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John Morrison > John Cena *Pssshhh* The is John to John are you receiving *Pssshhh*

John Cena > John Morrison *Pssshhh* This is John back to John, loud and clear *Pssshhh*

Shawn Michaels Just got back from Russia and I am very disappointed to report, that I did not witness a single bear riding a unicycle @Hunter Hemsley is a lying bastard.

Jeff Hardy > Matt Hardy I think I left my pants at your place

Shane Helms > Jeff Hardy Wait…what?

Matt Hardy > Jeff Hardy Which ones?

Shane Helms > Matt Hardy O.O

Jeff Hardy > Matt Hardy The purple and green ones, yanno the ones that take like an hour to get off ?

Shannon Moore > Jeff Hardy ….. Because those are the pants that are most definitely not at my house and I am most certainly not wearing them….

Jeff Hardy > Shannon Moore GET OUT OF MY PANTS YOU WHORE! >:O

Shannon Moore > Jeff Hardy Nay! I shall not get out of your pants!

Kelly Kelly > Shannon Moore Actually Shannon, they are MY pants >.>

Jeff Hardy > Kelly Kelly No Kelly, said pants are no longer YOUR pants, they are mine. They became mine the moment I commandeered them from your hotel room.

Kelly Kelly > Jeff Hardy Wait….how did you get into my hotel room….

Jeff Hardy > Kelly Kelly :)

Christian > Edge Oh Man! You will never guess what I got tattooed to my butt….

Torrie Wilson > Christian I bet it was a penis.

Christian > Torrie Wilson >:O! How very inappropriate Torrie! Why would you even say that!! Get your mind out of the gutter you perverted little girl!

Sable > Torrie Wilson Don’t worry Torrie, I too bet it was a penis.

Christian > Sable *gasp* Sable! How can you be condoning this behaviour! Blasphemy!

Sable > Christian *flips off*

Christian > Sable Pfft! How immature. Anyway EDGE! GUESS!

Edge > Christian …..was it a penis?

Christian > Edge …heh..Mehybeh

Edge > Christian -_- *facepalm*

Jeff Hardy became a fan of ‘Forcing my dog to learn how to Google’ Click here to also become a fan!

Matt Hardy > Jeff Hardy Please Tell me you’re not …..

Jeff Hardy > Matt Hardy ……

Golddust Is pondering the possibilities of a glitter Slip ‘n’ Slide

*Shawn Michaels likes this*

John Morrison Notice to WWE Roster: I will be intoxicated and in your area this evening. To unsubscribe from my sexual solicitation list, reply 'fuck off'.

Torrie Wilson > John Morrison Fuck off

Sable > John Morrison Fuck off

Goldust > John Morrison Ohhh Bay-Bay I’m in ;)

John Morrison > Goldust O.O Oh hael no!

Goldust > John Morrison :d I can go alllll night baby

John Morrison > Goldust I think I may pursue a life of sobriety…..

Undertaker > Jeff Hardy ….I’ve spent the last hour trying to get glitter out of my hair and do you have any idea how painful it is to peel glue off your chest?

Jeff Hardy > Undertaker :Brian Kendrick > Paul London Guess who just purchased 6 metres of bubble wrap ;)

Paul London > Brain Kendrick No wai! I will be there is five!

Brain Kendrick > Paul London Hey HEY! I never said I was gunna share it >.>

Paul London > Brian Kendrick You had better share it you stupid bitch!!

*Drew McIntyre likes this*

Brain Kendrick > Paul London I love you too <3

Undertaker > Kane Why is there a blood-covered “Sorry about your stuff” not stapled to my door? I’m asking this before I actually go in there……

Kane > Undertaker Best just look for yourself…..

Christian > Edge Please tell me why my pillow is wearing your thong…

Edge > Christian ..I was wondering where I left that…

Jeff Hardy > Edge ^ LOL!

Shawn Michaels Standards? I’m sitting on Hunter’s couch eating microwaved ramen and wearing his wife’s t-shirt. I don’t remember what having standards even feels like.

Hunter Helmsley > Shawn Michaels …..Shawn…Stephanie has facebook….

Stephanie McMahon > Shawn Michaels Y u eat my ramen >.>


Evan Bourne I’m stuck on the dance floor between two fat people… I don’t think they feel my existance. Please Help.

Jeff Hardy > Evan Bourne ^HAW!

Evan Bourne > Jeff Hardy Shut up Jeff, I’ve seen the video >.> >.>

Jeff Hardy > Evan Bourne …..

Melina > Kelly Kelly I’m drinking Tequila tonight so will you babysit my bra?

John Cena > Randy Orton What are we doing this weekend?

Randy Orton > John Cena Welllll, I have enough booze to get us through Armageddon…which basically means that on Sunday we will have to make a trip to the liquor store.

Chyna Having checked out Jeff’s new intricate beard design, I find myself wondering if he styles his pubes similarly.

Matt Hardy > Chyna He does.