling him would be blocked even if Dominic turned into a vampire because they were originals. Couldn't their baby sister just leave them to sort it out!? If Alyee found out..) He gulped deeply at the thought of his fraternal twin sister being heartbroken, and quickly moved on.. besides all of that, he thought about Alyee right this second and...

Kol smirked, for the first time in his life not devious with hidden intentions, as he watched Dominic Toretto and the blond cop that was getting to close to his sister for comfort, (What if the guy named Brian hurt her by his secret? It would be definitely hard for him to earn back the trust that she gave him easily.) and couldn't help but grudgingly approve of Dominic.

Dominic Toretto was giving her everything she had ever wanted out of life.

Chapter Text

Alessandra Mikaelson blinked her eyes as she analysed the car that she was currently under, checking to see if everything was up to par, tightened just right before changing the spark plugs and then getting up to look at her boyfriend with a smile on her lips. She pushed her hair out of her face as she walked up to him with her head bobbing to the music in the empty garage, "Everything checks out so far. I had to change the spark plugs, too." She laughed as she held up the old ones before moving to throw them away but was stopped by Dom's hand on her forearm. She murmured his name as he pulled her flush against him, smirking down at her deviously before kissing her. His hands slowly going to her own as he made her drop the spark plugs, his forehead on hers as he looked down at her with heat in his eyes.

Alyee had one final thought before she pulled off the button up dark gray shirt Dom was wearing and touching his muscular chest and stomach, kissing each other passionately and when they pulled back for air Alyee couldn't help but moan softly that was almost swallowed up by the music when her boyfriend's hands slowly trailed down her soft curves until they cupped her ass that was clad in black leather pants and pulled her up to wrap her legs around his waist. Alyee looked at down at him from her new position, smirking with heat growing rapidly in her own eyes with her hair in a messy, sweaty bun on top of her head but to Dom she looked positively beautiful.

She look the dark blue towel that he used to wipe the grease on his hands off of his now bare shoulder and twisted it around a few times playfully while smirking at him wider as he moved them both to one of the couches. She threw it behind her, not caring where it landed and moved one hand off of Dom's shoulders to wipe some swear off of his brow just as he sat down with her on top of him, looking at her in awe. He still had times where he couldn't believe she was his, wondered what he ever did to get so lucky, to be blessed with someone like her.. this was one of those times.

She rocked on his lap, groaning when his dick hit her secret spot between her legs and that sound was Dom's undoing as he pulled her forward with his hands on her upper rib cage, his head burrowing in her gray tank top. His tongue licked the skin, taking pleasure in her moaning and rocking on his erection before her back arched, her head was thrown back and he took this as an opportunity to pull the front of her shirt as well as her lacy black bra down to reveal her chest to him.

He smirked at her face as he grabbed her hips and brought her down to his jean covered dick, he would give her what she wanted if she asked as pretty as she usually always did.


"I don't care if you have to put a gun to someone's head, blow your cover to smithereens – you have thirty-six hours to crack this bastard or you better consider finding another career." After a perfect date, perfect night with Mia.. to hear her laugh at the look on his face after she drifted, something that she claimed Alyee taught her and wasn't that easy to do.. then reality set it. Johnny Tran was a bust, and even if he just aside the word 'Yeah' as his consent to do it? They were still blaming it on him that Tran wasn't found guilty of more than just a few outrageous speeding tickets.

With how they were talking to him, Brian couldn't help but wonder if he actually should get another job. What could he do though? Harry was simply tolerating him.. What was he thinking? He dreamed of being a cop ever since he was young, just like his dad.. and.. Brian huffed to himself, in a split decision of job choices that were better for his heart and for his health. Anything was better than trying your best and getting criticized for it. Never being good enough.

He looked over to the slick black car next to him and Dominic, before asking, "Nice car, what's the retail on one of those?"

The guy regarded the girl in the passenger seat with a grin, before looking back at him with a 'too cool' sneer, "More than you can for afford, pal. It's a Ferrari." He made the horse power sound, and Brian didn't have to look at him to know that Dom had an unimpressed look before he turned his head to him with a flat expression on his face, telling him to "smoke 'em". Brian met his sunglasses with his own and looked at the road calmly but on the inside his body was doing excitedly, nervous flips.

As soon as the light hit green gray smoke came from the back of each car, Brian remained focused. Swerving through the other side, ignoring the beeping of cars and moved the car to the appropriate lane, speeding faster than the Ferrari without even thinking about using NOS, and caught in the corner of his eye that Dom was looking at him as he drove the car that the both of them put together along with the rest of the team. Black tiger stripes with small skulls in between were graphically designed on the sides of it curtsy of Alessandr – er, Alyee. She glared every time he called her that while talking with her as they were putting together the car.

He pulled into a Mexican restaurant for lunch right next to some Harley motorcylcles and tons of talking girls, looking at Dom who shrugged and got out, obviously not minding his choice in food at all. Brian knew, even though he didn't in fact know what it was, that Dom had some er -extra curricular activities.. he had to convince Dom to allow him to get in on whatever he was in. Not to get him in trouble like the cop in him was softly telling him he should but for other reasons. He wanted to know more about Dominic and his crew, he felt like he had to.

Brian steeled himself as he stared Dom down after he told him that there was no way that he paid for all the things that were under the hood of those cars doing tune ups at the garage and selling groceries at the store, that he wanted in on it. Dom took a long moment to assess him, probably to see if he was serious about the need for money that he claimed and wasn't trying to fool around with him. Dom pursed his lips as he thought before pulling out a folded piece of paper and slid it over to Brain's side of the table.

"Read it.. It's directions to Race Wars." Dom told him simply after Brian asked him what it was as he unfolded it carefully popping a shrimp in his mouth after he spoke, locking his eyes on Brian's as he chewed, "We'll see how you do.. then we'll talk."


Race Wars was in the middle of the desert, a hip hop beat filled the hot air as women marvelled at the slick shine of different make and colors of the cars there, some without hoods and the murmured to themselves of how they could drive around like that when it could down pour making Alyee share an amused look with her sister before parking her Lamborghini. Stepping out in faded light blue shorts and a white tank top with pearly white flip flops. Her hair in a bun on top of her head and she looked at her baby sister that had close to the same clothing as she wore and waited until both doors were shut before she locked it up.

She nodded to her sister and left her to walk around while Bekah went to go over to Vince before rolling her eyes as an ugly blond smiled 'seductively' under two showers that hit her white t shirt, showing her barely there chest to the men around her who encouraged her as she shook her chest and spun around to show her thong covered ass, making Alyee shake her head disgusted at the needy sluts that would do anything for some dick. "You know you are more than welcome to try it out.." A suggestive voice came from beside her to make her turn her icy gaze to a dark haired 'pretty boy' that winked at her.

"The only way I would ever go near that is to prove that I can drown assholes like you in the middle of the desert." Alyee spat at him, moving forward to the band of rockers not caring about his reply though she did hear whatever the fuck his name was murmur out an appraising 'feisty' she clenched her teeth, willing herself not to form a reply when he didn't deserve one. She hated men that thought they could have any girl that they wanted.

She shook her head, allowing the rock band to sooth away her anger when she felt familiar hands wrap around her after a few minutes. Alyee spun and smiled at her boyfriend, easing the tension in her body further while he eyed her curiously. "Something bothering you, babe?"

She shook her head as a soft sigh came from her plump lips, something that Dom caught as she listened at rapid attention now, "It's nothing that I couldn't handle.." She smiled as she kissed his worried frown away and pulled back for air as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey!" Alyee turned from Dom to see Leon, one of their crew members that recently came back from visiting family, run up to them in a hurry with a worried look on his face, "Heads up, we got problems!" He pointed to Jesse's white car that was speeding away to both of them as Vince and Rebekah came up beside them.

"Jesse..." Alyee murmured his name in confusion and turned to her friend with a question in her bright eyes as Dom asked what he was doing and her heart threatened to stop in it's tracks when Leon desperately told them both that he raced Johnny Tran with the pink slip to his car. That white car he drove was his dad's, something that meant alot to him.. no wonder why he was speeding away.. He was probably terrified. Her heart went out to the guy she grew to care for as a little brother. There was no way that he was going to give that up..

Dom cussed loudly as he covered his face with his hand, and everything inside of her wanted to race after Jesse. Cuss him out for doing something as stupid as racing while putting his dad's car on the line then hug him tightly and shield him away from the horrors that could happen to him for doing such a thing. She breathed in and tried to think of what she could do when an imaginary light bulb floated on top of her head. She split off from Dom and ran as fast as she could to her car, because as much as she loved it.. she loved Jesse more. "Fucking idiot." She shook her head and grabbed the pink slip and any other papers and (some things out of the glove box and trunk that she moved to Dom's car, a key in which was copied) for it before running back to where Dom was.

