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I Must Not Chase the Boys

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I Must Not Chase the Boys

It is from afar that Willy Wonka watches Veruca Salt. It is then that he realizes a couple things.

One: her looks. The brown hair that matches the chocolate bars he makes and sends out into the world. The blue eyes that often darken, reminding him of summer nights when there is no moonlight to light someone's path. And then, last but not least, now comes the best part (at least from his point of view), there is... her milky white skin. At least, the parts of her skin that are not covered by her clothes (a red dress with black buttons and a white collar folded outward, light-colored tights and black heeled shoes) seem to fit her very well, and he has no doubt that she will be quite beautiful when she is grown up.

But then he changes his mind and it is then that he realizes something.

Veruca Salt, the "spoiled brat" kid, looks very beautiful... at the age she is right now.