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Judas had been hanging out in the club house with his brothers in a heated discussion about the difference of their bikes, not taking in any of the back ground talk when he heard Josh call his name
“Judas bro, that guy your brother talked about Webb or whatever is on the news” Judas whipped his head startled
“He's on the news apparently he murdered and raped a girl, do you think Travis is okay” Judas paled
“Hey when did this happen” he questioned
“Uhhh let me check.... Oh shit about a week ago.... Has Travis contacted you at all” Judas shook his head
“No, he hasn’t I'm gonna go call him know okay”
“Okay man hey tell we all say hi if you get hold of him”
“Okay man” nodding he walked back to his dorm room, as he walked he pulled out his cell phone and put in Travis's number, putting the phone to his ear he entered his room and shut the door, he paced angrily as the phone continued to ring until he reached the message bank. Pulling the phone away from his ear he redialed the number and repeated the process not leaving any messages once he had called at least 20 times he put the phone down he was worried he needed to see if his little brother was okay, that freak may have done something to him and know he wasn’t picking up his calls. slowing his pacing he decided he was gonna go down there and find his brother and then drag his ass back to the club and make sure he was safe nothing could happen to him if he was here.


Travis was being questioned by the police on his whereabouts and his alliance to Derek when an officer came in and quietly whispered into the ear of the officer questioning him, turning to him two shades paler than before
“You can go, we were mistaken your brother is here to pick you up” Travis paled
“Your brother, Judas he’s here to pick you up”
“Why is my brother here”
“He just turned up said he was worried when you didn’t pick up and saw the news” the officer stood opening the door
“Your free to leave” Travis stood moving slowly
“Okay thank you”
“We will call you if we need anything else” Travis nodded along as the officer spoke and lead him bak to the main waiting room. Travis started to move his hands, twisting them in anxiety as the waiting room slowly came into view, pausing for a moment he was startled to realize it wasn’t just Judas but at least three or four of the guys from the club, dropping his head and his eyes he slowly entered the room.

Judas and four of his brothers walked into the police station, walking straight up to the front desk and immediately catching the female sitting at the desks attention
“I would like to talk to Captain Morgan”
“Do you have an appointment”
“No but tell him its Judas and his brothers he’ll know who it is” Nodding the secretary dialed a number, putting the phone to her ear
“Hello Captain Morgan, Yes I have a young man here by the name Judas and his brothers, oh send them in okay” looking at them
“Your free to go in officer show them to Captain Morgans office”