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Venture Forth

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ashestodustdusttoashes asked: Not really a pairing, but: 47, Alistair and Barkspawn

Dog whines and Alistair looks between the chewed up stave, half-buried -

And really, it’s an impressively deep hole. It goes almost straight down the entire way, Alistair doesn’t even know how the dog has managed to dig it without anyone noticing. It’s a very large hole, is what he’s saying, because it’s a - well, itwas - a very long and nice, and expensive, staff.

Dog whines, lowering his head onto his paws.

"Well. No one needs to know.” Alistair says. “I mean. There are other staves. Besides, she’s always been complaining that this one was a little wonky, right? Something about her arcane bolts always listing a bit to the left? I wonder how that works. Isn’t she the one aiming it? I don’t think it’s the staff’s fault, but that’s what she says and I’m not going to argue with the lady. Still. No one needs to know. We just have to make sure that she doesn’t. Ah. Dig it up. I don’t think she would. I mean - she isn’t really fond of digging. Well, there was that one time - and wait. No. I mean. I mean I think you’ll be fine. I think. I’m sure it will turn out well. Besides. She loves you. I’m fairly sure that between the two of us, she would pick you over me. I don’t blame her, either. Who wouldn’t? You’re a fierce mabari!”

Dog rolls onto his side and whines.

"Oh come on,” Alistair half-heartedly shoves some dirt onto the staff. “You started it and I’m going to help you finish it. It’s just a staff. She won’t miss it too badly. We pick staffs off of dead bodies all the time. How hard could it be to replace this one?”

Dog covers his face with a paw.

"You are a real pessimist, aren’t you?"

Dog’s hind legs kick a little.

"Well fine. I’ll just be hopeful enough for us both. Come on. You dug the hole. Help me fill it up."