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Her Butler, Meeting

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There was a knock on the manor doors. Ciel looked over at Sebastian, who opened the door. It had been storming all day, thus the person standing at the door was soaked. She was tall, and had silvery-blue waist-length hair and piercing stormy gray eyes. She was carrying a person. A rather short girl, who had black hair down to her mid-back. Her eyes were closed, and a trickle of blood ran down her face. "May we come in?"

Ciel had walked in after Sebastian. "Sebastian, prepare a room for our guests."

Sebastian smiled. "Yes, my lord." Sebastian led the woman to a guest room, and set about readying the room. The woman laid the girl down on the bed. Sebastian brought some bandages and tea.

"Thank you. I'm terribly sorry for the intrusion." She bowed. "My name is Daten-Shi. This is my mistress, Sophia Blackpearl." Sebastian bowed back.

"I've heard of the Blackpearl's." He noted.

"And I of the Phantomhive's. Thank you again." Sebastian left. After treating her wounds, Sophia came to, opening her brilliant green eyes. "Good evening, young mistress."

"Wha- Where are we?" Sophia sat up, feeling the bandage on her head. Daten-Shi leaned over, tapping something on Sophia's shoulder.

'We are not alone. I will tell you what happened, just know we are being watched.' Daten-Shi straightened. "Our carriage crashed. It was hard to see in the rain, and the road was uneven. You were injured, so I found the nearest building. We are in the care of the Phantomhive's."

Sophia nodded. "You have thanked them for their hospitality?"

"Of course, my lady." Sophia stretched, then noticed the tea. She drank two cups before getting out of bed. Sebastian opened the door and bowed.

"I trust you are doing well, Lady Sophia?" Sophia nodded.

"Yes. Thank you for your hospitality." A little while later Sophia and Daten-Shi arrived in the dining room for breakfast. Ciel noticed that the were dressed in suits, men's clothes. Strange. Sebastian served breakfast.

"Thank you again, Earl Phantomhive." Daten-Shi bowed, as did Sophia. "We will take our leave now."

Sebastian looked out the window. It was still storming. "Surely you can afford to wait until the storm is over?" Daten-Shi bowed.

"Very well."