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Glam_100 fics 2012

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There’s only one place you've ever felt like this. Known this feeling.

It’s here.

In this moment between your last note and the next breathe. Between the first person screaming your name and a sigh as the song spills free from your lips. Between wonder and understanding. Between the audience and you.

You’ve looked for it in other places, tried to find it people, in clubs, in alcohol, sex, in drugs, even the sunset of the desert. Some of those moments came close. Some were even reflections of what you sought. But in the end, they were nothing like this.


Standing in the spotlight, carved out of the darkness, you have to trust that you’ll find it again.

You tilt your head to the side, listening to the echoes around you. You’ve done this every night of the tour. Searched for the sweet spot – not in the one in the music, but in your soul, the one that will set your spirit free. Letting the moment draw out, you fling your head back, mouth open, to let the silence fill you.

You wait. Hope and need pressing at your skin. Please

And then you find it.


In the stillness.


The moment, when it happens, is all about connection. Everyone there, audience and band, listening, loving. Giving back as much as they take.

It's the best form of communication you've ever felt. The best high, the best reason for living. In that moment the crowd is breathing with you. You look over your shoulder at Tommy, Cam, Ashley, and Isaac, and their smiles tell you they feel it as well.

You turn back as the screams begin; your name echoing, layered with love and longing.

You open your mouth, letting yourself transform into sound, and carry everyone into the heavens.