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boy with the broken halo [a Dean Winchester fanmix]

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"I wish I didn't feel a damn thing."



[ listen on 8 tracks ]


track listing & lyric bits:

1. carry on my wayward son (spn edit)  //  kansas

carry on my wayward son
there'll be peace when you are done


2. highway to hell  //  ac/dc

i'm on the highway to hell / on the highway to hell
no stop signs / speed limits
nobody's gonna slow me down


3. sinister kid  //  the black keys

a drop dead sprint from the day he's born / straight into his maker's arms
and that's me, that's me / the boy with the broke halo
and that's me, that's me / the devil won't let me be

i got a tortured mind / and my blade is sharp
a bad combination / in the dark


4. run daddy run  //  miranda lambert (feat. pistol annies)

i've been gatherin' the pieces / of all these shattered hearts
and i don't care where you go to / and i don't care where you land
just get outta there daddy, as fast as you can...

daddy can you hear / the devil drawing near
like a bullet from a gun / run, daddy, run


5. barton hollow  //  the civil wars

i'm a dead man walkin' here / but that's the least of all my fears...

devil gonna follow me e'er i go
won't do me no good / washin' in the river
can't no preacher man / save my soul


6. lose your soul  //  dead man's bones

oh, you're gonna lose your soul, tonight
you're gonna lose your soul, you're gonna lose your soul
tonight, tonight...

i get up to this feelin' / keeps me on the run


7. skin & bones  //  david j. roch

don't lose your soul as your eyes roll shut
don't worry it will be over
hold on though you're alone / i am there with you
that much as least i can promise...

i have no fear of death itself
so don't try and save me / and please god, forsake me
i'll suffer alone / i just want to be left...

i am skin and bones


8. broken crown  //  mumford & sons

i'll never be / your chosen one...

but oh my heart, was flawed / i knew my weakness
so hold my hand / consign me not to darkness

so crawl on my belly / 'till the sun goes down
i'll never wear / your broken crown


9. how it ends  //  devotchka

and in your heart / you know what you gotta do
they all depend on you

and you already know
yes, you already know / how this will end...

and in your soul / they poked a million holes
but you never let 'em show...


10. trials of the past  // sbtrkt

you're a carrier, a carrier / of the light inside of you...

the ghoulish entities / they come floatin' through the walls
and the ghostly enemies / they come floatin' through your door...

going with the flow / without ever knowing / where i wanna be
so i got into crazy situations
a loyal soldier who acts who acts who acts / but never asks


11. beat the devil's tattoo  // black rebel motorcycle club

you have forsaken / all the love you've taken
sleepin' on a razor / there's nowhere left to fall
your body's achin' / every bone is breakin'
nothin' seems to shake it / it just keeps holdin' on...

open up your eyelids / and let your demons run

i thread the needle through / you beat the devil's tattoo


12. cain  //  cousin marnie

where ya been, cain / where ya been
where's your brother...

you're shaking now / your brother's blood
left alone / what have you done
your father's boy / your mother's son


13. back in black  //  ac/dc

back in black / i hit the sack
i been too long i'm glad to be back...

they gotta catch me if they want me to hang
'cause i'm back on track / i'm beatin' the flack
nobody's gonna get me on another rap
so look at me now / i'm just makin' my play
don't try to push your luck / just get outta my way


14. don't stop me now  //  queen

tonight / i'm gonna have myself a real good time
i feel alive
and the world / it's turnin' inside out, yeah...

i'm gonna go, go, go / there's no stoppin' me...

don't stop me now
i'm havin' such a good time / i'm havin' a ball
don't stop me now


15. turn blue  //  the black keys

in the dead of the night / i start to lose control
but i carry the weight / like i've always done before
it gets so heavy at times / but what more can i do
i got to stay on track / just like pops told me to

i really don't think you know
there could be hell / below, below
i really do hope you know
there could be hell / below, below


16. don't fear the reaper  //  gus

all our times have come
here but now they're gone...

we'll be able to fly / don't fear the reaper


17. o death  //  jen titus

oh, death / oh, death / oh, death
won't you spare me over 'till another year...

when god is gone and the devil takes hold
who'll have mercy on your soul


18.  how'm i supposed to die  //  civil twilight

how'm i supposed to die / where there's only one way to live


19. sleeping at last  // arctic

[ instrumental ]

[ fic accompaniment: this is it (the apocalypse) ]


20. carry on my wayward son (lullaby edit)  // mina harrison

lay your weary head to rest
don't you cry no more