"Alys what ware you doing?" Rebekah and Vince caught sight of her and exchanged a look before catching up with the woman that was on a mission.

"Bekah, I have to do something! Jesse will getting eaten alive by Tran and you know it." Alyee yelled to her sister as she moved through the crowd, huffing for needed air as she caught sight of Dom about to try and do damage control just as Tran drove to stop in front of them.

"Where is he going?" Tran sneered at her boyfriend, who sarcastically said the car wash, "You better go get my car back.."

The threat in Trans voice made Alyee's blood boil but she smothered it down by sashaying forward, placing herself in front of a growingly amused Tran and a shocked Dom as her boyfriend saw what she was going to do.. She couldn't be serious though, could she? She loved that car more than anything. She built it from scrap herself for crying out loud! However she ignored both looks and the Chinese man in front of her eyeing her up and down, wondering if he could ever steel the pretty little thing in front of him that also belonged to Toretto, snapping out of it when she spoke the words that were as sweet as honey with a tint of danger.

"Your car is this." She gave him ever piece of paper he needed to drive it legally, ignoring the soft '..Alyee' that came from her boyfriend from behind her, "It's a black and blue Lamborghini, just a few cars away from the security entrance.. if you can't find it, I don't really know what to tell you." She finished off with a smile, as if she didn't subtly imply that she doubted he even knew what a Lamborghini looked like before turning and pulling her boyfriend away.

"I can't believe you gave that car to Tran, Alyee. You loved that car.." She gave him a smile, as if she didn't care any less about the loss but he knew her better.. That car was her pride and joy. She loved how fast it was, how she could drift til her heart's content with it.. and now -

"Love, Dom. 'Loved' meaning past tense. I still do love it, but.." She shrugged one shoulder at him in a 'eh, what can you do?' type of way before speaking, "I love Jesse more.. I was thinking about getting another car anyway so-" He silenced her with a kiss, overwhelmed by her being such a caring person when Johnny Tran ruined it by trying to call his attention that at first Dom tried to ignore. Alyee moved to Rebekah who, nodded at her whispered request to find Jesse before he did anything stupid.

"Yesterday SWAT invaded my home! Disrespected my whole family! Because somebody ratted me out! And you know what? It was you!" Johnny Tran thrusted a finger in Dom's face while Alyee's eyes narrowed at the claims Tran spat at her boyfriend, knowing very well that he was ..,. preoccupied all day and a fist cut Tran off and forced him onto the ground. Security held back the crowd moving forward to see the fight that Dom was winning, punching Tran in the face - probably to knock some sense into him. Hey, if he wasn't a suspicious guy than maybe he wouldn't always be harassed by cops.

Just as a security personal grabbed Dom's arm to try and pull him off, Alyee heard a noise from behind her and next to her - unseen - was her stalking ghost of a twin brother, glaring at a Chinese man of one of Tran's crew that recognized her as Dom's girl. He gritted his teeth, snarling with his fangs out even though nobody could see him, when the man charged at his sister but with a solid right hook, the man went down like a ton of bricks. Kol smirked when the commoner men around her that were thinking about hit on her 'oohed' and jumped backwards to try to not piss her off.. too late for that.

He studied his sister's face was a smirk as she glared at the man at her feet that was holding his nose as blood ran ran through one of the lines of his tightly coiled fingers, it took more than one security guard to pull him off while he was yelling that he never ratted on everyone as they tried to distance him from Tran. He smirked and crossed his arms, standing by his sister ghostly and looking around at all the cars and girls with tightly fitted outfits.. before eyeing the latina that was Alyee's friend.. Letty, he recalled as her name.

She had olive skin toned curves that were clad in black leather pants, heels and a dark tank top. Her black curly hair was loose and he uncharacteristically had to sudden urge to run his fingers through it.. He shook his head with a smirk. Good god he loved type of scene.

Night had come quickly and Alyee found herself in the passenger seat of Dom's car, changed into black leather pants, a dark gray shirt and black flat boots. She sighed to herself before pulling out her phone and looking out of the mirror on her side to see Mia walking up to Dom quickly with an angry look on her face before pulling out her phone, "Hey Alys.."

Alyee frowned at her sister's worn out tone, "Bek's - Please tell me that your worn out tone of voice isn't because you haven't found him."

Rebekah scoffed playfully, "Here is the part of the conversation where I remind you I am a vampire, Alyee. Of course I found him, he is beside himself and didn't want to face you or Dom - you know kid really sees you as his parents or something. He desperately wants both of your approval, but he couldn't bring himself to go home so I brought him to a hotel. I'm keep him safe, Alyee, don't worry-"

"Dom! Please I am begging you not to do this!" Mia's voice rung out, interrupting the conversation she was having with her sister, while Dom tried to reassure her. Alyee felt bad for the younger woman, she was obviously worried and wanting her brother to stay out of this time of thing but she knew very well that said brother wouldn't give something he himself still wanted to do.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Alessandra took a moment to imagine what her sister looked like right about now, eyebrow raised in suspicion and a hand on her hip before answering that she was going on a job with Dom and the rest of the team, "Oh, well please be careful Alyee.." Alyee nodded even though she couldn't see her, telling her sister that like always she will try her best. Some things you can't prevent, some things happen and you can't do much about it. She told Rebekah to tell Jesse that she still loves him, but expect at the one cuss word when she gets her hands on him.

Alyee said bye to her sister only a couple of seconds ahead of Dom getting in the car with Letty getting in the back seat, who unknowingly sat next to a deceased Kol, and she exchanged a nod with Dom that told him that she was ready and that everything was okay with Jesse. She smiled as he gave her a relieved sigh just as he drove off with Leon and Vince following behind them.

Show time.

Chapter Text

Alessandra Mikaelson felt unfortunate to say that she was no stranger to death, but she gave no thought about her own end. Being around for a thousand years and having the family that she did, made the deaths of many stain their hands.. and while she felt bad, tried to prevent any more blood being shed, she knew that a person couldn't control their family. Only yourself. This is the line of thinking that she thought about when her soul mate and the people she grew to love as family decided they were going to hijack the trucks today. She felt on edge, like she always did but pushed it down for the sake of her boyfriend's ideals when Letty and Vince spoke up that they shouldn't be doing this without Jesse and that something didn't feel right. She chimed in then that Jesse was fine and with Rebekah, smiling at her boyfriend's grateful smile.

It was all going smoothly until they realized that the driver had a shotgun and Vince didn't take any notice. She mumbled under her breath in latin, not noticing the strange look from Letty in the driver seat as she made the bullets twist out of the way to Vince. Rebekah would kill her if something happened to him that she could easily control. Still though Vince went on the truck, and it was at this time that Alyee murmured a 'Fucking Idiot!' under her breath. Vince just had to be headstrong, they could have just left easily like it never happened until Vince got caught on the wire and was dangling like a puppet with the wire cutting into his arm.

Alyee cussed, something that she more often than not didn't do, when Letty pulled up to distract the truck driver and ended up getting a bullet into the rear window. The sight of Letty cussing, gripping the steering while tightly as she curled into it was almost too much to bare for Alyee.

Over the years she didn't make much friends, and any of the friends she did have died or betrayed her one way or another. There was Rose, a person she saved from drowning into a lake after getting into a car accident. Dead, betrayed her by letting Katerina Petrova and Trevor come between their friendship. She died before she could tell her that she forgave her for the insult against the Mikaelson family. There was Pearl and little Annabelle, mother and daughter that were sick from combustion that caused death to their whole village. They came to her, begging for her to change them and while she didn't want this life for such kind people she gave in anyways. Little Annabelle had to be only fifteen at the maximum, and her need to protect a child of whatever age won with the almost smoldering matching brown eyes that the both of them had. They ran after Kol had scared them to test their loyalty and she couldn't help but feel betrayed.. and they ran to Katerina of all people?!

Lexi came back when the ghosts were let out, smashed her head against Stefan's car in hopes to get her distracted enough to torture Stefan's humanity back on. Did she not know anything from the time they spent together? Originals can compel other vampires yes, but the originals have to be the one to unlock the memories. No amount of torture could break through that. Still she was more than just her friend, Lexi acted like the sister that Rebekah well.. wasn't. Alyee remembers saving the other blond in a house fire, showing her the world and showing her the proper way to live the life that you were given without giving into the blood lust. Alyee missed her more than anything...

