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Satan's Daughter

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She had been trying to make a Gehenna Gate and get to Assiah for a long time, but that took a lot of power. Power that she finally had. Just in time, too. He had to know his so called friends would't be his friends anymore if he told them. Or so she thought, from what she had viewed of human behavior.

"Is that a Gehenna Gate?"

"Get back!"

"Isn't Satan the only one who can make Gehenna gates?" Several voices spoke at once. Ow. Ground hurt. She had fallen face first from the Gehenna Gate. Someone ran over, then two more. She rolled over, opening her eyes.

"Are you okay?" An anxious voice asked. A blonde girl with an infant green man on her shoulder was bending over her. Shiemi, if she recalled correctly.

"I don't like being ignored!" Ah. Amiamon, King of Earth. Ugh. What a pain. She shakily got to her feet.

"You need to rest!" Shiemi called after her. No, she didn't. Someone grabbed her shoulder. She turned around.

"Shiemi's right!" It was Rin. How odd. All these so called exorcists didn't seem to mind that she had just fallen out of a Gehenna Gate. She slapped his hand away, and Amiamon finally noticed her.

He looked confused. "Kasai?" A smirk creeped across her face. She could beat Amiamon any day. Well, Kasai didn't know how she would do with most of her energy used to open the Gehenna Gate which had collapsed mere seconds after she fell through. An aura of blue flames surrounded Kasai, and she heard people gasp behind her. Rin and Yukio were confused, and the rest were angry or afraid, she couldn't tell.

"Hello, Amiamon." Kasai leapt, blue flames arcing in front of her. She burned away the earth, and the King of Earth that it surrounded. "How nice of you to stop by." Kasai pinned him to the floor with her foot. She turned to face the exorcists, the flames dying down. Their faces showed shock, fear, confusion.

"What?" She heard Rin mutter. Yes. The Okumura brothers thought they were twins. They were mistaken. Then a strange feeling came over Kasai. What was it? She put a hand to her head, dizzy. Then she fell.

"Oh!" She heard Shiemi run over before she blacked out.