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Only for You

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Only for you
Chapter one Pretty Please
"No! Absolutely not!" I jumped upon hearing Isabel from the bedroom, storming out with Merrill close on her heels, a parrot on her shoulder, a false peg leg in her hand, donning her usual pouting face where her bottom lip quivers and her eyes get all shiny as if she's about to cry. I massaged the bridge of my nose, sitting in my chair pouring over a letter, hoping this ends soon.
"But Isabel…"
"I said no, Kitten!" The two loves of my life moved into my study now, right in front of my desk. "Pup, please distract Kitten with something else other than her fantasy of me filling as a stereotypical pirate!" I sighed as this has been a problem since it was brought up weeks ago. A problem I believed was silly, I mean I've sacrificed much of my pride and embarrassment to fill some of Isabel's...fantasies.
"My fantasies are NOT the same as Kitten's, Hawke!" My eyes widened as I pondered if Isabel reading my mind or her calling me 'Hawke' was scarier. I had absolutely no time to dwell upon it as Merrill chimed in.
"What if I toss in a reward?" We both snapped our attention to our elven lover as she wore a look I knew I was very familiar with when she was trying to be seductive. "Something you wouldn't be able to say 'no' to." Merrill has been intimate with me but has stressed she needed time before she could be with Isabel or the both of us, time the pirate and I were willing to give to her, so to say we were shocked was a big understatement as the elf sauntered towards Isabel, dumping the false leg in my arms as she slowly made her way over to the stunned pirate. She wrapped her arms around her neck as Isabel immediately grabbed her hips, her mouth gawking, her arousal very apparent if you knew what you were looking for. Her pupils were dilated, her body had a slight shake, her tongue slowly swiped along her bottom lip, Merrill was tempting her restraint and wetting her appetite.
"I...I honestly have no idea what to say right now." At this Merrill frowned in concentration, the facade was over.
"Awe, but I haven't read past this part in Varric's novels."
"What?!" Isabel and I chimed.
" read smut to try to get me to dress as a pirate?" The elf nodded.
"I....I know that you are a bit, well more than a bit experienced in making love than me or even Hawke, so I...I practiced for weeks just so I wouldn't make a mistake or do something stupid..." Merrill retreated from Isabel and started to fidget like she did when she confessed her attraction to me, a blush engulfing her face. "B-but I'm doing that right now aren't I?" I almost melted at Merrill's little display for Isabel, for us, to let us know she wanted the both of us. I almost got out of my chair to hold her, but the pirate queen beat me to it as she bolted from where she was standing and swept Merrill up in one motion, causing the parrot to fly off Merrill and land on my desk.
"That is the cutest, sweetest, sexiest thing you've ever done for me, Kitten." She spoke as she traced the elven mage's bottom lip. "Really?" Merrill was practically purring.
"Really, Kitten." Isabel leaned close and captured her lips in want and love. Merrill wrapped her arms tightly around Isabel's neck, returning the kiss in fervor. Isabel broke from the kiss to look down on Merrill lovingly. “If you are uncertain, Kitten, we don't have to do anything, just holding you like this is treasure enough.” I smiled at Isabel's words, she certainly had come a long way from even acknowledging the whole concept of love, and I could see it on Merrill's face how much her words had affected her.
“I...I'm ready Isabel.” Merrill managed to speak through the haze of desire Isabel has a tendency to cast. “B-But will you dress up for me after?” Isabel laughed merrily shaking her head as she neared to captured the lips of the elf mage once more.
“You can cover me in gravy afterward if you wish, Kitten.”
“Why in the Maker's name would I want to do that for? Is that what they do in a brothel?” Isabel chuckled lowly just inches away from Merrill's lips.
“You're just too cute, Kitten.” The pirate queen captured Merrill's lips once more as I took in the view with the parrot; I quietly leaned over to the bird and quietly murmured.
“So, you wanna get out of here?” The bright green bird cocked its head to the size to get a full view of the two women so engrossed with each other; I smirked as I leaned back in my chair to follow the motion of the colorful bird. “Yeah, me either.” The two women broke away; Merrill was shaking, a thing she does even when just slightly aroused. Isabel flashed her ravenous, hungry grin.
“Mm, if you're like this when I haven't even touched you, Kitten, I can't wait to see what your like when I use my tongue on your-.”
“Rawk! Kitten!” I nearly jumped at the bird actually speaking for the first time during this whole exchange; the two just now taking note of me, and Isabel's smile grew wider.
“I-Isabel?” Merrill peeped, a blush engulfing her face.
“Yes, Kitten?” Isabel was drawn back in by our adorable elven lover.
“Is it alright that our first time together is with Luna as well?” Merrill asked sheepishly, and if she weren't already cradled in the arms of our busty pirate queen, I feel she'd be curled into a tight little ball of shyness. Isabel threw her head back as she laughed merrily.