The point she was trying to make was that she lost a lot of people and the ones that surrounded her now, she wasn't about to sit by and give up on trying to save them. She unbuckled her seat belt and pulled herself quickly onto the top of the car from the sunroof, ignoring the yells that Letty gave her before screaming at Dom in the walkie talkie. The expression on her face hardened as the driver turned the shot gun to her. "Letty, when I jump get out of the way!" She screamed as she looked down the sunroof at the dark haired beauty and twisted away at the wide eyed and worried look that she got in return.

Alyee jumped, missing a bullet that was aimed at her head and turned to Letty's direction to see that the Latina had reluctantly listened. She twisted her body to get to Vince, her steps careful and precise. When she got to him she gave into the urge to give him a disapproval look while he gave an ashamed one back. Good, he should be. When you see a shotgun, you do not charge on! What an idiotic move! If he thought that she was pissed, this would be child's play to Rebekah's reaction when she finds out her boyfriend did something this reckless. She growled under her breath about how reckless that was and how he must have a death wish, before slowly untangling the wire to not cause him more pain. When she was finished she pulled them out of the way when a bullet took aim for their heads and gave her boyfriend a determined look before nodding and using magic to throw Vince over to Dom's outstretched hand.

He halted instantly to look over Vince's injures and now she was all alone clutching the passenger side of the truck. Letty had somehow crashed and Leon was getting to her. Alyee sighed after she dodged another bullet, "I'm sorry.." She murmured to herself, "You all are most likely on the other side, pushing past each other to get to be the one that smacks me a crossed the head.. but please try to understand.. I - No more. There cannot be any more people dieing around me. I won't be able to handle it.." She sighed and her hold tightened as the truck sped up to try and shake her. "I tried everything I could to make sure no more people died. I drank from blood bags strictly, I helped anyone who needed it.. I was the person that never changed since I was human. I wanted to be the one that made her family proud of her above all else.. I miss you.. All of you.." A tear ran down her cheek silently which went unnoticed until the wind caught contact with it making her wipe it away with her hand.

Alessandra was the only one in her family of vampires that never shut off her humanity and why would she? Humanity is a precious, completely flawed thing that she never wanted to give up. She wanted to be the type of person that Hendrik used to look up at as if she was the world to him. His big brown expressive eyes were filled with stars as they looked up at her, and she wanted to be herself. Not a cold, sad imitation of her as a ghost was possessing her. She wanted to be the different Mikaelson, and she wasn't ashamed to be the odd ball of the family. She only wished that there wasn't so much blood and betrayal trying to bury the family and the name. She couldn't choose her family nor could she change them - no matter how hard she tried. Mikaelson : They were stubborn and strong to the very end..

She pursed her lips as she stood up from her crouch, letting out a breath slowly as she let her power surround her before letting it take hold of the wheels and pulled them to a screeching halt and her eyes took on a terrified look as she was pushed off, locking her own with Brian's eyes as she fell.

Mia screamed out her name that seemed to echo in the air that was filled with the sounds of the driver regaining his control over the truck and driving away quickly, the look that the blond gave as she fell in what seemed like in so motion was engraved in the minds of both her and Brian's mind.. and as Alyee's whole world turned black she couldn't help but question if she heard Kol's voice screaming her name along with Mia.


Alessandra's world slowly came back into focus as she blinked her eyes before shutting them quickly at the bright lights around her. There was a relieved sigh to her left that seemed to echo in her ears and she slowly picked her head off of the pillow to see that her little sister was beside her in a hospital room. Did she ever mention that she hated hospitals? Yeah, well she did. Ever since she was a vampire, the smell of bleach and death messed with her senses. "Thank god you are okay, Alyee." Rebekah hugged her tightly before pulling out her cell phone and dialing quickly, "Dom, she's awake. Yeah, okay.. see you soon." The littlest Mikaelson ended the call and sat on the edge of the bed, her icy blue eyes softening, "How are you feeling?"

"Sore." Alessandra groaned out as she searched for a glass of water that could help the dry throat, something that her sister noticed and gave to her quickly.

"Your magic saved you, Alyee. You would have been dead if it wasn't for that.. I told you to be careful-"

"For the love of God, 'Bekah!" Alessandra interrupted with irritation in her voice, "This is not the time to say I told you so! Vince was hurt and - Oh my lord." Her eyes widened with emotion and she forced her body out of the bed to check on her friend, "Vince.."

"Alyee.." Rebekah's voice was kind as she ran at her supernatural speed to stop her, "Alyee, Vince is fine. Brian is a cop, requested medical transport by a helicopter for the both of you." Rebekah took a moment to bite her lip, pushing down the feeling of dread that came with the thought of loosing her boyfriend and her sister before noticing that Alyee was in shock. The older blond was mouthing the words 'Brian is a cop' silently, before betrayal seeped into her eyes. "Alyee.. there's more.." Rebekah continued when blue eyes pleaded for no more bad news, she gulped in response, "I had to save Jesse, he is still human and healed well but Johnny Trann tried to kill him in a drive by. That was two days ago, you've been asleep for a whole week.. I also had been talking with Elijah, he is in New Orleans and said something about Klaus and trouble. I tuned it out but now I can't get ahold of him.."

Alessandra blinked with all this information and her vision twisted in darkness again, this time she felt Rebekah's arms wrap around her just as she started to sway.


Alessandra's eyes opened for the second time to lock onto her boyfriend's brown ones as he sat next to her bedside, she smiled lightly and tried to push herself up without too much effort. He helped her gently, before kissing her forehead, "Rebekah said you were overloaded with too much information. Everyone is fine. I... think we should take a trip to New Orleans to help your brother." He continued quickly when he saw that she was about to object, "Alyee, a lot has happened since you were asleep. Brian let me go, turned in his badge-"

"He should have turned it in when he first caught himself falling for Mia, before I found myself giving both of them approval." She grumbled under her breath, and Dom couldn't help but feel for her. Alessandra wasn't one to give her seal of approval without a thought and to find out he was a cop trying to take them down had to be hard to swallow.

"I know, and I agree with you.. but he didn't. Like I said, he let me go. When you fell he checked you over, looked at Vince and called in medical air support for the both of you. He murmured under his breath that he thought of you as a younger sister and the world would be a very dull place without you.. I think that the trust was felt on both ways even if he tried to force it away with his job. I want to go to New Orleans to help your brothers, not just for Rebekah but for you mostly. I love you Alessandra, and I love that family is so important to you. You aren't as close to them as I know you would have liked, Alyee. I see it every time you think of Kol or Hendrik.. you are dreading losing the family you have left. I say we go, check out what's going on and see if we could help.."

He watched as her shoulders slumped before nodding with a smile, and he put another kiss on her head and left to go tell her doctor that she was up from her fainting spell. She watched as he left the room and couldn't help but wonder what Nik and Elijah got into now. ...What was waiting for them in New Orleans?

Chapter Text

The cool night air greeted Alessandra from the rolled down window from inside an all black 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and while she was happy that Dominic got the courage to drive it, she was bitter that it had to be finding out that Brian was a cop for him to get said courage. It was his dad's though and Alyee pushed down the feelings she currently felt about Brian away as she chose to be happy for her soul mate.

Brian lied to them all the same. You would think that having a family like the one she had that she would be used to being lied to? No, not at all. Alyee was always herself, always tried to do the right thing. Brian made her like him, have fun around him and see him as another brother that she truly didn't need but had anyways. It stung that she was betrayed but... she was forced to acknowledge that he saved her life. He got her to the hospital using his badge to get her and Vince there..

"Damn it, Bekah." Alessandra growled under breath from the passenger seat of Dom's car as they followed her younger sister in her new red convertible. It was just like her sister to go into a bar to ask how to get to The Quarter and come out with vampire blood on her left cheek. She ran into the bar and used her magic to help Rebekah deal with the vampires that were attacking her.

She knew very well her younger sister could hear her but Rebekah just ignored her as the convertible flew down the street. To be truthful, Alessandra was worried to say the least. Dom was with them and while Dom had control of his temper more often then not, Niklaus did not. She was terrified something would happen to him.. Things happened no matter where they went and they didn't know what they were walking into..

'Do you want me to compel Dom?' A text was sent to her, and Alessandra instantly replied with a firm no. She didn't want Rebekah to compel Dominic, she could hardly believe that Dom was taking everything as smoothly as he was. She didn't want him to be compelled by anyone so she laced the cross that she gave him with vervain and -

"Well, here we are rushing to our dear brother's aid again? Fucking typical." A voice from the back made Alyee freeze with her eyes wide as she slowly turned around to look, before they were quickly filled with tears. Dominic said her name in worry but it seemed far away as she stared into the dark eyes that she wished for the longest time that she could see again. Her throat had a lump in it as she stared at him.

