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try and fail to get along

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Honestly, he knows what is coming. But still, he has to try. Because for some reason, despite how curt she is to him, despite how rude she can be - James likes Lily.

He likes working with her. He likes how professional she is, how she is unfailingly and unflinchingly polite to everyone on set, from the director down to the person who clears their litter. How she is completely her character once the cameras start rolling, how dedicated she is.

He likes the smile she gets on her face when she comes across a line she particularly likes in the script. It is not a big smile, no, just a twitch of the lips, the right corner going up a little, and her eyes, her eyes grow warm and welcoming.

He likes that while she is reserved, she is never rude unless she thinks someone deserves it.

[What he has done to deserve it - might be the tongue, might just be him, he does not particularly know.]

But even when she snaps at him - and she snaps at him whenever he opens his mouth off-screen - and is curt and almost hurtful, he cannot stop liking her.

Beacuse she is Lily, and smart, and talented, and beautiful, and he has never believed that there is a thin line between love and hate or anything of that sort, but he is sort of hoping it goes that way for them.

Or she at least stops hating him before the end of this particular film.