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Warden Commander Love

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Jason just arrived in Denerim he got orders from weisshaupt to go to the thaig that was found in the free marches. King Alistair had to do a meeting with the viscount at krikwall. Jason had to say goodbye to everyone at vigils keep mostly Nathainal howe his new boyfriend. Jason thinks to him self walking though the market district "me and howe feel in love during the mother incident then it was so sudden that king alistair wanted us back so I had to end it was so painfully three years together". Jason and Alistair broke up just after the landsmeet Jason still remembers it like it was yesterday.

Alistair walked in the room in arl eamons estate "well it's true i am king well not yet anyhow" Jason was happy "gratz now the archdemon" Alistair agreed walked up to him and embrace him in a hug and said "Jason we need to talk about us" Jason kiss Alistair but then Alistair pulled away "look now that i am king i have to marry a women and have a child" Jason could not believe this he was breaking up with him "why your king so what if your in love with a man you get to do whatever you want" Alistair smiled "yes i could but i a king i have Ferelden to run so i think it for the best that we end this and become friends".

Jason was crying tears is going down his cheek "so we have sex and you leave me for the kingdom" Alistair "yes Jason now the army is gathering at redcliff lets go" Alistair walked away. leliana was listening she came in and saw the warden crying and hugged him "Alistair is stupid for dumping you i am here if you want to talk always and forever after you helped me with Marjolaine." Jason went up to look at her "but how can i move on after a year with him" Leliana still in a embrace "after what Marjolaine did to me i felt the same way so i went to the chantry, But i am here for you".

Jason Made it to the docks and found the kings ship and got aboard and saw the king "Fancy a Drink Sailor" Jason bowed. Alistair was happy to see Jason after all these years "No don't do that we are friends" they hugged and then Jason feelings for him came rushing back "it is great to see you so where are you going, I was going to book passage on a different ship Grey Warden business". Alistair miss being a grey warden but he is king now "a meeting with the viscount and maybe another with Meredith" Jason sat down on a chair in the king quarters "mind if i tag along" Alistair smiled "yeah so me and you can make krikwall bow to Ferelden" Jason sighed "jokes have not heard that in years" they both laughed, the ship is now going out of the harbor of Denerim to the Amaranthine Ocean.


Meanwhile at Krikwall the hanged man 


Isabella is drinking at the bar then Hawke came to her and said "what are you up to" Isabella turned around and said "hey look who's here i heard that you, anders, and Justice that must be exciting. as they say two is company three is better' Hawke said "i love being with Anders and i will explain the good stuff later" Isabella laughed "really tell me tonight. we know about anders, what about Justice does he not get involved  or perhaps he thinks you to good of a person and isn't to smite you that would be a shame wouldn't it everyone deserves a smiting every now". Hawke Bushed "sometimes" Isabella sighed "Oh maker i am telling this to Varric see ya" she ran upstairs the hanged man Hawke just starting laughing.

Hawke sat down in the hanged man Anders came by "hey Gorgeous" Hawke got up and passionately  kissed anders "i came by to say hi to Isabella" they both sat down and ordered two Antiva brandy "and you didn't" Hawke took s drink of his brandy "yes i did i told her that justice gets involved during sex" Anders chuckled "well you made her day anyhow i came looking for cause i heard from stroud that king Alistair is coming to Kirkwall for a meeting with the Viscount and guess who is he is bringing with him the hero of Ferelden" Hawke remembered him barley they talk for a bit "really so what we should eavesdrop on the meeting" anders drank more of his brandy "you know it make sure to tell Isabella too she might help us get in cause there is going to be a lot of guards" hawke nodded but before anders left he gave hawke a kiss on his lips.


The kings ship in the amaranthine ocean heading towards krikwall


          Jason was checking his sword he got from ostagar he found, it was maric's sword he found in the deep roads. Jason got up to get a cloth to clean the sword off Darkspawn blood still on the blade dried up he soaked the cloth and now he is getting the blood off. it is not working Jason thought to himself "why am I trying to get this off i should be more focused on getting ready to meet shroud and the free marches wardens and helping them with the thaig hawke found." jason got out a map off the area that was shipped to him by Anders as a thank you note Jason smiled "well lets see i was suppose to meet shroud in the hanged man sounds like a poor tavern but it can't be  worse than orzammar Tavern maker i hated that place but it did have great ale" he run his fingers threw his blond hair "what a mess i better get my warden armor on cause you know the wardens would get mad at me it is in the orders" he began to put his rouge warden armor on.

Alistair is sitting is royal chambers in the ship, a guard came in "anything you need you majesty" the king sighed "no thank you" he was about to leave when the king "yes summon the warden commander to me" the guard saluted "yes your majesty". Alistair thought to himself "i should be clean with him about the real reason i dumped him years ago if not he would always carry the hate for the rest of his life".