"Alyee?!" Dom's voice cut through as he looked over at her staring off at nothing in the back seat, "What's wrong?"

"...Kol..?" Alyee's tears fell down from her eyes as stared, wondering how the hell this could be real and only came up with one conclusion that Dom and the rest weren't telling her.. She was revived from her death after she was thrown from the truck.

"Alyee..?!" Her nickname was voiced in unison by her soul mate and her brother, the last staring at her wide eyed with surprise but with tears as well as he figured out quickly what happened. His favorite sister, the one that was always there for him.. could see him?! Meanwhile, Dom was panicking inside. Alyee thought she could see her dead twin brother? Shouldn't he do something - anything - to help her? But what, was the question that spun around his mind. He caught the tears that were in his Alyee's beautiful orbs, something that made him want to stop them, but then he realized they were tears of happiness.

He grit his teeth, if Alyee was thinking that she saw her dead brother and was happy about it? By any and all means, he was going to help her through this.. Question was how? It couldn't be healthy by any means..


They slowly followed Rebekah as her red convertible pulled into the long driveway that belonged to a home that Alyee remembered well. This was the house of the Governor back all those years ago, his son and Rebekah were in love instantly and when Nik found out.. well, let's just say it didn't end well for the human or Rebekah. It made her look at Dom worriedly in the corner of her eye, before sighing softly.

While she didn't like people keeping things from her, she counted it as a blessing that she was able to see her brother again.. no matter the price. To hear Kol's voice, talk with him, see the mischievous glints in those brown eyes.. was it sad to say that she missed him so much that she was happy to see him? To almost die so she could see him again?

Yeah.. she guessed it did, but she could hardly find it in her to care. She could see Kol for crying out loud! Her wildest dreams were becoming a reality. She never let go of Kol, just like she never let go of Hendrik.. and even though she wouldn't admit it out loud in fear of being crazy, she missed Finn as well. The older brother was always there for her, always there to cheer her up and when he sided with her mother to destroy them.. it was the ultimate betrayal that she never thought her brother was capable of. And she thought that Brian's betrayal was bad?

Alye shook her head and got out of the car just as Rebekah threw open the driver's side door talking on her phone, "Elijah, if not answering your phone is one of your 'clever' plans to drag me back to this god forsaken city then well done! Alyee and I are here and we are worried. Now pick up before I kick in your bloody door!"

Alyee rolled her eyes discreetly and shook her head at the look that Dom shot her before nodding to the door, whispering to him that he should beware of Nik.. she could only hope that Nik wouldn't do anything stupid or harmful to Dom and was thankful that Rebekah compelled Vince to stay away from New Orleans. She knew it was a bad idea for the him to come along.

They opened the door and Alyee locked eyes with a beautiful woman that had dark hair and brownish green eyes, with a dark skin tone. Hayley, she remembered the name of the wolf when she ran into her in Mystic Falls while wanting revenge by killing the idiots that made the mistake of killing her twin brother, something that Nik stopped before she could. She hated Nik for that, hated that 'Family above all' was just a saying that people used more than human's used the term of being 'best friends'.

Hayley shot her a smile, instantly recognizing Alyee and remembering they got along well the last time that they saw each other, before turning her head to glare daggers at Rebekah and the man next to Alyee beside them, "Who the hell are all of you?" Alyee smirked as Kol looked at the werewolf with amusement.

"Hayley, I hope you are doing well. This is Dom, my soul mate and boyfriend. Then there's my dear sister-" Alyee started to introduce before her sister cut her off, much to her annoyance.

"Rebekah, pleasure I am sure." The younger blond scoffed as she looked the younger supernatural over, "You must be the maid, my bags are in the car. Get them will you?"

"Hello.. Not the maid." Hayley flashed a sarcastic smile, and put down the crowbar that she was threatening them with.

"Oooh, right. You are that werewolf my brother Klaus knocked up," Rebekah continued on, not even bothering to notice that Alyee's eyes widened in disbelief as she looked up the looked at her werewolf friend that was now walking down the steps. "and here I thought you would be sporting some supernatural miracle baby bump, guess your not showing yet."

Hayley blinked a few times in shock by her attitude, wondering how Rebekah could be related to someone as sweet and in tune with humanity as Alyee was, before shaking her head and saying in mock sweetness with her arms crossed, "You have your brother's manners."

"And his temper too, so watch it." Rebekah growled at her before looking around quickly, "Where's Elijah?" She blinked before her eyes narrowed in suspicion when Hayley sighed out that he was long gone, "What do you mean 'long gone'?!"

Hayley's wide eyes took her in before she looked at Alyee's similar worried face, "I mean one minute he was here making epic promises about protecting me and this predicament that a bottle of Scotch and bad decisions got me into.. He was all poetic about how 'We're family' and then Klaus told me he bailed. Guess that's what I get for trusting a vampire." Hayley shook her head as she looked back at the only vampire in the room, she didn't understand how Alyee wasn't one anymore but at the moment she pushed her confusion aside to look at Rebekah.

"Elijah isn't just some vampire and he doesn't back out on deals-" This time it was Rebekah that glared at Alyee when she snorted softly to cut her off, and the younger blond got a dark glare back. She care if Bekah thought she was the only one to cut people off, that she was going to stand here and listen to Rebekah sing praises of their brother.

"No, he just backs out on his family. Kol, me.. Klaus only when the need arises. 'Noble' my arse." Alyee growled, so what if she was still pissed off with getting her neck snapped for trying to undagger Kol all those years ago and everything that happened since made her bitter. "He makes deals and tries to stick to his word but that's not what she asked. Family is just blood to him, one way or another. A vampire will always just use any situation how it fits them. Dear god, I can't believe you suckered me into coming here Bekah."

Alyee glared at her sister and gestured for Dom to follow her up the stairs, and waltzed up after giving the werewolf a hug. God, she already had enough of New Orleans.

"Klaus! Get out here and tell me what you've done with our brother, you narcissistic backstabbing wanker!" Oh yeah, she was going to get her own house for the remainder of her time here, that way Dom would be safe inside and Klaus wouldn't get any of his stupid ideas.


The door shut again and Alyee looked down to see Niklaus leave the house, and she put a hand on Hayley's shoulder in reassurance. There was something going on. "Marcel is still alive from when the three musketeers ran away when Mikeal torched the city all those years back. Klaus wants to find out how Marcel controls the witches here, meaning do try not to get caught doing magic, sister dear." Kol looked at her seriously, he was her spy in many ways now. He could spy on people and have them not even know he was there. It was strange to see him again, much less look at her with amusement, "As much as I would love to hug you, your death how I want to go about it."

She nodded with a soft smile as a promise, and looked down at her sister as she strutted over to them. She would play by Kol's rules for right now but if anyone pissed her off, she wasn't going to stand there and plead with him. Magic was in her blood, her spirit given right. She wasn't about to let a bunch of high and mighty vampires tell her what she has to do. She was surprised that Marcel survived though, having been there when Rebekah mourned for the vampire, and she was curious about how he controlled the witches..

"You, wolf girl!" Rebekah called up to Hayley as Alyee stood with her friend to look at her sister, "I am going to find out what my evil brother has done to my good one. You're-"

"Would you like to help us?" Alyee cut in with a smile, ignoring Rebekah's growl at being interrupted, before turning and getting Dom to get out of the house. As much as family was important to her even though she was reluctant to go throw all this shit again.. she knew very well that Nik wasn't stupid enough to leave Elijah's coffin in the house for Rebekah to find.

There was some place here where he would keep it, she just had to find out where..

Chapter Text

It had been years since Alyee opened her ears to Jazz, and as she walked down the darkened street with her boyfriend she found she liked the sound just as she did before. She hated the idea of leaving Hayley with Rebekah but quickly dismissed the thought that little Bekah knew better than to harm her.. or at least she hoped her sister did. The key to their new home felt heavy in the pocket of her leather pants. She had gotten a place where Hayley could stay while Niklaus was in one of his moods, where Dom could be safe from the things that went bump in the night.. and then there left the witches.

For the life of her, Alyee couldn't figure out what happened to them to make their power at an all time low. She could feel it without pushing out her own magic and it made her shake her head in confusion. Witches were a force to be reckoned with when she was human a thousand years ago and for the most part, they still were..

Blood tainted the air and it made her stomach turn uneasily. She never was the one to like blood, vampire or not, and that was probably why she drank from blood bags. If she needed the thick liquid to survive she wasn't going to take it from others, and she wasn't going to kill for her own needs. Once to turn was one time to many, and even after all these years she blames herself. Sure, it wasn't her fault that the blood lust snuck up on her when her father burned the white oak tree.. but it was a human life all the same.

