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How We Love (A Collection of Drabbles)

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See, it’s a well-known fact that Tony Stark has a sweet tooth.

Steve had learned very early on that the three most efficient ways of getting Tony to do pretty much anything are sex, coffee, and dessert.

Between breakfasts consisting of waffles or pancakes slathered in copious amounts of syrup, and doughnuts for lunch, and dinners always followed by some sort of dessert (and usually post-dessert dessert), Steve is rather dumbfounded that the man hasn’t exhibited signs of diabetes yet.

A few days after taking up residency at the tower, Steve had found a box of doughnuts in the cabinet beneath the sink. A week after that, he found candy wrappers in between the couch cushions, and half of a chocolate cake with his name on it (literally, on a post-it in obnoxious lettering) in the fridge. The blond was also surprised to find out that Tony liked his coffee light and sweet, and not black as he had originally thought.

The day Steve actually became legitimately concerned for the man’s health was after Dr. Doom had tried the whole world domination thing again. The army of Doombots was three times the size as usual, and even with the help of the Fantastic Four, it took a good seven hours to finally get rid of every single one of them.

When the team re-convened in the middle of all of the wreckage, Tony had opened up a compartment in his armor and pulled out a bag of licorice.


Tony Stark had a hidden compartment in his advanced, weaponized suit of armor for snacks.

So Steve may have staged a little intervention later that night, politely requesting that Tony go see a doctor to make sure that the excessive amounts of sugar weren’t affecting his body. Tony agreed, but not without a dramatic sigh and roll of his eyes. The next afternoon, he had walked into the kitchen with a very smug look on his face, and slapped a piece of paper in front of Steve declaring that he had a clean bill of health.

However, after that stunt, Steve had started seeing less sugary items hidden around the the tower, and they were practically nonexistent after he and Tony started dating. Yes, Tony still ate sweets like it was his job, but the fact he felt less compelled to hoard them put Steve a little more at ease.

It wasn’t until three months into dating that Steve realized Tony’s true weakness.


Fancy, intricately decorated, over-frosted and overpriced cupcakes.

Tony just couldn’t resist walking into a store and buying a dozen red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles, or a box of vanilla buttercreams from Magnolia Bakery. Hell, he had even sent Happy on the equivalent of late-night Tampax runs for some of the sugary, baked goods.

Steve hasn’t minded though, even if it was a little ridiculous. After all, every one had a weird quirk or two.

But even supersoldiers eventually run out of patience, and Steve finally draws the line after Tony momentarily leaves the room after a couple of rounds in the sack, only to come back with a half-full box of double-chocolate cupcakes.

"If you had to choose between me or cupcakes, what would you choose?" Steve asks, watching Tony remove the paper liner of one of the baked goods.

Tony pouts. “That isn’t fair, Steve. That’s like asking me who my favorite child is.”

Steve looks unimpressed. “You’re seriously telling me that you can’t choose between your loving, doting, supersoldier boyfriend, or a mound of baked flour and sugar?”

"They’re double chocolate,” Tony responds, as if that makes all the difference.  He breaks off the bottom of the cupcake and places it on top of the frosting, like a sandwich, and then proceeds to eat half of the concoction in one bite.

Steve wrinkles his nose. “You’re like a four-year-old.”

"That would make you the creeper of the century then, wouldn’t it?" Tony says, licking frosting off of his fingers. He goes to finish off the rest of the cupcake but freezes when an idea strikes him. "What about my super hot and super dorky boyfriend covered in chocolate frosting?" he asks. "Is that an option?"

Steve doesn’t even have a chance to respond before Tony smears the remains of the cupcake all over his face and body.

"Was that really necessary?" Steve says, looking down at the mess on his chest. 

Tony eyes him and bites his lip. “Mmm very.”

"You’re ridiculous."

Tony straddles the other man’s lap and licks a stripe of frosting off of his cheek. “And you are absolutely delicious.”

"Ridiculous," Steve repeats, trying to wipe off some of the frosting on his face.

"You love it," Tony counters, taking Steve’s hand and sucking the frosting off of his fingers. "And I love you," he adds, kissing his nose.

"But not as much as you love cupcakes," Steve remarks as he watches his boyfriend lick him clean.

"I think could be swayed."