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To Live for Life

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"Hey Karkat!" The glassy eyed teen lifted his head groggily, before managing to settle his face into a disgruntled glare.

"Fuck you, Egbert. What the hell do you want?" Karkat mumbled rubbing his hand through his tousled hair. "I was having the best fucking nap ever before you up and opened your fucking nook sucking mouth."

John snickered, standing over Karkat's desk. "It's time to go to seventh period, dumbass. Get up." He nudged Karkat's chair with his foot none too kindly. "Come'on, Mr. Hussly is gonna get pissed."

"Give me fucking second, shithead!" The aggravated Cancer snapped. "God you're fucking annoying. This concept of "high school" is fucking annoying. These fucking bracelets are fucking annoying. YOUR SHITTY PLANET IS FUCKING ANNOYING!"

John slapped his hand over Karkat's mouth. "Shut up!" He hissed. "Someone will hear you! What's the point of wearing holographic bracelets if you go and blab about how annoying human stuff is!? You'd think after four years you'd be used to it."

Karkat glowered at him hatefully.

John sighed heavily, rolling his eyes skyward. "Come on. Let's go."

Karkat grudgingly got to his feet, grabbing his tattered backpack. He hadn't bothered to replace it from the start of their freshman year of school. A wad a papers fell out.

"Shiiit." The troll groaned. He crouched and picked up the papers, shoving it roughly back into his backpack. John tapped his foot impatiently.

"Lads, don't be late for your next class." Mr. Hussly called to them in his cracking voice from the front of the room. John glanced over his shoulder at the teacher.

"Sorry sir. Karkat's still waking up." John grinned good-naturedly.

"Shut it, shithead."

"Language, Mr. Vantas." Mr. Hussly said with a sigh, the sound of air rushing through his lungs akin to the shuddering of brittle trees. Even though Mr. Hussly was old, he was the best ancient mythology teacher ever. He always had crazy ideas about the universe.

"Karkitty!!!" A squeal came from the doorway.

"Aw fuck." Karkat ducked his head as Nepeta crashed into him, twining around his waist.

"Let's go to Biology! We're learning about white tigers today!" She giggled.

"Get off me." He grumbled with disdain, untangling her arms. He stalked out into the hall, Nepeta close on his heels mewling incessantly.

"See ya later, Mr. Hussly!" John waved at him cheerily and trotted after his friends. In the hall Gamzee was leaning against the wall having a hushed conversation with Tavros while Vriska eyed them, repeatedly tossing and catching a set of dice. Equius watched Nepeta with intense concern as she badgered Karkat and Aradia stood beside the Sagittarius, absently observing the people passing by.

John heard a heavy sigh and he turned to see Rose walking down the hall with Jade, Kanaya, Dave, and Terezi. "How all sixteen of us ended up in the same AP Biology class escapes me every time this absurd thought crosses my mind. Especially concerning David and Gamzee."

John snorted, and a lot of the group rolled their eyes in her general direction. They all started for their classroom, filing into the stairwell and climbing two floors. Karkat paused at the top of the stairs, and glanced back down, looking for a particular trio. Nepeta tugged at his arm.

"Come on Karkitty! They're probably going to be late as usual."

"Shut it. I can hear them."

Sure enough, there was a loud commotion downstairs; it sounded like Sollux and Eridan were shouting again. Feferi's shrill voice broke over the top of them.

"Both of you stop glubbing! We shouldn't be tardy again!" Their voices fell to discontented mutters and the three came into view as they turned the corner of the next flight of stairs.

"Hi Karkat!" Feferi called perkily, waving at him excitedly. Karkat grumbled and spun on his heels, walking the rest of the way down hall, Nepeta trailing after him.

The four stepped into Ms. Payne's classroom just as the bell sounded. A classy lady, the middle-aged woman pushed her glasses up to the bridge of her nose to look up at them. She tisked.

"Cutting it close, are we children?" She asked in her soft voice. Karkat noticed a splatter of paint on her shirt. That woman loved painting so much; Karkat had no idea why she taught Biology.

"Please dears, take your seats." She looked down at her desk, rustling through papers as Karkat slid into his seat beside John.

"Have fun with your pet?" John grinned sideways at him, whispering lowly as Ms. Payne began her daily lecture.

"Go fuck yourself, Egderp."

Ms. Payne cleared her throat, calling for their attention. "Class, as I told you yesterday, we will be—Terezi Pyrope! What have I told you about licking the lab equipment?!" Vriska let out a bark of laughter, moving the flask of colorful liquid away from Terezi. Even though their table was at the back of the room, Ms. Payne was ever observant.

Exhaling heavily, Ms. Payne opened their book. "Turn to page 342 on the white tigers, and Miss Leijon if you would please stop purring, I can hear you from the front of the room."
The class rippled in laughter, and Gamzee honked loudly, causing even more uproar.

Ms. Payne struggled to keep a straight face, but glanced fondly at Gamzee, her favorite student. "Alright class, settle down. I want you to read from…"

Karkat tuned her out, leaning towards John and whispering in his ear, "How much you want
to bet that Vriska and Terezi are gonna fuck as soon as they get back to their dorm room?"

John glared at him. "Shhhh!" He held a finger up to his lips, accidently bumping his glasses in the process. He blushed as he added, "That's none of our business."

The Cancer scooted closer to him, brushing John's hair away from his ear with his lips before murmuring softly, "Wanna fuck when WE get back to our dorm?"

John turned bright red, sputtering and pushing Karkat away from him. "Shut up! I'm going to get a change of roommates!"

Karkat rolled his eyes. "You always threaten that, shithead. You know Roxy won't move you. She finds this entire fucking situation too amusing. Hell, if there weren't people on the board stopping her, she would have put all the damn "couples" in rooms together."

"How Ms. Lalonde became C.E.O. of this school I have no idea." John groaned. A balled up piece of paper suddenly glanced off the back of John's head. "Eh?" He picked it up off the floor and opened it. On the sheet was a horribly drawn comic of smuppets falling on John's face. The kid twisted around on his stool to look at Dave, who was grinning at him from the desk behind them. Nepeta waved at Karkat from Dave's side when the troll glared back at them.

"…and if my students would pay attention I would greatly appreciate it." Ms. Payne's voice broke in, startling the four of them. "I want you four to write me a three page report on the traits of white tigers and why they're going extinct. Due tomorrow."

Dave and Karkat moaned loudly, both flopping forward in their seats. Nepeta actually looked excited.

"Yes ma'am!" She squeaked, and John could imagine that if she had a tail, it would be waving crazily. John figured that if Dave even did the paper, he would copy from Nepeta. And then inevitably get caught.

John started as he felt a set of fingers trail down his thigh. He swatted Karkat's hand away. "Why are you always so affectionate in this class?" He hissed. "I keep telling you, I'm not a homosexual!"

Karkat grinned impishly at him. " And I'm not a human. I keep telling you trolls don't work the same way. Fuck, we don't even really have gender distinction expect by the way we look."

"The girls have boobs." John countered.

"But everything reproductive wise is the same." Karkat insisted.

"Why are we having this conversation again right now?! Shut up before we get in even more trouble, dumbass!"

"Karkat and John, make that a five page report!"

Karkat buried his face in his hands. "Fuuuuck."