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Faerieglen Cottage is the role play version of a child’s storybook I have been writing for over a year. My friends have been gracious enough to bring my storybook to life to help with my on again off again writer’s block.

Let me tell you a little about the land of Una or as we call it Faerieglen. The land of Faerieglen is shared by Magickal Beings, Faeries and Mundane humans. It is a valley surrounded by mountains, deep ravines, rocky plains, desert and a sea. The valley itself is mostly forest. There are four major villages in the valley at the foot of each of four high mountains. The high mountains are set up on the compass points with names that correspond to the Wiccan Watchtowers. The villages are uniquely different: dark magick, light magick, faerie magic and no magick. There is also a hidden faerie city. There is also a history told in the storybook of wars with the neighboring lands and between neighboring lands.

Concepts in the original storybook are the poem "The Battle of the Trees", the legend of the Tuathe de Danaan, the tree ranks of Celtic Britain, the duality of dark and light, the wiccan watchtowers, mythical creatures, dragon magick, faerie magick, good and evil, and astral and physical plains.

In Faerieglen Cottage group, each person makes a home and depending on the description is placed on the map. The map is posted once a month so everyone knows where they are and who their neighbor is. Places from the storybook are added to the map and topics on those places are added to the group. The members are actually playing in a real storybook.