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Title: Sugar
Music: Maroon 5
Fandom: The Good Wife S1-2
Focus: Alicia/Kalinda
Summary: You show me good loving.
Content Notes: None.
Notes: Made for Escapade 2015. Thanks to metatxt for the quick beta and silly_cleo for the cheerleading.
Download Link: Sugar (80 MB MP4)

So while clipping for Festivids, I started watching The Good Wife and fell HARD for Alicia/Kalinda. I fell in love with both characters and absolutely loved their friendship together that was so flirty and femslashy and it turned into a hardcore OTP for me. Then (slight spoiler alert), the end of S2 came along and broke my heart with them but I still wanted to express my love for them and show all the happy times together (and a little sad that was soulcrushing to vid). This song came on the radio and kept reminding me of them so I decided with a couple weeks to the Escapade deadline to start clipping and vidding them. It was an intense process as I was busy with RL stuff but it made me happy to see all the cute scenes between them and the vid came together quicker than I expected once I cut out some of the music and had fun coming up with suggestive clip matches for them. I'm super glad I was able to make it and thank you to all my Good Wife loving people on Twitter for supporting me!