“Why of course she can!” Our curvy Ravini flashed a toothy grin in my direction. “That is, of course if she wishes to join us?”
“Yup.” I couldn't get out of my chair fast enough, the parrot, flapping his wings to keep balance forgotten as I followed the pirate still carrying our little elven mage all the way to our bedroom. Isabel used her foot to kick the door open and carried the elf all the way to the bed before straddling her and capturing her lips in a heated passion. Merrill arched her back and moaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms around the dark woman's neck. Isabel skillfully brought the two of them into a sitting position, beckoning me by waving her hand. Even though her lips were captured by the elf I could still practically hear her voice say 'get the hell over here!' I was quick to obey and took position behind Merrill, wrapping my arms around her so my hands cupped her breast; Isabel comfortably had her arms around Merrill's waist. I massaged the small elven woman's breast's through her bright green top while lightly nipping her neck; Isabel soon followed suit and took to nipping the other side. Merril was trembling from our constant attention of her body. Isabel hummed in approval as I trailed kisses up her neck while Isabel took to nipping the lobe and very tip of her ear.
“So you like nips and bites, hm?” Isabel murmured as she exchanged a look with me; I smirked softly as I morphed enough for my teeth to morph slightly before biting hard upon Merrill's neck. Our little lover cried out in ecstasy while Isabel licked her lips in approval. “How delicious.” She smirked, trailing a single finger along the elven mage's jawbone. “We are going to have such fun.” She lightly pulled Merrill's face closer to her to give her a very brief kiss before casting her gaze in my direction. “Aren't we, pup?” I answered with a growl as I was struggling to remain in my human form since Merrill had yet to experience what I was like full blown canine. Isabel was quick to start removing Merrill's shirt; I released my rough grip on Merrill's neck, decorating the dark love mark in kisses as I slowly moved my hands away from her rather small chest to gently glide my hands down her slender body to rest at her hips, securing her in place while Isabel took in the view. “Maker's breath!” Isabel exclaimed as she ran her hand down Merrill's exposed body; our elven lover whimpering from the near constant stimulation of both me and the pirate.
“I...I...” Merrill attempted to speak, but broke off, trembling and moaning as I dipped a few fingers teasingly into her undergarments; Isabel gave me a look and I was quick to remove my fingers from inside. Isabel tilted Merrill's chin so that she was looking right at her.
“What do you need, Kitten?” Isabel spoke evenly and calmly to the very flustered elf who was struggling to find the correct words.
“I” Merrill sighed, frustrated, and tried again. “If you both could please remove your clothing.” Isabel chuckled as did I at how polite our lover was even in the bedroom; we quickly complied to our lover's demands and Merrill was quaking at the full view of Isabel. Her body wasn't slender and small like Merrill's nor was it muscularly defined like mine; Isabel's body was full of feminine curves, deliciously dark skin, and amazingly soft, supple, perfect sized breasts. I pulled Merrill close to my body, bringing the both of us in a position where we were both comfortably laying down, me propped comfortably among the soft pillows, and Merrill resting safe and secure against my body.
“Quite the view, huh?' I murmured to her, kissing the top of her head.
“She's beautiful.” Merrill gawked.
“And I'm all yours.” Isabel purred, crawling on her hands and knees to hover above Merrill, firmly kissing her for the briefest of seconds before climbing higher to capture my lips with the same amount of emotion and the same amount of time. “The both of yours.” Isabel smiled an infectious smile that spread not only to my lips, but to Merrill's as well, even though I was fairly certain Merrill's was due in a large part because of Isabel's chest was practically smothering her face. The pirate lowered herself back down to Merrill, capturing her lips once more; their bodies pressed together so that Merrill was sandwiched between the pirate queen and I. I chuckled as Merrill quaked in arousal.
“Was this the thing you wanted that you had such a hard time explaining?” I asked as I ran my hands up and down Merrill's sides. The elf arching her back against me while moaning into the kiss the pirate was giving to her was answer enough for me. Isabel broke from the kiss to straddle the blood mage's hips, sitting up to fully take in her body before locking on her target.
“Now back to these beauties.” Isabel smirked as she slowly descended back down upon Merrill's body to play with her very perky, very erect nipples. She took one small pink nipple into her mouth while she lightly pinched the other. Merrill was enjoying every second of it, lacing her fingers into Isabel's hair, pulling her close, while also pulling on my neck. I bent down, thinking maybe we were overstimulating our poor little lover, only to have her pull me into a very hungry kiss that I was very eager to return while Isabel continued to love all over Merrill's breasts in the form of nipping, sucking and flicking. I knew this wasn't going to last very long as Merrill wrapped her legs around one of Isabel's and started to grind; the pirate, who was currently sucking on a particularly sensitive part of Merrill's breast shot her head up immediately, smirking slightly. “Well, well, well, what is this?” Isabel slowly climbed down Merrill's body, spreading her legs to teasingly rub our little elf mage threw her undergarments. “Look who's all wet for me.” Merrill flushed and thew her head to the side as she cried out in arousal. Isabel chuckled lowly as she continued to tease Merrill through her already soaked through undergarment. “Delicious.” Isabel flashed a smile before slowly pulling off Merrill's cloth barrier and tossing it to the side. I knew what Isabel was about to do so I started to slowly and gently caress Merrill's body as the pirate queen started to tease the poor elven woman's slit. “Maker's breath you're so wet.” Isabel moaned while Merrill rocked her hips slightly.
