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The three armies

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Eiryn and Amber where guiding their company known as the Daughters of Valer, they were a group of the strongest human female warriors from all corners of middle earth, however recently Amber and Eiryn had allowed a female elf Nia to join our company, who had told us of the Elf kings request for an allegiance, so our captains had considered it and agreed to negotiate, we awaited the response from the king.

We had been invited to negotiate with elves, it seemed that all races valued an alliance with us, our reputation preceded us, we were in high demand, everyone wanted us on their side, little did we know how much. As we made our way to the arranged meeting place we were set upon by a group of dwarves, they had been waiting for us. The man who had to be their leader as he walked with such a majestic air of confidence boomed.

“Your not going anywhere, we have heard of your band of female warriors, your reputation is well known, I know you wish to speak to the elves but we thought we could get to you first”

“You want an alliance, an ambush hardly speaks of peace” Eiryn stated.

“True but I will have your loyalty, you will come with us, willingly or unwillingly either way is fine with me”

We all put our guard up despite being out numbered and surrounded. “What do we do?” I whispered to Eiryn. “Get ready to fight our way out of here”

They set upon us with speed and strength we could not match due to sheer numbers, out numbered five to one we fought valiantly but soon we were all corralled in chains, they dragged us to the place they called home, the lonely mountain, dragging us all into the halls of erabor, they taunted us.

“Great warriors what a laugh”

“Women cant fight, only one use for them”

I could feel myself getting more furious with every vile insult they threw; I pulled at my chains in frustration, screaming angrily. Their leader walked over my eyes widened “If you cannot keep your soldiers in line, I will do it for you”

He barked at Amber, who wasn't intimidated by this threat, she stood over him and stared him down coldly, his silence was her victory but we were all prisoners now, what was to become of us. Serena looked to me and asked if I could get loose, I used all my might, the metal screeched and clinked but failed to bend or break. I shook my head sadly. Luna, Fury, Neve ,Sol, Helle , Thyra, Elisia, Shea, Eona, Kalea ,Galen Lorien, Yara, Aslinn, Keeva and Nia all looked worried, what was going to become of us, what did they have in store, they had left us stewing purposely, putting us on edge. Finally after what seemed like an age Thorin their leader burst in, walking triumphantly to the middle of the group.

“Ladies don’t look so worried we don’t intend to kill any of you, I would however request a word with your captains”

They were unchained and followed Thorin to what I could only guess was his room. I looked around trying to get the attention of one of the dwarfs, finally the second tallest dwarf in the group smiled, I called him over, I couldn't help but notice was very attractive for a dwarf came closer and introduced himself with a sweet natured enthusiasm.

“My name is Kili, my uncle Thorin has only a wish for an alliance”

“Well is he not going about it in a strange manner?”

“I guess it is but this was the only way we could get to you first, my uncle is quite persuasive, I guarantee your Captains come to some agreement with him, human females don’t look like I expected”

“How did you expect us to look?”

“I don’t know really, but your much prettier than I imagined you’d be, so fair and yet so strong, such an odd combination, yet so intriguing, you yourself are very beautiful”

“I look better without the chains”

“I am sure there are other things you look better out of but for now my uncle told me not to let my roaming eye ruin our chance at an alliance”

“Roaming eye?”

“Well I am distracted by beauty and in the presence of so many beautiful women I think my uncle thinks I won’t be able to control myself, but as you see I can, so don’t try confusing me with your feminine charms”

“I would not dream of it”

I looked to Sol, angling my head toward Kili as a signal, she called him over, I could see him blushing as she flirted with him expertly, soon enough, she was kissing him passionately, ending up on top of him and before he was recovered he was now in chains as Sol took his key and released us all. Now we were going to make them pay starting with Thorin. We all charged towards the door, banging on it hard. Finally Thorin answered we rushed him.

“What the?”

He said shocked by our freedom and our strength. “Someone find something to tie him up with, we shall teach these dwarfs some manners”

Eiryn said in a tone of amusement. Thorin wasn't amused he tried to hold an air of defiance but then he asked “What do you plan to do to me bound?”

“I have a few ideas, who would like to go first?”

Thyra stepped forward reaching for the candle upon the table, Eiryn ripped open Thorin’s furs to reveal a manly hairy chest, with toned muscle, he flinched as Thyra drew in with the candle, dripping wax on to his chest, he bucked as the hot wax met his skin, he groaned in pain. The whole company was amused but as his pained cry's gave way to a more aroused moaning, I wasn't sure if the rest felt it but I felt his groaning awaken a lust in me, I looked around I could see I wasn't alone in this.
Thyra put the candle down. Amber dropped to her knees to be face to face with him, she kissed him with a lustful passion that was consuming us all, Thorin groaned as Amber pulled him closer, I watched on wishing that it was me kissing Thorin running my hand over his evident bulge, we were just about to have more fun with Thorin when the other dwarves kicked in the door to Thorin’s room, I would swear that Thorin looked disappointed for a moment.

They all stormed in an there was chaos, dwarves being over powered, members of my company pinned at the mercy of the dwarves, in the confusion I didn't see a blonde dwarf run at me, I found myself on the floor, he pinned my wrists to the floor.

“Well you human females certainly are a handful aren't you, not sure what to do with you, tie you up to stop you causing trouble or kiss you, your pretty faces are very distracting”

After his statement he seemed to go with the later, pressing his lips softly to mine, I responded in kind, as the kiss became more passionate, our tongues fighting for dominance, mine tracing his lightly, him sucking at my tongue gently, a thrill ran through my body, he let my wrists go, letting his weight press down upon me, his fingers snaking through my hair tickling my skin with his beard. As he pulled away from the kiss, I pushed him off and found a rope to bind him with the others until we had them in a row now at our mercy.

“What are you going to do to us?”Kili whimpered.

We all looked to each other smiled and said “Whatever wicked thing comes to mind”