She didn't even kill supernaturals if it could be helped, it was just the way she was. It pained her that her mother still called her 'a curse on this earth, stretched out for generations' and when she discovered her mother 'dieing' because her body was weakened.. she felt pity for her mother. IT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN THIS WAY, DAMN IT! She was overjoyed that her mother came back from the dead and wanted to piece together their family from it's broken shards. It was a trap, and she was a fool for thinking that her mother gave a damn about her.

She and Rebekah spent years crying over the death of their mother, and Kol swallowed the lump that gathered in his throat and hugged her.. Things should have been different. Esther told her that she didn't want all of them to live this long and not for the first time, Alessandra began to question if she could get away with punching her mother to have the woman get back her sanity. The first when she stood by and let their father abuse them all.

She shook her head and snapped back to reality when Dom wrapped an arm around her, looking down at her with a worried frown on his lips. She smiled lightly when they reached the Quarter, instantly spotting the witches lurking there and directing him to a bar by Bourbon Street by the name of Rousseau.

The bar had darkened tints to it, and she locked eyes with an all too forgotten person that had sat next to her brother that left before giving Dom a look and moving forward, "Marcel.." Alyee nodded slowly to him in greeting, "Haven't seen you in a couple hundred years I presume."

"Alessandra Mikaelson," His amused, yet confused smirk stretched out on his lips as he rolled her name off of his tongue. This was the only Mikaelson he liked nowadays and he liked that she had a firm hold on her humanity after all these years of being a vampire.. however she wasn't one now, and he couldn't understand how that happened. "It has been awhile. Last time I saw you, you were running off after your twin was daggered and shoved into a coffin, how's it going?"

It took everything in her and Dom's tightened hold on her to shove down the urge to kick his ass, her left eye twitched in irritation at his words and when she caught the amusement that he showed at her feisty attitude, she growled lowly. There was something about New Orleans that just didn't feel right to her, and ever second that she was her was a second she counted too long. She bypassed the blond bartender that had the name tag Camille and stared with narrowed eyes at a beautiful young woman in her mid 20's, she had a light complexion with dark brown eyes and hair to match.

Alyee didn't know her name but instantly recognized her as an Elder of the New Orleans Coven. Something was off with her too, their was concealed sadness and desperation in those dark eyes.

"How are you human, Alessandra?" Marcel questioned when he noticed that she didn't answer his question to stare with narrowed eyes at Sophie Deveraux, and he knew for sure that it couldn't be a good thing. When a Mikaelson was angry, bodies dropped and while it was much different with Alessandra, he couldn't be sure that things weren't going to go south.

"I was in a little god forsaken town in Virginia when some bitch of a doppelganger resurrected a immortal warlock, took the cure that was for him in the first place to kill him, daggered me and shoved the cure to vampirism down my throat to make me human.. not that it's any of your business." Alessandra smiled sweetly at seeing his mouth drop as he tried to take in what she said before pulling Dom to the other end of the bar away from the vampire that she could bet had Elijah somewhere, and 'accidentally' bumped into the elder witch.

"Oh, excuse me." The sound of glass crashing to the floor awakened Marcel from his thoughts and his head snapped to the side to make contact with Alessandra form and she helped Sophie pick up the glass..

His sharp eyes made instant connections that any one else could have missed. By the way that Sophie's eyes widened told him that even though Alessandra Mikaelson wasn't a vampire, she was still some kind of supernatural.. and by the way that Alessandra's back froze in horror as soon as she 'accidentally' touched one of Sophie's fingers while cleaning up the glass, that she knew of the Harvest at the very least. Maybe even about Davina.. that made her a -

Damn Mikaelsons always showing up and finding out shit that you wished to keep hidden. He had to appeal to her not tell Klaus, there was something about his sire showing up and the witches being interested in him that didn't sit well with him..


Are witches in this day in age insane?

This was the question that spun in Alyee's mind as she walked down the street with bottle of Jameson in one hand and her boyfriend's hand in her other. Bonnie Bennett, Elena's 'best friend' that was willing to sacrifice her own life to save the stupid doppelganger. Her mothe- Esther - tried to kill them all a thousand years after she let Mikeal drive his sword through their hearts. Some mother alright! The mother of the year goes to-! Now the New Orleans Coven thought it was a fabulous idea to have a fucking Harvest every fifty years to make their ancestors happy. Their a bunch of dead insane witches and warlocks that thought it funny to make a mess of people's lives, what they truly want is to walk the earth again.

A harvest is a sacrificial ritual that allows the witches that partake in it to draw power from their ancestors, BY SACRIFICING CHILDREN! What the fuck?! And none of the witches want to step out and stand up to this?! Alessandra was sick to her stomach from the images she got from Deveraux. Sophie tried and what did that get her? If you had asked Alessandra she didn't try enough, she could have used her power to get to her niece and run away with the poor girl.

Now she knew why the witches were at such a low level of power. They practiced ancestral magic, pulling power from the bones of their ancestors wasn't creepy at all. Alyee scoffed out loud at her thoughts, you've got to be kidding me? What a bunch of freeloaders, heaven forbid that you grow a pair to say fuck you to those 'beloved ancestors' and use what any other witches use : magic that comes from the earth. Bypass the bones for one second and find your humanity! How could mother's watch their children be slaughtered for their magic? She would rather not have magic at all than kill innocents, children or otherwise.

Resolve grew inside of Alessandra and she entered the apartment that her and Dom stayed in while here. She had to find Davina, to protect her from the insane witches that would be all to happy to kill the girl... and she knew just the spell to cast to save the girl..

Chapter Text

"You know.. don't you?" Marcel's voice cut a crossed from Dom's protective stance, even though the human knew the vampire couldn't walk in without being invited, as the dark skinned immortal made eye contact with the now human Mikaelson. His tone of voice made her narrow her eyes in surprise since it wasn't threatening at all, more like begging with an unhealthy mixture of defeat. For what he could be begging for though she couldn't decide, and didn't have to think for long to realize that he didn't want her to tell her brother.

"My answer depends on what you mean." She grabbed her personal grimiore before she looked at him softly, "It could be that the originals are in town looking for Elijah.. which you don't seem all that shocked about." She nodded softly but her eyes told of her anger. ''Anyways, your visit could also have something to do with a certain coven of psychotic witches that would love more than anything to get their hands on a young yet powerful girl to complete their freaky ritual.. but that's just me guessing." She shrugged, some what amused by Marcel's flat expression, "Come in, Marcel. We have much to discuss if we have any hope of saving that poor girl."

Alyee knew that no matter how protective and brotherly he was to her since their human days, Nik couldn't find out just yet. He would use it to his advantage, something he had always done, and Marcel nor Davina would stand a chance against him. She knew very well that things were twisted in this town and Nik was surely not going to make it any easier for Davina. "The only reason why I came here, Marcel, is being dear old 'Bekah dragged me here when Elijah didn't return her calls-"

"Rebekah is here?!" Marcel's eyebrows raised upward in surprise, and he looked like he wanted to run and find Nik to go toe to toe with him for not telling him.

"Yes, didn't Nik tell you?" She raised her own sarcastic eyebrow as she walked forward and stood next to Dom before crossing her arms, "No? Well I am not surprised, however the same thing couldn't be said for the fact that you bypassed the fact that the great and noble Elijah is missing. Know this Marcel, and please heed my warning : Elijah may not have been on my good side for less than a week at a time, but at the end of the day he is still blood. I have lost too many family members in the absence that you have been around us. Kol is dead, Finn paired up with mother dearest to kill us all, and dear old dad was killed by Nik. The Mikaelsons? They are still broken that is simply paired up by the words 'Always and Forever' that Nik, Bekah and Elijah throw around way too easily, nevertheless I won't stand by and watch the rest of them simply disappear. I will find Elijah, whatever it takes..."

Marcel continued to stare into her eyes but with growing sadness, out of every single member of her family he understood her the most. She was the member with the humanity, the one that looked for the good in any and all people. Supernatural or not. Loyalty wasn't just a word to her and to find out that she had to go threw that? It was like a sucker punch to the gut. He wondered if things were easy when all of them left New Orleans, he should have guessed otherwise. If it weren't the betrayal that had soaked the Mikaelson name like the red liquid that spilled than... He opened his mouth to repeat his first question when she spoke.

