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What, you never read smut before?

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There’s this kid that Bucky has history with. Skinny little hipster with big blue eyes hidden behind even bigger glasses. He always comes in late, smiling apologetically at the teacher who just rolls his eyes having long since accepted the fact that Steve Rogers will always turn up late. Then Steve’ll make his way to the back of the class and plop himself down in the seat next to Bucky, which is always the only spare seat.

Bucky doesn’t mind that Steve seems to be the only person in his history class who isn’t completely opposed to the idea of sitting next to him. He understands that his piercings, long hair, and “cold, dead eyes”, as one person put it, tends to put people off. But he doesn’t mind, he has a good group of friends who see past his “punk” exterior, and it means that he gets to sit next to Steve fucking Rogers. The same Steve Rogers who goes to protests at the weekend, who will call anyone and everyone out on their bullshit, who Bucky has personally seen helping little old ladies across the street.

But it’s not like Bucky’s in love with the guy or anything. He just thinks Steve’s interesting. And funny. And smart. And adorably dorky and cute, but sexy as fuck at the same time. So yeah Bucky may have given up smoking because he saw Steve with an inhaler. And yeah, Bucky may have started wearing a pride badge in the hopes that Steve will be braver than he is and ask him out (or at least start a conversation about LGBT issues). And…

Fuck, Bucky’s already so far gone for this kid and he’s barely even talked to him. Their longest conversation to date was when Steve asked to borrow a pen and Bucky spilled the contents of his pencil case everywhere in his haste to get one for Steve.


It’s about five minutes into the lesson when Steve turns up, right on cue, and makes his way towards the back of the classroom. He straightens his beanie and gives Bucky his usual small smile and mouths ‘hi’ as he pulls out the chair and slides in behind the desk. ‘Hey’ Bucky mouths back, and turns up the corner of his mouth in what he hopes is a cute smile rather than making him look like he’s having some kind of stroke. Steve gets out his books and turns to the page they’re on then opens his notebook and pulls out a pen as if to take notes, but he doesn’t. He never does. Instead he pulls out his phone as subtly as possible then unlocks it underneath the desk.

Because that’s something else Bucky’s noticed since he’s been watching Steve. Let’s not say watching, more like observing… does that sound less creepy? Anyway, pretty much every lesson Steve will sit there staring blankly at his phone, occasionally scrunching up his nose or biting his lip and goddammit, if he isn’t distracting enough as it is, that adorable face just makes everything worse. Or better. Bucky’s not sure which.

Bucky’s tried to sneak a peek at what he’s doing before but he’s had no luck. He knows Steve isn’t texting since he’s not typing, he’s not playing Candy Crush either, he’s just… scrolling.

Steve looks up and catches Bucky staring. He smirks and winks at Bucky who blushes and turns back to the teacher who is droning on about some war or other. He manages to avoid looking at Steve for a full five minutes before he caves and flicks his eyes back over to the blonde who’s still glued to his phone. Bucky decides that he’s had enough of this. He needs to know what Steve’s doing on his phone. It’s got to be interesting to distract him from history. Everyone knows that Steve Rogers is obsessed with American history and stuff to do with World War Two, it had even earned him the nickname ‘Captain America’.

“Hey, Steve, what you looking at?” Bucky whispers so as not to draw attention to them.

Steve squints up at him, his eyes looking dazed and slightly confused. “Huh?” is all he manages to get out in response. Bucky rolls his eyes and plucks the phone out of Steve’s thin fingers. “Hey!” Steve hisses, obviously not wanting to make a scene since he technically shouldn’t have his phone out anyway.

Bucky looks down at the phone, it looks like some kind of story or something. He reads a few lines and feels his eyes bug out. Because this isn’t just any story, oh no, this is smut. Steve Rogers, the boy with the big blue eyes who helps little old ladies with their shopping, is sitting in class reading smut. He looks back over at Steve who is smirking at his reaction.

“What?” Steve leans in to murmur to him. “The Winter Soldier never read smut before?”

Bucky turns back to the phone and feels the colour rising in his cheeks, he’s surprised none of the other students have noticed the heat radiating off his face. He feels his eyebrows creep further and further towards his hairline as he reads on. This isn’t just smut. This is some pretty hard core Evanstan porn, he doubts if he’ll ever be able to look at either of the actors the same after reading about them in such… creative positions.

“Mr Barnes, is there something wrong?” the teacher calls pulling Bucky out of his smut induced haze. Bucky’s head snaps up and he nearly drops the phone. His mouth opens and closes but no words come out.

“I’m fine,” he stammers after clearing his throat. The teacher looks unconvinced but carries on with his lesson anyway.

Bucky very deliberately avoids eye contact as he hands the phone back to Steve who is shaking with fits of silent laughter.

“Aww, what’s wrong Bucky? You pop a boner?” he jokes. Bucky crosses his legs under the table in a desperate attempt to hide his growing erection. Now it’s Steve’s turn for his eyes to bug out. “Seriously? Oh my god, this is priceless!” Steve has to hold his hands in front of his mouth to keep from howling with laughter.

“Shut up you jerk,” Bucky mutters as he tries to think unsexy thoughts. Baseball. Think about baseball. He fucking hates baseball. “Hang on, what did you call me earlier?”

“What? The Winter Soldier?” Steve asks as he wipes away tears from under his eyes. Bucky can’t help but notice how the tears make his eyelashes look even longer, if that’s possible. Baseball. Meant to be thinking about baseball. “Oh that’s just what everyone calls you. Probably something to do with you looking like you’re constantly planning someone’s death.”

“Yeah, well I am right now,” he shoots at Steve who just snorts in response. “How can you even read that stuff with a blank face?” Bucky gestures towards the phone Steve is currently twirling between his fingers. Steve’s smile turns almost predatory and he reaches out to grab Bucky’s arm.

“That’s nothing,” he says as he writes his number on Bucky’s arm. “Tell you what, call me, I’ll show you things that’ll really make you blush,” and yep, Bucky’s pretty sure his brain just short-circuited.

He’s saved from having to formulate some kind of response by the bell going off to signal the end of the lesson. Steve gathers up his things and shoots Bucky a wink before heading out of the classroom leaving Bucky just gaping after him. Shit. Bucky thinks to himself. So much for thinking about baseball.