“Please...” Merrill spoke. “By the Dread Wolf, please.” The elf shuddered when Isabel stopped to hear what the mage had to say. “I need you, Isabel. Please.” Isabel and I had to suppress a smile at our very overly polite lover's words while exchanging looks.
“Alright, Kitten.” The pirate cooed, lightly tracing circles up Merrill's thigh. “But remember, you asked for it.” I took this as my signal and gripped Merrill's hips tightly before Isabel descended upon Merrill, using her tongue to devour her while penetrating her with two fingers. Merrill cried out in pleasure, trying to rock her hips and whimpering upon discovering she could not.
“By the gods.” She panted. “This feels so good.” Isabel hummed her approval as she was not quite ready to stop tasting our sweet elven love. I honestly couldn't blame her; I have gone hours just tasting the liquid arousal of Merrill. Merrill seemed happy that Isabel wasn't appearing she was going to stop using her talented pierced tongue anytime soon and buried her hands in the thick dark locks of Isabel's hair. Isabel stopped her movements completely, looked up directly at me as she spoke.
“Pup, please restrain Kitten's hands.” I smiled and did as she asked so Isabel could continue her very skillful work. With her hips free, Merrill was able to move her hips to Isabel's attention with abandon. I could tell that the elf was close, her whimpering and rocking were sign enough; she just needed a little extra something to push her off the edge. Isabel stopped licking our lover and climbed up her body to nibble at her ear, still pounding her with her fingers. “You're so wet Kitten.” She spoke evenly as she started to spread her fingers with every downward stroke. “So wet and tight and warm. You're a gem.” She kissed Merrill's neck lovingly while Merrill cried out in pleasure. “Cum for me, Kitten.” That was the thing Merrill needed; the little elf threw her head back and climaxed against the pirate, soaking the sheets with her release. Isabel hummed in approval as she removed her fingers from within Merrill and licked them clean. “How did I get so lucky to have two women with such a very unique talent?” She pondered, meeting my gaze. “Now I think it's pup's turn.”
“Ahem.” I cleared my throat and pointed off to the side of the bed to Merrill who was standing, parrot on her shoulder and peg leg in hand, fully clothed and looking as if she wasn't just fully satisfied by Isabel the sex pirate.
“Peg leg first.” Merrill said holding the prop out to her.
I tried and failed several times not to laugh at what I was beholding. Isabel, notorious bad girl pirate, won't-do-shit-to-humiliate-herself extraordinaire, was struggling to climb down the stairs with her new peg leg that was much too big and her parrot friend on her shoulder, complete with a funny little hat that children wear while playing pretend.
“So….-” Isabel cut me off with a 'if you say anything I'll make you eat shit and die' death glare; I immediately refrained from talking, because I knew why she went through with this, why she was so content on humiliating herself as she turned towards Merrill, stretching her arms out.
“So, what do you think Kitten?”
“You look like a pirate!” Merrill giggled, happily clapping her hands.
“You know, Kitten, the props might go, but I think I'm going to keep the bird. Did you have a name for him?”
“Her name is Polly.”
“Of course it is.” Isabel massaged the bridge of her nose. “Can we have sex now?” Isabel turned towards me with that question; I couldn't stop laughing.
“Yes, yes we can.”
“Kitten, you want to join?”
“I would love to join both my loves.” Merrill smiled gleefully while Isabel removed the hat and peg leg, heading up the stairs faster than you can say 'go'.
“Oh, if either of you mention this to Varric, and he writes this down, I'm kicking him straight in the-.”
“Rawk! Kitten!” Isabel laughed and stroked Polly's head.
“No, no no, Polly, Men have balls, not kittens.”
“But Anders has a kitten. Or had one. Did he trade it in for balls?” Isabel and I could not hold in our laughter.
“He might have, Kitten.” Isabel chuckled.
“And he probably lost them.” I chimed in and Isabel and I laughed while Merrill was still hopelessly confused.

My first polly fic. This is in an alternate universe then my actual dragon age fic since I didn't know how the majority of you would respond to polygamous, so this will just be a collection of oneshots of what would’ve been I guess, anyway hope you enjoyed it