"Yess.." It was a hiss of sadness and pure emotion, "I know.. If you came here to plead to me not to tell Nik or Bekah, than you need not drop by. I have no urge to get in the middle of what new problem you have with Nik, because while he is my brother? I wasn't his biggest supporter, that was always Rebekah. I can't promise that they won't find out sooner or later on their own.. Davina.. From Sophie's memories, she's just a girl. I have a spell in my grimoire to save her.. If she's interested."

Marcel's eyes flashed with hope, interest, and suspicion, "She wants to wait it out-"

"There is no 'waiting it out', Marcel. The insane spirits will take her life one way or another. Those elements, you know the ones at the start of the ritual? They aren't gone, they are buzzing inside of her with all that power, and when they come forth at the denial to complete the harvest? You decide, Marcel. Do you want to lose her and watch New Orleans burn for the second time?"

There was no sarcasm or spite in her voice. Marcel looked at her emotionless for a second or two, trying to judge if she was telling the truth or not. Alessandra may have been the most honest Mikaelson, but at the end of the day she was still a Mikaelson. Grimoire, her grimoire.. she was indeed a witch then and while he had rules about witches not using magic, even going so far as killing the witch that disobeyed the rules he set.. he knew for her he could make an exception. Whether she was telling the truth or not was still debatable, however she had a plan to save Davina from the 'insane spirits' and for that he found that he could place his trust in her.

She wouldn't tell Klaus, no matter how much he meant to her in the end. She wouldn't do anything to endanger her boyfriend that was eying him wearily.. Elijah, no matter how much she didn't like him either, was on her to do list to find and make sure he was safe..

Marcel found himself nodding slowly and looked at the couple before locking eyes with Alessandra. He didn't allow witches to use magic in the Quarter, slit throats of the many that tried, but for Alessandra Mikaelson.. he felt he could pull some strings and turn a 'blind eye' as it were. "...You said something about a spell..?"

One question that he couldn't help but ask himself as he watched on, did he just make a deal with a Mikaelson to save Davina's life? Yes.. yes, he did. It lessened the surprised that it was with Alessandra Mikaelson. The woman always did go out of her way to help kids.


"Please, for the love of god, do not do anything stupid." Kol's voice rung out as he fell into step with his favorite sister and her soul mate as Alyee shifted her shoulder bag that had her Grimoire in it and gave Dom a quick look before looked forward at Marcel as he lead them both up the concrete steps of 'St. Anne's Catholic Church' that led to the beige colored church with shutters on the windows at the top of it and the dark purple roof tresses that were topped with crosses.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Alyee murmured under her breath at the ghost, to which got her a weirded out look from Marcel before she shrugged, "I must have died and been revived back in LA-" Here she gave her boyfriend a dark look for not telling her, something he returned with a sigh as she turned back to Marcel, "Basically because I was revived I see dead people." Her tone was playful and childlike as she quoted one of her favorite movies and her smile widened as Kol's laughter echoed in her ears.

Marcel blinked rapidly, looking at her as if he was questioning if she had schizophrenia or not but left it alone and only gave a confused nod. Leading both human's in the church through the creaking wooden door and not even looking to see Alyee blink at seeing the dried blood that stained the right wall to her because the scent filled her senses, the pews around that were unhinged and messed up.. and thought it best not to question what happened as her and Dom followed Marcel over to a side door and up the stairs that it revealed.

Marcel strutting through the doorway at the top and left it open only to find that two heartbeats didn't follow him. He turned, now more than a little confused when Alessandra just smiled at him, "May I come in?"

"The both of you aren't vampires-"

"Aside from the fact that I was one for a thousand years and I became used to it? It's common curtsy." Alessandra said simply and waited for only a few seconds when a beautiful young girl that had to be at least seventeen that possessed blue eyes with darkened eye lashes, rosy cheeks, full lips and a light tan skin that compliments she small frame with long, dark brown hair that is usually worn down in loose waves. This girl before her, wanted for her blood, was Davina. She watched as Marcel smiled softly at the girl and nodded slowly, before those eyes made contact with Alessandra and Dominic.

"..You both may come in.." Davina's almost quiet voice rang through the attic like a soft bell and Alyee could help but smile gratefully to the girl as she stepped forward.


A beautiful blond woman stared back at her in the mirror of the hospital room she woke up in, her bright blue eyes telling a story that she didn't understand as olive skin tone hands that were connected to her body lingered from her sides to rest softly on her stomach. Her mind spiraled around in circles with no end in sight. 'Jane Doe' is what they called her here and nurses were astounded by the fact that not only she apparently survived a car crash that should have killed her.. but she was also still one month pregnant.

There had to be something out there, someone out there waiting for her other than that Ian Shaw guy that tried his best to convince her that she was apart of his team and that he knew her all her life. This 'Jane Doe' called bullshit! He would have succeeded if it weren't for the fact that she could tell from his mere aura that he was lieing through his teeth. After the nurse kicked him out to check her blood pressure there seemed to be some sort of pulse come from her inner core, she didn't know what it was but she was going to find out one way or another.

She sighed to herself as she quickly grabbed her clothes that she was clothed in when she arrived. Pulling on the black faded ripped jeans, leather heeled boots and a dark gray tank top. She used her hand to flick off the small pieces of ash that tried to cling to the clothes. She eyed her leather jacket before laying it on the bed and searching the pockets for something - anything to give her a hint of where or who she was.

"Damn it Alyee!" She turned to glare at her twin that was lingering in the passanger seat. He knew he was frustrated, hell - she was too. Currently she was speeding away for her life, adding in the use of the gas that she swore to herself she would never use. She growled out a 'You are not helping.' to her brother before pulling out her phone to try and call Brian. All she wanted was to help bring her boyfriend home, made a deal with Brian to erase Dom's record if she helped bring Braga in.. to tell him the good news of her pregnancy that only Rebekah knew about. She fought her case to the blond cop that didn't quite earn her trust back yet after the last time but she truly didn't want to bring that up. He saved her life.. as well as Vince's.

She owned him that.

Alyee groaned softly as two people got out of the car, trying to get out after one of them made the car flip over with one well placed bullet. She murmured one of her own creation under her breath to save herself and her baby one way or another, giving one of them a small anerism just as her world went black with one bullet hit the small NOS gas tank.

Alyee.. That was her nickname and she couldn't help but be happy that she had that much. Kol.. her brother if the rediscovered flash was anything to go by. Her twin. Alyee shook her head before focusing again as she uncovered a small folded piece of paper with 'HAN' in bold letters with a phone number in an inside pocket.

The moon reflected on the dark colored ocean as she turned her head to see a man that looked to be Korean talk to her boyfriend and telling him, more or less, in a playful way that he wanted to head to Tokyo. Han was like Kol in more ways than what she cared to admit in fear of her heart aching. They were both mischievous, loyal, protective.. they both had a bit of devil in their eyes that made them fun to be around. Han knew just how to keep the car steady at a speed most would give them a surprised look at so she could jump out of the passenger window and onto a moving truck.

She was the only one that he trusted to paint his cars, it was something that he joked about but if you looked closely you would see the seriousness in his eyes.

Alyee turned her head to look at the beautiful scenery of the ocean just as she heard Dom, the powerful looking man with a bald head and serious yet caring brown eyes, ask Han where she was. She knew exactly what he was coming over to tell her, it was always the same. That it was 'too dangerous'. That she should move away and be 'happy', he said she deserved that much. What she got from it though was that he loved her and if moving away kept her safe than he supported it even though it would crush both their hearts.

Sure, more often than it was dangerous. Her whole life was dangerous, in every direction no matter which way she turned. That was just life. If it wasn't from her family it was from something else that came along. She knew the risks, but she wasn't running away. She was happy exactly where she was now. They would get through it, they always did.

Ride or die, baby, ride or die.

Alyee blinked away the flashback as she looked down at the note in her hands.

Han.. the name sounded slightly familiar but she was still weary and feeling lost. Here she was, pregnant and alone with someone that would do anything to get her in his crew.. everyone she knew before thought she was dead and she didn't know her last name or where she was currently, let alone how to find them. The flashes didn't give her any clue on where she should go.

She knew she needed to leave and get away from Shaw as fast as she could though. If there was a chance that she could find the people that truly cared about her, she would like to take her chances with them. From the small flashes that she got, she didn't have it that bad.. maybe before with her blood family but not with the ones that she chose to have as family.

Mind decided, Alyee threw the jacket on and decided to not only do the impossible mission of sneaking out of the hospital but somehow get to Tokyo as well. There was someone there that might just hold some of the secrets to her past.


