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Fragmentation I

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Disclaimer: Tron/2.0/Legacy is property of Steven Lisbgerger, Bonnie McBird and Walt Disney Studios (and some other guys I'm probablyforgetting but can't care to remember).

Title: Talk Down

Summary: AU, Subroutine 'verse. In which Ed gets his ear chewed off by his father.

Prompt: "After Sam's prank, Ed leaves the Conference table, picks up his phone and talks to, [but to] who, and why and about what?" (telera via tron20in20)

Disgruntled would be putting it mildly; too mildly in fact. For all his composure, there wasn't a time when Ed wanted to strangle Sam Flynn more than he did now. The stunt he pulled was below bush league antics, it was downright repulsive, just the kind of thing he'd expect from someone who couldn't complete college.

Rocking back on his heels, he pressed a signal digit on the touchpad of his phone and listened to the monotone pulse on the other end. All the while he grinded his teeth and rubbed his jaw in an attempt to control his temper. The moment he'd risen from the chair he saw the satisfaction on the face of old man Bradley; it was enough to want to throw the phone at him.

"What is it?" His tone was harsh.

"Father, things didn't go as planned," Ed didn't bother mincing words or making nice. It never got him anywhere with his father.

"I noticed, Edward," Edward Senior snapped. "It was Flynn, wasn't?"

"Yes, it was Sam Flynn."

"Then I don't want any excuses. Fix what's been damaged. I've worked too long and too hard for this fail now," The line went dead, in its wake was the dead ring of a dial tone. Biting the wall of his mouth, Ed ended the call and proceeded back over to the table of bewildered businessmen. "Gentlemen, I do believe we have some damage control to tend to."