Black heeled boots walked out of the sliding front doors of the hospital after sneakily making a soft compliment to a woman that was walking out and smiled, holding it until they were both outside. The hot weather made her want to take her jacket off but decided to squash the urge for the time being as she distractedly moved around a pair of boys that was hugging each other with tears in their eyes, obviously brothers and haven't seen each other in a long time. The younger one gave a tearful smile towards the older brown haired that was about her age, "I never thought I would see you again -" She didn't want to distrub them that was for sure, she understood the need to be around family.. she just had to find hers.

"Alessandra?" A young british accented voice called from behind her and she just continued walking trying to figure out how to find the people that wouldn't harm her. She needed to get as far away from Ian Shaw as she could before he - and the rest of the hospital - noticed she was gone. "Alessandra?!"

When she kept walking a dark curly haired little boy with huge wide brown eyes ran to stand in front of her, she stopped so she wouldn't bump into him and smiled softly as she knelt to be level with him. "I'm sorry, sweetheart." She tilted her head to look at him and continued in her natural accent that matched his, "But I think you've got the wrong person.."

"You don't remember.. do you?" The person that this adorable little boy, that was only about the age of ten, was hugging before spoke up as she heard foot steps behind her. The voice sounded familiar.. Alyee slowly stood up from her crouched position and turned with wide eyes to see -

"You're Kol.." She blinked her eyes that were suddenly stinging with tears as she stood a brave step towards him. His voice, his face.. everything about him matched the flash that - "Aren't you?"

He nodded slowly, "The car crash seemed to have wiped your memory, it's a good thing that you are a witch -"

"You know what?" Alyee glared at him darkly, "I just met you.. er, re-met.. whatever.. and you are already insulting me? How rude." She drew out the last word and scowled when both boys laughed hard enough to have to clutch their sides, "And now you're laughing at me."

'No, No, No.' The little boy waved his hands in front of him as he laughed to try and make her understand just as Kol looked at her with soft eyes and a chuckle still on his lips before looking down at the boy with a smile, "Let's go track down a hotel, Henrik. I think we need to help our favorite sister catch up on a few things."

Chapter Text

To say that Alessandra Mikaelson was shocked was the understatement of the century.. a total of exactly a thousand years and counting if what Kol and Hendrik were telling her was true. Alessandra didn't know what she believed in at the end of the day, and the small cross that was in her jacket pocket was a testimony of what she believed in before.. but a tale of vampires, werewolves and witches were certainly not something that she expected to come out of their mouths. Warlock in Henrik's case - Witch is hers.. and now she understood the pulse of power unknown that came from her in the hospital.

But now that it was cleared up she understood clearly the language that came from her mouth in her small and sudden flashbacks. Latin, Kol clarified, was the language of spells that witches cast. From setting something on fire, moving things with telekinesis, or making the blood vessels in a person's brain go pop. That was something she did in the flashback before everything went black.

She was proud to say that she fought back when her life was in danger and even though Kol told her that she was the more loyal, forgiving twin of the two.. it pained her to think that there was blood on her hands. She felt somehow odd in her own skin that she killed someone, ended a life.. she knew she shouldn't feel guilty for it, especially when the person tried to kill her but..

Alyee shook her head, coming back into focus and suggested Tokyo when Kol asked where they should go after getting Henrik a haircut and into modern clothes. He also made it clear that since 'Henrik' wasn't a modern name, he would like it to be changed to 'Henry'. She herself had changed into the clothes that Kol compelled his way into a store to get for her. A simple baby blue tank top that matched her eyes, dark blue shorts and flip flops. Kol seemed to smile softly and knowingly at her, understanding why she suggested it, before his smile turned into one of pure mischief, "How about we go visit a place from your past? It's a quiet little town in Virgina called 'Mystic Falls'.. doesn't that sound positively delightful, Alyee?"


No.. well, yes it did at first. The mere thought of rediscovering who she was - was enough to have her nod her head, but no matter how much she loved Kol she should have known that he had a few tricks up his sleeve. Something that he wasn't telling her and sure enough, it was a huge big lie that was conducted for revenge.. and that was the only reason why she wasn't pissed the fuck off. This 'quite little town' in Virgina turned out to be a month of pure hell for her with a sneering Elena Gilbert trying to end her life at every given turn and an hot vampire ex that wanted to 'make amends' with her. Her fuse to her temper was short and she couldn't say that she blamed it all on being pregnant, if these people didn't irritate her she wouldn't have such a 'sarcastic attitude'.

In fact, the only part that Alessandra liked was the part where they left the town.. grant it a few bodies were left dead as drive way decoration as the tires to her dark purple almost blue 1967 General Motors GTO kicked up dirt behind her as a way of helping for the burial. She wouldn't have killed anybody if it weren't for the fact that Elena and her brother killed Kol.. and it made her wonder why they were still breathing air in the first place.

What was the matter with her and her family? Kol and Henrik at least had an excuse, they were both dead. Her and her other siblings however? They could have killed them before, what was stopping them? What was stopping her?

Stefan and his brother tried literally to take her head off in a fit of rage when she killed their 'beloved' Elena, and she ended their miserable existences too. It still made her blood boil that they even tried, Kol stepped in with Damon because apparently not only did Damon snap his neck before but that was just the start of the list. She murmured out a 'I understand now why we broke up.' just before she let her magic pierce his heart, and she did.

Not only was he obsessed with 'The Doppelganger' aka Elena Gilbert - he slept with her baby sister while he was with her. Was she so naive and forgiving to let that slide? It helped that flashes came back of him burning in the sun due to the cancellation of his ring, his nightmares that she gave him, and the fact that she more or less threatened her sister not to do that again or she would not be so easy on her.

The flashes and high lights of certain things happening made up for the reopened wound of betrayal, and she had Kol's stalking to thank for that. She might not remember her thoughts and feelings as she lived them, but as least she had the power to draw flashes from her brother that was constantly at her side, even though she may never get them all back.

That's the part that was interesting though.. she could make new ones. She murmured a cloaking spell, one of the spells that Kol was teaching her and Henry before Alyee turned and smiled at her friend Nadia. Nadia was a vunerable, wonderfully badass vampire that just wanted to find her mother for five hundred years. They got along well and had a history of seeing each other on and off in the past that made the both of them want to ditch town together. Alyee looked at Hendrik, who was reading in the back seat, just as Kol pulled up to match her speed in his new black 1974 Nova Chevy SS. She gave him a dry look and growled lowly, speaking in a soft yet a 'you don't exactly have a choice in the matter' tone, "Now we're going to Tokyo." Alyee shook her head, turned her head to look at the road before speeding off with a murmur that her time here was the worst few weeks of her life.

Behind her, Kol couldn't help but smirk as what she was saying came crystal clear to his ears. He found that being pregnant gave sweet little Alyee some characteristics she didn't have before such as the act of being pushy, jumpy and homicial... and he had to say that he definitely liked the last one a lot. If he thought that Alyee was fun before.. Kol shook his head and smirked when his finger inched for the NOS button on the middle of his steering wheel.

Tokyo it is then.


Tokyo was.. different from where she woke up. The bright lights, the wonderful food, the manga, the drifting that came naturally to her even with no memory of learning.. yet it seemed empty in a way that she wanted to try her best to fill. The faceless people around her made Alyee feel that she was alone in a crowded room, even though she could understand Japanese like it was an easy second language to her. She wondered if she ever visited here before the accident but didn't know for sure.

She needed to find this Han guy, but she didn't even know where to start looking when this city was full of people. She thought she saw him one day walking down the street when she had Henrik. Henry in the passenger seat of her 1984 red TransAm and showing the adorable young boy how to drift..and then he all but disappeared the next second. She tried to find him by turning the corner but couldn't find him all the same.

Alyee sighed to herself as she got out of the shower of the huge house that she bought, walking out of the bathroom with a towel around her that conjoined with her bedroom before pulling out clothes for the night. When she was done she sat at her vanity dressed in faded in the front black pants, a white lace in the black top and heeled boots with wrapped around buckles on her feet. She brushed her hair back, leaving her side swiped bangs to frame her face and pulled her thick blond hair up in a ponytail before tying a black ribbon around it before lightly lining her eyes with black eyeliner.

When she was done, one of her hands slowly came to rest on her stomach and she couldn't help but smile lightly at the small pouch that rested there. Against all odds, the both of them made it through. She had Kol, Henry, Nadia and now a wonderful young Japanese school girl named Neela - all in her corner.

Tonight they were going to the races, she made sure she looked okay before moving out of her room after throwing her leather jacket on, and she promised Hendrik that he would be able to pick the car that she drove in. Glancing among her TransAm, 1969 Ford Mustang Fast Pack, her 1970 Hemi convertible, Dodge Chargers and some of her many years of GTOs that occupied her huge underground garage, Alyee couldn't help but smile as he shyly picked her prized black and blue Lamborghini that matched exactly the one from her old flashes that she got from Kol, before nodding and grabbing the keys.

It was about time she tested her drifting and see if she was up to par with the Tokyo's drifters.


The song 'We own it' by Wiz Khalfa and 2 Chainz blared through the impressively loud speakers as it sped down the parking lot make-shift track, Han couldn't help but try and fail to cover up the sadness he felt when he saw it was a black and blue Lamborghini that was blaring out the music. '- We the fam, loyalty never change up. Been down since day one-' When the car drifted expertly to the right where Han was standing, passing the other car that didn't even stand a chance, Han detached himself from the now pouting chaser and blinked before his hand raced to get his phone to take a picture of the driver.

He thought he was just seeing things before, that day when he was just walking down the street and he thought he saw Alyee. It happened before as soon as he found out she died in that fatal car accident, he would rush to her side and calling out her name.. only to find that he was mistaken. That no matter how much he wished for her to be there, someone that had become a little sister to him and a dare devil, she wasn't.

"Do me a favor." Han looked over at the passenger seat to where Alyee was pulling up her hair into a tight bun before looking over at him, "Once you get a close enough distance to the truck that is safe, keep it at that speed.. no matter what, got it?"

He remembers nodding, completely confused at what she would do.. little did he know that Alyee was going to climb out of the passenger side window, her flat black boots balanced cat like on the window frame and jumped onto the moving huge truck with the grace that a ballerina could only dream to have. Han shook his head, pulling up his phone in record timing but still wasn't fast enough to take a picture to send to Dom.

The man was out of his mind with grief even though little Davina said that her and Dom didn't think that she was dead because the both of them would have felt it.. whatever that meant and it made him wonder why she didn't contact him if she was alive this whole time.. It was suspicious and not like Alyee at all. "Don't worry." A young boy with wide brown eyes said over the loud voices of the people around them, "She'll be back."

"And who might you be?" Han raised an eyebrow, noting that the boy looked like he could be related to Alyee.

The boy opened his mouth to introduce himself when someone that looked a lot like the woman he thought of as a sister stepped in, "His name is Henry.. My name is Kol." Kol..? As in Alyee's twin brother? Alyee grieved for him non stop before her 'death', thought him to be dead.. what exactly was going on here? "By your expression, Alyee talked about me before the accident. How wonderful, now you can explain to her how she somehow knows you." Han raised his eyebrow, a confused 'What?' on his lips just as the blond woman pulled up in the car, he turned to look at 'Kol' and 'Henry' only to find that they both weren't there anymore.

'Never turn our backs so our cars don't ever loose control. One shot - everything rides on tonight -' Alyee smiled widely, something that Han couldn't help but stare dazed at since he never thought he would see it ever again, and turned off the car after parking it towards the side to talk to Hendrik, Kol and her friend that was with her. The woman that was Alyee's friend moved to the bar and Alyee got some water before something caught the corner of her eye.

She shared a look with Kol before grabbing Hendrik and moving to the car that caught her eye. It was the RX-7 from her flashes.. that she painted for.. "Me." A voice finished her thought that she unknowingly voiced out loud, making her snap her head to see.. Han. He was a real person.. all this time she felt stupid for chasing a person that might just be apart of a dream or an imaginary person that she conducted to fill the sense of belonging, but here he was. His dark eyes looking her over slowly as if trying to comprehend that she was really in front of him as he stood a few steps away from her, "You painted this for me."

She stepped closer to him, her eyes filled with tears as she eyed him wearily, "You're Han.. aren't you?" There was something in her tone that pleaded with him to be real, that she wasn't talking to a ghost or daydreaming.

Dread and disbelief filled his widened eyes as he took in her question silently. "By your expression, Alyee talked about me before the accident. How wonderful, now you can explain to her how she somehow knows you." He didn't understand at first, but now though.. it was hard to find the people that cared about you when you had no idea where or who they were. "You didn't know who -"

Alyee silently cut him off with a shake of her head, and handed him a small piece of paper with his name in capital letters and his number, "I woke up in the hospital two months ago with that in my jacket. No idea what my name was, where I was currently, a month pregnant and alone with some idiot willing to do anything to get me in his crew." Han's eyes made contact with her stomach, noticing the small bump as she turned to look at her brother with his phone out before his jaw dropped. How did she and the baby survive the crash? "Kol, what are you doing now?"

Han turned his head, mind on overload with all the information that he was given, to see that Alyee's twin brother smirked before pressing a few buttons. Han's phone beeped, and he pulled it out to notice that Kol had sent him a video of the conversation and he wasn't the only one that got it. A 'Klaus', 'Elijah' and 'Rebekah' got it as well.

Han was glad that Rebekah got it even though the first two weren't exactly on his list to send Christmas presents, before the accident Alyee spoke about her family at times and as much as he was compared to her twin, she also told him that as much as she loved Klaus or 'Nik' as she called him, he had anger management issues and abandonment issues. She didn't say much on Elijah other than the fact that she didn't trust the 'moral' brother because of his double standards and his the fact that he would step on all of them just to please either Klaus or another member of their family.

She never mentioned Henry though, maybe she was met him after her accident? Han didn't know for sure. Based on what Alyee told him and the rest of the Toretto family, Mikaelsons couldn't be trusted to even save your life. Kol was her favorite and Henry seemed to be just an innocent boy that looked up to Alyee as if she was the center of his universe. Maybe the both of them were different?

Han wasted no time in sending Dom and everyone else that belonged to their family the video with a simple message 'Toyko. Alyee somehow is alive.' It took a full two minutes before his phone was ringing with a caller Han expected to talk to. "Dom get to Tokyo -"

"Han.. is it true?" For the first time in a while, Dom's voice seemed to be lighter - hopeful.

"Yes." Han knew that Dom needed more than that so he handed the phone to Alyee who gave him a confused look before shrugging. She pulled it to her ear and said 'Hello?' and then another when there was silence, before giving it back to him with a response that maybe it was on mute or something because she didn't get an answer back.


Han put emphasis on his friend's name and when he got a response from the other end it was Dom's voice but in a emotion filled gruff of surprise, shock, relief and promise. "We'll be on the next flight over there."

Han expected nothing less than that and brought himself to warn Dom and the other people that was shuffling in the background, "She didn't find you because the car crash messed with her memory. She is driving the exact same Lambroghini that you told me she gave Tran for Jesse's freedom a while back, and seemed to recognize at first glance my RX-7 that she painted awhile ago. She is following broken fragments, that's for sure and that is probably what brought her here. Kol and a young boy named Henry is here with her -"

A loud gasp that sounded like it came from Rebekah broke through the background silence on the other end, and Dom spoke protectively, "Han, do me a huge favor and keep an eye on her until we get there?" He knew he didn't have to ask Han but he did so anyway, and glanced at Jesse to instruct him to get plane tickets for all of them only to smile when the young blond was already doing it quick rush and a hurry. Dom couldn't help but be weary of the person that would do just about anything to get Alyee in his crew.. he needed to find out more.

Alyee was not only alive with broken fragments of her memory.. but she was also pregnant with his child. That night before he had to leave LA, the both of them were together. She had to get pregnant then or maybe the days before he left, either way the both of them were alive. Somehow, by the grace and a miracle from god, Alyee and their child were still alive against all odds. They no doubt would have to create a fake ID for him to fly out there.. but they were coming. He was going to be there, see her - one way or another.

Han smiled softly and nodded when Alyee asked him softly if they could continue their conversation later just when a young woman pulled up that she was itching to catch up with, "Consider it done, I'm not letting her out of my sight that's for sure. I'll keep her safe. Kol sent the video to 'Elijah' and 'Klaus' as well as Rebekah, and I have no doubt that they are coming here to find her as well.. You called just in time though, I am at the races and Kol was just about to explain all the things that we are missing."

Kol smirked and raised an eyebrow at Han's dry expression that had 'You better do this. I hold Alyee in high regard, don't make me fuck you up.' practically written into it. He understood well enough now why Alyee held these people so close to her heart, why she compared Han to him. He could respect their protectiveness for Alyee above everything else, and it helped in their favor that Alyee was quite literally the only family member besides Hendrik that stood by his side no matter what. While the others just thought about him briefly after his death, Alyee remained loyal to the bitter end. He comforted Alyee as she slipped in a deep dark depression after Hendrik's death and they got through so much int he last thousand years.

He wanted her to be happy, and if 'Dom' gave that to her.. Kol could try to find a way to accept him.

He offered his hand and took the phone before looking at Henry as he pulled it to his ear, "Greetings from the dead.. little sister."